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  1. Hi Vittorio, did you find help with your test results? Did one provide more helpful then another?
  2. Things seem to slowly be getting better. He got sick so that set us back a bit. We are on track now. We have adjusted the diet and are waiting slowly for the gut to heal. He's been a real trooper. Since he is intolerant to gluten, wheat, garlic, citrus, dairy and eggs, I know it can take awhile to get the gut back in sync. He's been tested for strep and it's negative. I think we are going to get a CBC panel done and one other test. I have to check. We are also doing a probiotic and natural calm. His tics are head twitch (like flicking his hair), eye roll and throat clearing or humming.
  3. Hi! if your child did CBIT behavior therapy, how old were they? We met with a psychiatrist that is trained in CBIT. It was an evaluation appointment. My son is 9. She was on the fence about if he was too young. I haven’t cxl’d the next appointment which would be an actual therapy appointment. If we cxl, it takes a long time to get another appointment. Hiw old was your child?
  4. Bernerchiro, What a wonderful update! Thank you for keeping us updated. How encouraging to see such wonderful results. We just started a dairy, gluten, egg, citrus elimination based on IgE blood test results. I’m also watching sugar and sals. If you find any great things at WholeFoods that work, would love to hear. I spend so much time reading labels and going up and down aisles! By chance, is your son on a probiotic? What kind did you choose? Hope things continue to go well for your son!
  5. Looking to go the natural route. I tried a probiotic my nutritionist recommended and it was allergy free but I stopped bc it seemed to increase tics. We just found out my son has dairy, egg, citrus, wheat and gluten intolerances so we have made diet changes. His gut needs healing from the gluten. What are some natural probiotics that would work given his food intolerances? also—should I wait to use natural calm until his gut is healed? thanks!
  6. Used some tonight, for the 1st time, on soles of ds feet before bed. Chemar, how did your child use it?
  7. Has anybody used magnesium lotion on their kids? If so, did you get good results?
  8. Thanks for your update! So happy for you that you are seeing positive results.
  9. jcmom my nutritionist gave us collagen powder to give our son in his smoothie. It is for gut healing given we just found out he is gluten intolerant. Are you still seeing good results with it? She also recommended bone broth. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the toothpaste recommendation Matt. Sheila - thank you for your response too. I am looking back through my online calendar to see what was going on in that November time period. So, we met with the Naturopath on Monday and she gave us the results of my son's food intolerance blood test. Results indicated that he is intolerant of all dairy, all eggs, citrus fruit, wheat and gluten! All the big ones. She helped us navigate the results. She also did a Rapid Strep test which came back negative, but she is also doing the longer one and will advise the results. If positiv
  11. Thank you so much Cinlou for sharing this! I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is doing well!!
  12. Hi, I know there are success stories throughout these online postings. I just needed to see if there were any updates or new things to report? It’s been a tough weekend for my ds(9) and I just really need to hear some succesful stories. Thank you!
  13. Chemar, What is the difference between biofeedback and neurofeedback acupuncture?
  14. Hi! My naturopath recommended L-theanine for tics for my 9yo? Has anybody heard about this? Have you used it?
  15. HI! How much Natural Calm do you give your child? We are giving 1/2 t. /2x day. My child is 58 lbs. Wondering if we should give more.
  16. This is so helpful! For the strep test, blood would be a draw and the others a swab? Or how is that done? At the pediatrician's office or at a children's hospital? Thank you! I would ask your pediatrician to test both kids for strep (in the blood as well as the throat, nose, rectum). Strep hides in various places...sinuses/ears, etc. That has always been my gripe with pediatricians.........these kids test positive, they give them an antibiotic, but no-one ever tests them after the completion to see if it if fully resolved?! They don't even tell people to change out their child
  17. Thanks so much for your response Sheila! So far this week, we have just implemented, NO Gluten, NO MSG, NO artificial colors, and NO/Low Salicylates. Supplementing Natural Calm unflavored 2x/day. He's a picky eater, so doing our best. We did Epsom Salt baths 2x, and the 1st time his cheeks were really red and the 2nd time, he had a little rash on his back, so we stopped them immediately. I'm thinking it's the sulpher. Could a sulpher issue be a sign of something else? We go back to the Naturopath in 1.5 weeks to see the results of the blood test for food sensitivities t
  18. Chemar, How is your son doing as an adult. Does the protocol that worked when he was younger still work now? Did he stop anything or continue most? Thank you!
  19. Hi! im New here. My 9 yo son was diagnosed with minor tics a few weeks ago. It started in November. Head twitch and throat clearing. This week face grimace added. Neurologist said he would probably grow out of it. Went to ND and did a food sensitivities test. We are waiting on results. Have started GF diet for now but hoping for more info when get food sensitivities test back. Did Epsom salt bath this week but 2nd day he had a bit of a rash on his back so stopped that. Will try Nature Calm this weekend. I started charting food this week. I’m feeling overwhelmed and saddened that i
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