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  1. One more thing, did your daughter ever get headaches along with the stomach aches? This is sort of puzzling too...thank you!
  2. Wow thank you so much for your reply and all of the detailed information you shared! What type of allergy testing did you do? And did you do it with your regular doctor? I am definitely wanting to investigate food allergies. As for the low FODMAP diet maybe I will look into that. I have of course heard of it but I have been hesitant to take the plunge and do a big dietary change -- but knowing how it helped your daughter definitely tips me more towards trying it. Thanks again for your kind reply!!
  3. Hi, my 7 year old daughter hasn't been officially diagnosed with PANS but I am pretty sure she has it -- I am her mom and I have chronic Lyme, so it makes sense. Anyway, I wanted to ask if others have had problems with stomach aches? She has always been constipated but after a very long protocol for that (mostly magnesium), her constipation is better, but she has a lot of stomach aches. I am wondering if anyone has gotten to the root cause of stomach aches in this group of kids? We are currently doing some testing through a mainstream GI specialist but am wondering what more alternative tests
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