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Daily Routine Charts Introduction

Developing routines is widely recognized as a smart habit. It increases organizational skills for the child, and makes the day run more smoothly at home for everyone. Routines no doubt vary among families, but typical routines include actions like getting up on time, brushing teeth, making the bed, eating breakfast, etc. Some may be expected to make a lunch, set the table, feed a pet, fold laundry, or practice the piano. It all depended on what makes sense for your situation. Children enjoy seeing their cooperative behavior recorded on a chart, and they also enjoy working toward a goal.

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Selecting a Daily Routine Chart

Our selection of printable Daily Routine Charts gives you the opportunity to match a chart style to what you think will work best for your child. You don’t have to fill in all the fields on a printable, so don’t let more spaces than you need cause you to skip a chart that would otherwise be appealing to your kid or seem like a good choice. Premium and Pro members will be able to type the routine in the text fields on the chart once they download the PDF.

Using Our Printable Daily Routine Charts

Most parents start their Daily Routine Charts for kids with activities for first thing in the morning. But you may decide you want to focus on after school activities. These can include actions like making a snack and cleaning up afterward, doing homework, spending time outside,or  a set time for television. It will depend on where you want to focus attention, and what you see as the key need.

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Enjoy and Have Fun!

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