Free Printable Potty Training Charts

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Potty Training Charts Introduction

Few milestones in life are more cherished by a parent than teaching a child to use the potty! Kids also feel a sense of accomplishment when they master this critical skill. Incentive potty training charts can help pave the way to success!

Selecting a Potty Training Chart

We have a variety of potty training charts below for you. You might want to print a few and let your child pick the one they want to use first. This helps to give the child ownership and keeps them more involved. Our charts have been specially designed to appeal to different interests and are toddler-appropriate.

Using Our Potty Training Charts

You can decide if you want to let you son or daughter put a sticker on the chart after each successful visit to the potty, or you can do so (or color it in with a marker or crayon). Some parents find that marking the chart and giving lots of verbal praise is in itself is a satisfactory reward while the completed chart is shown to other family members with great pride. Yet, many find that a small incentive for chart completion like a trip to the treasure box, special time with a book, playing a game with Mom or Dad makes a big difference.

Keep it Interesting

We suggest changing the chart on a weekly basis to help keep your child excited.  This works especially well if you hang their completed charts somewhere prominent and visible in your house. We also suggest changing the stickers or using different colored crayons and markers periodically.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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