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Self-Care & Hygiene Charts Introduction

There comes a point in every child’s life where you want to him or her to move from relying on parent-care to flying alone with self-care. When and how this change happens depends to a great extent on the developmental age of the child.

Selecting a Self-Care or Hygiene Chart

From early potty training to more advanced self-care, our charts are adaptable and let you customize them as needed. Since these are skills you want to encourage and sustain, be sure to keep the mood light and encouraging. Incentives can of course also help, but some children will be satisfied with seeing their self-care efforts recorded on a chart that is can be saved and valued.

Using Our Printable Self-Care & Hygiene Charts

Universally, one of the first self-care tasks is handwashing! You may want to start by taking one of our charts below and focus on just one skill for a number of weeks until it comes naturally to the child. Meanwhile you can be deciding when to introduce other skills like teeth-brushing, learning to clean themselves while bathing, hair care, keeping track of eye glasses, etc.. You can move from single behaviors in a chart to using charts with lists that include multiple self-care behaviors situations change. In any event, self-care and hygiene charts help keep everyone focused.

Keep it Interesting

Self-care behavior changes with time, so you can plan to change charts as that occurs–if not before. It’s always nice to include some self-care that is a “gimmee”so the child can see a positive mark on the chart without much effort. You can switch those up from week to week, watching for self-care actions that you might never paid much attention to but you can add to the chart now and then.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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