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Homework Charts Introduction

Ah-h-h-h, the evergreen challenge of making sure homework is completed. Use one of our versatile charts to take the guesswork out of expectations and simplify your life. Some kids, especially those with attention difficulties, do better with a chart to help keep them focused. They may want to get their work done, but get so distracted they lose sight of their tasks. Other youngsters, of course, tend to avoid homework and want to engage in “anything but” their homework! Charts can help these kids, too.

Selecting a Homework Chart

We’ve provided homework charts for all age groups. You’ll know as a parent when you need to start the process, providing structure and an incentive with homework. You don’t need to start a chart until it is needed!

Using Our Printable Homework Charts

You may want to include items like what time homework should be started (like 5:00 pm). Or you may want to simply focus on academic subjects. You can include a space for bringing homework assignments home, packing up completed work properly for taking to school, and a spot for turning in work at school. Be sure to sit down and have a discussion with your child. For older students, come to an agreement on how the homework should be approached. Nail down expectations and determine a reasonable incentive. It feels great to get work out of the way without you having to keep reminding them. Let our charts help.

Keep it Interesting

We suggest rotating the chart on a weekly basis to help keep young children involved with the chart. Don’t forget that Premium Members at can type directly on these charts; we recommend printing a few at a time, then complete another chart in a similar manner and keep them in a file folder ready for use.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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