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  1. I am reading about fremented milk products, and their ability to make pathogenic bacteria simply disappear. I came across this interesting tid-bit, about Dali (similar to yogurt). When E-coli, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus were added to dali the organisms soon died off. In general, pathogenic bacteria simply disappeared two to four days after they are added to yogurt containing from 1.65 to 2 percent lactic acid. Their are other species, like Neisseria meningitides (an agent for meningitis) the list goes on. All died off, or did not develop. I'm wondering if fremented milk products would benefit children with PANDAS, or would it help for those kids who seem to have more trouble during strep season. If people living in traditional cultures enjoy good health, and do not get these diseases, is a child who for most of their life ate yogurt...could this be one factor to their never having strep? Just wanting to understand what I'm reading here. I know kefir/yogurt is good for you, but am I educated on all its benefits. How would one know if there was enough lactic acid in the fremented milk product. Thanks guys, C.P.
  2. Hi Faith, I know we used a Carlson Brand with the high DHA, however, I was more thinking my sons ticcing on the fish oil was from the mixed tocopherols. I called every fish oil co. that our health food store carried, and every one said their was a little amount of soy in the vit. E part of the fish oil. I would like to say my sons has done very well on the fish we have been giving him. As for concentration, I do believe he is able to memorize more work on his study guides in school. He is one out of 2 kids in his pre-algebra class who received a 100% on last weeks test. Also a 100% on his math quiz the second week of school. He studied for a civics, science, Spanish, and English (all tests) this past weekend. When I quizzed him on it all he got just about every question right. So I'm thinking he is benefiting from the fish. I do give our daughters fish oil, higher in the DHA. The oldest has been taking it since last year. Her history teacher, and science teacher both wanted her to take honors classes this year. She also received the Latin award, for having the highest grade in the class. I really do believe it is working for her, because each year I was afraid school would get harder for her, but she is doing better then I ever expected. C.P.
  3. michele, Soon to be 14, and is 90 lb, he takes 500mcg B12 (as cobalamin per SpectraCell lab suggestion) by Solgar. Zinc 50mg (as citrate)by Allergy Research Group. Have you had vit. deficiencies test done yet? I floundered for a year until I had these tests done to help me get started. Good luck michele, C.P.
  4. Hi, In a few week this will be two years for us, so I hope this will help a little. Dec 2005 tics became so bad we put our son on clonidine patch, had allergy testing done that same month, and took away foods he was allergic to. And all bad stuff. Jan 2006 took him off the patch, body tics never came back. I have a feeling that might be because we took away foods he was allergic to. Vocal tic was the only tic we had the most trouble with for the next 10 months. Put him on Risperdal for the vocal tics Oct. 2006. Vocal tics came down a little better then 50%. Diet still the same. Dec 2006 Started the Natural Calm, and an unbelievable change. Jan, Feb, March 2007 an introduction of vits. Cal, zinc, B6, B12. Diet still the same. June 2007 weaned him off the Risperdal. He has been doing very well. Has had a small increase in vocals this past week. Could be from the pollen. Diet still the same. Only thing he may have in his diet that is different then most kids is he drinks raw milk. I just found out he was voted student of the month from the school, and will recieve an award in Jan. This gives me such hope that he is doing very well in school with the tics. Just a little side note about my husband. He never watched his diet until a few months ago. He is no different, his tics are the same. (not much) He was a manager for a rest. that did about 6-8 million a week, with a special that everyone working had to taste, and he ate everything on the menu. He remembers the little spice bottle of MSG that they put in almost every dish. He worked for this co. for 14 years, eating the food all day long. I met him at this rest. and never in the years dating or 15 yr of marrage did he tic that would make me wonder what was he doing. He never took vit, and drank lots of diet soda. I just find that very interesting. I can only hope my son will make right choices reguarding food, but will also have the pleasure of dinning out with friends once in a while without a tic explosion. C.P.
  5. Hi brink, If I could make a suggestion, I would start with a mag/cal Or the Natural Calm. Olny because I have not heard anyone say mag triggered tics. Some supps can trigger tics, and that would just make you wonder if the supps were the trigger or was it from the weaning off the meds. Just stay calm, and trust, God will do the rest. God Bless, C.P.
  6. Hi everyone, I know some of you are no way thinking about dating for your child, but thought I would ask, and maybe some of you parents who have TS could help answer some questions. My son has only showed a little interest in girls. He has a girl he likes, but only smiles when she is mentioned. I was wondering how I could encourage him, and maybe ask some probing questions to fine out how he feels about girls/dating, and having TS. I have talked to my husband about it, but he really isn't much help, because he was not labled as having TS. He also had no idea he was different as a child. He did date a little when he was in high school. Just wondering if some parents with older TS children could share how their kids deal with the subject of dating. Any parent who has TS I would love to hear how you felt at that tender age. Thanks in advanced, C.P.
