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Behavior Bucks Introduction

Kids love knowing they can earn play money to trade in for an item or a privilege. For success with using Behavior Bucks, you only need two things. First, a mutual understanding of how a child can earn and redeem the Bucks—and that’s your job. Second, a fun selection of Behavior Bucks that can be easily printed and cut up for use—and that’s our job! Check out the treasure trove we offer. For more tips see the bottom of the page.

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Selecting Behavior Bucks

We think you’ll enjoy our choices of Behavior Bucks printables. Decide whether your youngster would enjoy Bucks decorated with colorful characters, or money that looks more like the real stuff. If you aren’t sure, just ask them. Print and cut enough pages that you have a generous stack on hand to use with your child. After all, the kid’s goal is to earn lots of money!

Using Our Behavior Bucks with Kids

We recommend you cut Behavior Bucks up and save them by denomination or style in zipped sandwich bags. Make a page that lists rewards or privileges, and show how many Bucks are needed for a particular reward.

Equally important, make a list to clearly show how someone can earn their Behavior Bucks. (Example: Empty the wastebaskets on Wednesday: $2) Be sure your child understands the value of the different denominations and how to go about saving up toward a certain reward. You can focus on merchandise, like a book or a little toy, as well as family activities or other non-material bonuses.

One benefit of Behavior Bucks is that they give you the opportunity to delay a reward. Let’s say your son or daughter wants to go to the park with Dad, but it’s going to be raining for the next two days. Since it’s not possible to go out that day, just seeing the Behavior Bucks in a nice safe place that can later be traded in for that outing helps them know they truly earned the reward.

Keep it Interesting

Use different colors and designs of Behavior Bucks to vary the experience from time to time. Also, change the list of rewards to keep things fresh and to keep motivation high. It’s important to make sure the rewards are of interest to the child. If they aren’t motivated by the rewards, they won’t want to spend their Behavior Bucks on them!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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