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  1. Hi we have done an Organic Acid and IGG test from Great Plains. We also did a CYREX Array 3x test. the IGG and Array 3x look at food sensitivities and the Organic acid test looks at a wider selection of elements. these have been useful, but getting someone to interpret the results and get stuck into making changes has been hard. I wish you all the best
  2. We recently had an OAT and IgG tests run for my 6 year old son who has Tourette’s (and OCD / Anxiety). OAT results showed elevated Arabinose, Lactic and Hydroxyhippuric. It also showed extremely low Ascorbic (vit C). The IgG test showed high sensitivity to Wheat. Wheat Gluten, Gliadin and Whey. With moderate sensitivity to Cassein, Cheese and cow’s milk. I would be really interested to hear if anyone who has done similar tests / had similar results and what you have done since them. I’ve not been able to find anyone in the UK who has much background in Toure
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