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Potty Training Charts Introduction

Few milestones in life are more cherished by a parent than a child being potty trained. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment and life is so much easier for parents and other caregivers. Yet we know that potty training does not always go smoothly. Our Incentive Potty Training charts can help pave the way to success!

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Selecting a Potty Training Chart

We have a variety of Potty Training Charts for you to select from. You might want to print a few and let your child pick the one they want to use first. This helps to give your son or daughter ownership and keeps them more involved. Our charts have been specially designed to appeal to different interests and are, of courses, toddler-friendly.

Using Our Potty Training Charts

The key to success with Potty Training Charts is to be sure your little one understands what you are going to give a star, sticker, or other recognition for. Some may need to focus on beginning steps like telling a caregiver they “need to go” and pulling their pants down. Others will progress to additional steps.

Decide if you want to let your child put a sticker etc., on the chart after each successful step or you manage the chart yourself. Some parents find that marking the chart and giving lots of verbal praise is in itself is a satisfactory reward along with showing a completed chart to other family members with great pride. Yet, a small incentive for chart completion like a trip to the treasure box, special time with a book, playing a game with Mom or Dad can go a long way to encouraging potty training.

Potty Training Charts will be a new learning experience for your child. Be sure to review the purpose of the chart each day and keep it in view, Ask your child to repeat back what they need to do to get a star or show other progress on the chart. Example: “I need to pull my pants down by myself.” Verbally reinforce specific progress as it is made. So, when you are working on teaching the skill of pulling pants down, instead of simply saying, “You did it! Great! Now you get a star!” specify “You pulled your pants down all by yourself. That’s great! You get a star on your chart for pulling your pants down. Let’s put the star on the chart now.”

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Enjoy and Have Fun!

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