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Chore Charts Introduction

If we took a vote, Chore Charts would be at the top of the list for being one of the most helpful tools a parent relies on. Daily life goes more smoothly when a Chore Chart is used to list expectations for a son or daughter. It also provides motivation and rewards, a perfect combination. A Chore Chart removes the need to discuss and remind (i.e. nag!), over and over. Plus, kids enjoy seeing their efforts acknowledged, whether with a sticker, points, or a simple check mark. Explore our Chore Charts suitable for a range of ages. It’s never too early or too late to give your child responsibilities around the home.

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Selecting a Chore Chart

We think you’ll find plenty of Chore Charts to choose from. The number of chores you want to include is totally up to you, and you can switch your list from time to time. You may decide you need a single day chart for a very young child, while an older youngster may do well with a weekly chart.

Using Our Printable Chore Charts

For young kids, display your chore chart in an area that is easily seen. An older child may not want friends and visitors seeing his or her chart. In either case, be sure it is easily accessible. Keeping it in a folder usually works well if it is not displayed. We suggest that you include tasks on the chart that your kids normally do, so that each item is not truly a “chore.” Think of what you can find that your son or daughter typically does, and include a couple of those tasks in addition to other chores.  Premium and Pro members will be able to fill out the tasks on their computer by typing into the PDF fields provided. Otherwise you can print and fill your list in by hand. Print a few and have them ready to go! Be sure to check out our listing of age appropriate chores for helpful ideas on the types of chores to use with your children.

Keep it Interesting

Young children usually love variety with different styles of Chore Charts, and a variety of colorful stickers. Obviously, older kids are not going to be as motivated by that. But aim to keep interest high in order to ensure the chart’s use will be successful.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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