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  1. Sure that would be great. We can't find a pandas doctor here so all I could get was two weeks of amoxycillin for this current flare, which I think wasn't long enough and has now caused a crazy intense rebound reaction. How old wasyour son when you started cbd oil? I would love to try it but we are in New Zealand and it is still illegal here. unfortunately. Maybe one day!
  2. Has anyone tried and had success (or failure) with gaba? I was just reading some amazing studies about it online, then jumped on iherb to order and read some negative stuff about it like that you should only use short term, that you need to wean on and off etc. I did read that you should change your diet to foods that increase gaba naturally but my son already eats a diet rich in these foods. We are in the middle of dealing with multiple motor tics, and also a vocal tic that can only be described as a loud zombie like humming noise (it doesn't stop from the time he wakes to the time he sleeps)
  3. Hi there yes please that would be great! I was reading gaba was amazing for tics (currently we are in the middle of a flare that can only be described as very loud zombie like humming that goes ALL day) . But the after researching I read some negative things about it and bite I'm confused. Any advice or if you are still taking wild be great thanks! Did you use it only during flares? Do you wean on and wean off? How much are you giving him? My son is 11. Thank you!!!
  4. I have read that - what probiotic do you give him? I thought I was giving him a decent one but after doing some research apparently it can exacerbate tics. I'll research those other things you mentioned. Would you give them along side nac and taurine? i'm afraid of overloading his system too
  5. My son, 11, has battled with tics for years although they have always been mild and mostly very manageable. Suddenly out of the blue a few weeks ago he developped a very intense humming kind of noise, very loud and constant, he is almost never quiet. In between every sentence he kind of hums (loudly!), even when he is reading or on the computer etc. In a bout of tears he mentioned he is struggling with very intense head nodding as well (though I haven't noticed this yet). He also has palallia, and stutters quite bad at the moment. We have tried a number of supplements, and have just started cb
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