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Reading Charts Introduction

In this age of computer games and cell phones, it’s especially encouraging for parents to see kids devote time to reading books. The idea behind these reading charts is to encourage reading at at levels that allow a youngster to feel comfortable and make them want to read more.

Selecting a Reading Chart

The chart you find most suitable will most likely reflect the number of books you anticipate your child to read before an incentive is given. Some kids tear through books, others need cajoling and encouragement. Follow your intuition and know that if the selected chart wasn’t ideal you can always switch to another one next time!

Using Our Printable Reading Charts

Your child should be allowed to select books at whatever they wish as long as they aren’t taking advantage of the situation by reading super easy and short books. After a while you should find them wanting to select more challenging books because they are more interesting. You can also decide to acknowledge time spent reading, rather than using the chart for the number of books. So for example, a sticker can be used for each half hour of reading versus completing a book. You will know best how to approach the chart with your child to keep him/her motivated and enjoying the chart goals.

Keep it Interesting

It’s a breeze to keep behavior chart interesting for this category of charts! After all, the books themselves are all different and that in itself offers ongoing diversity. Still, you can use different styles of charts and also change the incentive from time to time as you like.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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