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Pet Care Charts Introduction

Many parents have seen a child’s willingness to care for a new pet turn to disinterest. You know how it goes. Promise after promise turns into: “But do I have to?”  Our Pet Care Charts can help keep things on track, whether it’s for walking a dog or feeding the fish, cleaning a litter box or brushing a horse (even feeding chickens!) Some kids need more structure and encouragement than others do to make sure taking care of pets becomes part of a daily routine without their grumbling. You can also use Pet Care Charts as a way to thank and reward a compliant child.

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Using our Printable Pet Care Charts

Some of these Pet Care Charts are specific to a particular type of pet, yet others can be adapted as you wish. As responsibility grows, the charts can become a source of pride to the child. You may have circumstances where only a single task is required once a day, and others that may require several steps of care. Just adapt the chart as needed. If you need a special type of Pet Care Chart, please let us know.

Keep it Interesting

Be sure to give verbal praise for appropriate behavior in looking after a pet. Once the chart has served its purpose, give it a break and start it up again when efforts seem to slacken.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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