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  1. Quan_daniel I know this is an old post, but wondering how your child is doing now?
  2. Hi Chemar, Thanks for this! When you click on the link it says not found. Can you copy/paste it?
  3. Thank you so much Sheila. I really really appreciate your response!! I am focusing on a super clean diet too and hoping it clears. He sometimes takes Claritin for outdoor allergies so will add to his morning routine for the antihistamine properties. Thank you!!!
  4. My child has been GF /DF and egg free for 2 years due to IgG food intolerances. This kept tics very mild. Really only had a small breathing tic. I didn’t do probiotics either as in the past, it caused increases. About 2-3 weeks ago we decided to let our child try eggs again. WE felt they were doing well . So over the course of 4-5 days many scrambled eggs were given. In the past if our child ate one of the intolerant foods it was 1x and it took about 3 days to clear. now i feel with the eggs we have put ourselves back to square 1. It has been 2-3 weeks and the grimace
  5. Has anybody found success with tic reduction from broad spectrum digestive enzymes? If so, what did you use, and how is your child doing? Thank you!
  6. Limemom how is your 7 year old doing?
  7. Tropea22, I may look into this as well. Thank you Chemar!
  8. Tropea22 did you ever find a liquid B6 vitamin?
  9. Hi! Last week my son was sick with a stomach bug for 1 day. Prior to being sick, his blinking tic and humming tic had gotten very mild. Since he’s been sick, he’s having a flare. I’m wondering if I should be doing some probiotics for gut healing from being sick. Could that be causing the flare? Has anybody had this happen to their child? If so, what worked for you? thank you!
  10. Thank you! I haven’t heard of these. So you put them in lamps and lights in your home? Especially in lights in areas where computers are used?
  11. Thank you Chemar for your response! What are daylight lightbulbs?
  12. Hello, We have been able to manage my son’s minor tics mostly thru diet (GF+DF), some exercises, Epsom salt baths and magnesium. It keeps the tics very subtle Just this week though he is getting worse/having a flare. We are at home for school become of the virus, so maybe it is the increased screen time. Then I think maybe it’s something in our house. Or it could be seasonal allergies. It is so upsetting. I don’t know what to do. 😢 any advise?
  13. Thank you all for these Insightful perspectives. I do so appreciate it.
  14. Hi Eatmoregreens, How is your son doing? My son has a blinking tic and I was just wondering if you found something that helped your son that you could recommend. Thanks!
  15. Thank you Chemar. You have so many good points. I really appreciate your kind perspective and insight. I will take them to heart. And you are right. You only have your youth once.
  16. Thank you Sheila for your response! The overnight trip is in 2 months
  17. My son’s class will be going on a 2-night outdoor education camp this year during the school week. All the kids are very excited. BUT! I am already so stressed and worried. My son is GF and DF as it keeps his tics very subtle. I’m sure the camp could accommodate GF at least, but my son just wants to eat the food like everyone else. there will be options as it’s buffet style. My husband is going as one of the chaperones. 2 nights is a long time. I’m so worried his tics will flare and become more apparent. He has a blinking tic mostly and if too much bad food has bouts of a “h
  18. Does anybody have a theory for those whose children’s tics get better or disappear with age, why it happens? And at what age does it usually slowly happen? I’m hoping this is the case for us. thanks in advance for sharing.
  19. Hi all, Wondering for those with older kids, how did the tics manifest as they got older? For those with tics that either disappeared or got very minor, when did this happen and was it gradual? Also, did they continue diet, vitamins and watching chemical exposure load after it was getting better? Thank you
  20. Thanks Chemar! After treating for yeast did you see a difference with your son’s tics? Was treating for the yeast something you did daily over a long period or just once? I will check out the link. My son is doing pretty well but has a small humming tic. Can’t seem to get it to go away. Hence wanting to research yeast.
  21. How does one check for yeast imbalance? What foods “feed” yeast vs not?
  22. Hi, my DS10 was just diagnosed with MTHFR c677t. I know this can cause histamine issues and the need for B6, B12 and folate supplementation. Any recommendations on how to do this for a 10year old ? That is —- b vitamin ideas/brands as well as ideas for histamine reducers? Thanks!!
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