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My son's tics gone about 85%

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Hi all- this product sounds very good. I couldnt find it in the health food store- is it only available online? I did find a product called ionic fizz which has vit. A, c, d , b6 , b12, maybe potassium and of cource magnesium in a large dose of 200 or 300, which they call ionic., but no calcium.the jar says good for sleep , energy . I wonder if that is similiar to this natural calmproduct Re natural calm, I read that it can be gotten with no other vitamins added, just mag, or with calcium and zinc. I know that my son and husband can use help falling asleep and these products may all be more helpful than the calmagzinc we get in which the mag is oxide. another thought- I truly wonder if the calcium mag ratio is best for all people at 2:1. ?Even though my son and husband both cut out dairy, they do eat lots of green vegetables, and their regular multi has 25% of daily req of calcium already.

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hi Homer and welcome :P

sorry I missed your post yesterday


Natural Calm is magnesium citrate


We can buy it locally at The Vitamin Shoppe stores, but it sells for much less (almost the same price for double the amount) at http://www.iherb.com


I know there are other magnesium citrate powders available, tho this appears to be a proprietary blend, and is pure magnesium citrate


the product you describe sounds ok


re the calcium..........yes, one does need to consider dietary sources of all suplements when working out what doseage to take

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I just wanted to mention that if your getting any supplements for the first time and can get it at a health food store that may be a better first time option even if it costs more. I know with my local health food stores, you can try a product and if it doesn't work for you/your child or you/your child have/has a reaction to it, they'll let you return it with a receipt for a certain amount of time. If you/your child does well on the product then it would be a good deal to get it on the net if it's cheaper. I'm stuck with almost full/full bottles of L-Glutamine, L-Methionine, Taurine, and possible L-Carnitine. Anyways I just thought I'd mention this. I do a lot of my supplement shopping on the net, but if it's a new product and it backfires on you or your child, your stuck with it. I think some will take them back, but you have to pay shipping to return the product.



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Hi lmcgill


I would feel that calcium should still be part of the vitamin/mineral supplement you give. If he is getting a lot of dairy and calcium from other sources, then the calcium in his multi should be fine

A 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is recommended, and tho this is an approximation, yet one can try to balance this way as best possible


Just a point tho...you say you were giving two tablespoons??? of Natural Calm....I assume you mean TEASPOONS as the max dose per serving is recommended at 3 TEASPOONS, but many people find one TEASPOON quite sufficient


Interestingly, my son doesnt like the Natural Calm tho my husband sure does. My son says it relaxes him, but that he does not find that it helps his tics in the way that his regular magnesium supp does


Yes, that would be teaspoons, we are actually down to about 1 now, too much and his stools became too loose. We mix it with OJ and other fruit juices and he likes it. He will not do it strait up.


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