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Behavior Contracts Introduction

Behavior Contracts are just what you’d expect: an agreement between you and your child that makes expectations clear. When you use them, expect to hear less complaints like,  “No fair, you didn’t say that!” Why? Because you did say it, and it’s right there in the contract. Be sure to review Behavior Contracts occasionally to make sure your child is on track and is still clear about what was agreed on.

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Selecting a Behavior Contract

We’ve kept the text on our Behavior Contracts focused and as short as feasible. After all, they are not legal documents. Less wordy contracts ensure a better chance of the adult and youngster understanding exactly what they are agreeing to. Find the Behavior Contract that is most suitable for your situation and for the child’s age.

Using Our Behavior Contracts

Aim for your Behavior Contract to give your child firm limits with clear expectations. Define the plan and make sure everyone understands the parameters. Needless to say, there’s a big difference in the details needed for a teenage contract compared to one for a young child. But contracts can be equally effective for each. It can make life easier for parents to have a written plan, and kids usually like the structure as well. Don’t forget to review the Behavior Contract with your child from time to time. Here’s a great tip: After you have completed writing a Behavior Contract, have your child tell you orally what the agreement is. This way you can make sure there are no misunderstandings. If needed, take your pen and adjust the contract to clarify right then.

Keep it Interesting

Set a clear time frame for your Behavior Contract and decide after the  period is up whether you want to continue with the same contract. You can adjust expectations, rewards and consequences with each fresh Contract. You can also fine-tune the behavior expected, even when using the same style of contract.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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