  7. Hi Faith, Eye tics were first for my son too. It is the only tic that will come and go. All other motor tics my husband had as a child are ALL gone. He only has the vocal tic that will pop up once in a while. The vocal is the one tic my son can not seem to shake. I guess if he is going to be like his father it may never go away, just lessen. (I hope) C.P.
  8. Hi emma 1, My son's Dr. wanted him on 500mg of DHA daily, she made a point to tell me the DHA should be higher then the EPA. My son has TS, and at this point can not take fish oil. (made him tic more) DHA is most abundant in the grey matter of the brain. And I thought EPA was more for the heart, so I can see where you are confused. I remember reading that low DHA is linked to low serotonin levels. It would seem it should be the other way around. I do remember reading someone here posted that the are giving high EPA, and it is working well for them. I just forget who that was, and if their child has TS or PANDAS. Maybe they will post too. C.P.
  9. Hi Judy, I'm not sure what you would call the stage he was/is in. Not to be gross, but when he was 12 he had no pubic hair. The last year and a 1/2 he has become a man in that area. However he still has a cracking voice, and no body odor, no hair under the arm or face. He is very small for his age, and has always been a slow grower. So I'm a little confused on what stage you would call him. You might want to chart his growth. we did that and he was growing faster during the time of the explosion, and the year to follow. C.P.
  10. hermom33, I don't know much about PANDAS, and I know what you mean about the Drs. I thought I would bring this post back up to the front so maybe some PANDAS moms can help. Good luck, C.P.
  11. Hi jkc, I would stop the school pizza for a while. Maybe you could tell him you will make him homemade pizza for dinner on Fri. to help with the disappointment. We have a special treat for our kids on Fri. nights, we make healthy nochos. They can't wait for Fri. because of that. My son ticced non-stop for over a year, I thought he would never stop. (has not stopped, but doing very very well) Hang in there things will get better. C.P.
  12. Hi Amy, Welcome, we saw a great improvement with the B6 and B12. If your daughter can do the B vitamins you might look into that, it is better to take all the B's together, but some kids can't do the B-complex. (makes them tic more) There is so much about the diet, if you look back at past posts you will get very well informed. Hope you don't have to see that boob of a Dr. again, and glad you like the other one, sounds like they gave you great advice. C.P.
  13. Hi bmom, Yes he takes a mutli, 100mg B6, 500mcg B12, Mag (natural calm) 400mg, cal 700mg, vit. E 400mg, selenium 100mcg, zinc 50mg. He will have the SpectraCell lab done again in Oct. to see if we are still on the right track with the vit. His diet is a lot of meat, I slow cook a whole chix every week, then use that broth for soup. Do the same with a beef roast, and use leftovers for BBQ beef sandwiches. Husband grills ribs, steak and one extra for fajitas the next day. Husband also cooks up chix wings with a sauce of butter and tabasco. Son eat leftovers of that at lunch. He has to chase his friends away from his lunch at school. I made homemade spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from my garden. My husband thinks I have been body snatched, the food tastes too good. I bake all his treats, cookies, muffins, cakes, and right now I made a lemon meringue pie, from a recipe I found that did not have corn starch in it. He eats loads of fruit and veggies too. I do not watch his carbs. He does not eat soy, corn, and rice. God Bless, C.P. P.S. I think the year of wholesome foods has helped his school work too. First week of Spanish he has down numbers 1-100, months, days of the week, and some other words I forgot. He only has that class every other day, so he has only been there 3 times. I know I'm 1/2 Mexican but I do not speak Spanish (had a hard enough time with English)
  14. Hi Judy, Welcome, my son was dx at 12 with TS. He had almost no tics before age 12, very little ones that we did not notice as tics. I think you are smart to have the pandas test done. Check into his diet a little deeper, Carolyn posted a good one on hidden MSG today. This could also be because of his age, and for us it seemed nothing helped until he pasted the puberty stage. Good luck, C.P.
  15. Hi all, Just wanted to post a good report for you all. I know how badly we like to hear good news. First I wanted to let you all know the 6 baby teeth he had pulled had no effect on his tics. Nor did the gas they gave him. School so far has been good, he has done well adjusting to a new school. I will have to see how things go for Spanish, because he is taking that class with upper classmates and he is a little scared of them. Also the school did a great job hand picking his teachers he likes them all. We are still on a strict diet, that is easy for him because of his high peanut allergy. Carrying around an Epi-pin keeps him on the obedient side He had a friend spend the night a few weeks ago and the two of them stayed up all night. Lack of sleep did not seem to bother him either. He will be 14 in 6 weeks just so you all have an idea of his age, and possible good news about tics lessening with age. The goldenrod seems not to be a problem this fall, maybe the cow we get the raw milk from, has been munching on some gloldenrod for dessert. As always your in my prayers, C.P.
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