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Classroom Feelings & Emotions Charts Introduction

It’s not enough for your students to be book smart. Today’s students also need to develop their emotional intelligence. With our printable Feelings & Emotions charts, now you can help your students identify and appreciate their feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

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Selecting a Feelings or Emotions Chart for your Students

Scroll through the feelings & emotions charts below to find one that you think your student will think is funny or cute. We have a variety of different faces and characters that will help your students identify their feelings, as well as some charts that are blank so your students can draw their own feelings.

Using Our Printable Feelings & Emotions Charts

Feeling & Emotions Charts have dual purposes. One is to help children understand and recognize emotions in themselves. What is the “name” for how they are feeling? How can they communicate about their feelings? Another purpose is to make students be more aware of the feelings of others–as well as realizing how their own actions may affect the feelings of peers or adults. Use the Feelings & Emotions Charts as a jumping off point to explore how a student is feeling one-on-one, or for a general classroom discussion.

Keep it Interesting

Try using different Feelings & Emotions Charts with your students. Some are more interactive than others and we definitely offer printables with a range of emotional-awareness levels. Consider getting the guidance counselor involved if you find a student is in a sensitive situation.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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