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  1. Hi everyone. I've had an undiagnosed facial tic for at least 20 years. (I'm 41 now). I've been to a neurologist, had an MRI, been on a few meds (Klonopin is the only one I can remember). I even saw an acupuncturist. They just call it "tic disorder". Yesterday they got pretty bad, to the point where they I was grinding/tensing my teeth. It's mostly blinking/winking, neck tensing, nose clearing, etc.. and more dominant on my right side. Tiredness, caffeine, stress, going too many hours without food/water all seem to make it worse. I started looking up some ways to get relief, and saw PANDAS come up. When I was younger, I used to get strep a lot. Like every other week at one point. The basketball team thought it was a good idea to share water bottles.... Penicillin worked, but one of the last times I had it, they put me on Rifampin. I have anxiety all the time - complete hypochondriac too (probably why I'm here asking this. Ha!) Does this sound like PANDAS to you? I know it's primarily adolescents, but I've read about some adults as well. I'm just trying to find an answer to why I'm getting these tics, even if they never go away, it'll be a peace of mind (sorta). I don't want to open the door to doctors again until I know what to look for and what to ask.
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