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  1. It has been a few years since I post in this forum. My son start to experience temple receding hairline last August and in just 6 months, the hair thinning is getting noticeable. There is no family history on my side but my husband has frontal receding started in his early 30's but he is receding very slow. Just wondering such early hairloss has to do with my son's past tourette syndrome, along with food, environmental and chemical allergies, eczema, and seborrhic dermatitis on his head and face. Just found out my son has Gilbert's Syndrome recently, just above normal. My son wants to try Rogaine as prescribed by his dermatologist. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  2. Do you mean Northern Ca Bay Area? If so, I have a couple of names to pass on to you. LMK
  3. That's terrific. I believe my son's tics were allergy related, both environmental & food. We eliminated his tics by boosting his immunity, desensitive him of his allergies and control his histamine, along with lifestyle change and various modalities. I live in the bay area in CA. May I get the name of your intergrative doctor at UCSF? Thx! Pat
  4. Unda numbers are widely used by NDs. Try contacting a ND in your area. If you have not used homeopathic remedies before or have much knowledge about homeopathy, I highly suggest you do your research & talk to various NDs who practices homeopathy & homeopaths before preceeding. Pat
  5. Sweet cheeks mom, So sorry for your story. I know the guilt that you must feel. I am thinking since your son has immunity issues and possible suspectiblility to certain things, the homeopathic remedies may have brought something out. So many people take homepathic remedies lightly but it is very potent & powerful & it can go very deep depending on the potency that is prescribe. According to what you described, your homeopath was not a classically trained homeopath. One of the basic principal of homeopathy is one remedy at a time, no combination remedies & w/o any other medications, supplements.... A knowledgable homeopath can give you a antidote to a bad remedy or another better suited remedy to counter the first remedy's bad reaction. I was very intrigue with homeopathy because of my son's tic issues. I did notice the Unda numbers (homeopathic combination remedies) that were prescribed to him by his 2 previous ND always increased tics. I consulted various homeopaths & I got different opinions everytime. Out of frustration, I went to homeopathic school for almost 2 years to find answers and I was a homeopathic patients for 2 years. So to make the story short, what I learned is that homeopathy does not benefit everyone. As much as it can heal, it can also harm. To find a good homeopath, you must understand the philosophy of what homeopathy is about. And I think that goes for all modalities, western, eastern, alternative... At this point, perhaps focusing on strengthening his overall immunity & slow detoxing may be helpful. That was the approach that healed my son along with other modalities. If you are interested, find my old threads. Good luck!
  6. socalmom, ifran & kim, thx so much for the links & info. is there a form that i need to fill out for philosophical exemption to submit to the school? pat
  7. Turmeric?

    guy 123, I took tumeric for my neck/shoulder pain and some minor finger joint pain. It didn't alleviate my pain but i experienced constipation. In TCM, tumeric can cause heat, so i am not surprise that i had issue & you have experienced some GI issues. BTW, i don't have tics. Since it is anti-inflammatory, i would think that it should not aggravate tics. Pat
  8. Thx for your help Chris & 911RN. Pat
  9. I live in California and just received a letter from our school district letting me know that there is a new CA law (AB354) was approved requiring all students entering into the 7th grade to have proof of a Tdap booster before starting school in the Fall of 2012. Does anyone know if i can get an exemption from this? My pediatrician has talked to me about it on our last office visit and she was not very supportive about me refusing vaccination for my son even she know's about his neurological issues! Thx for your help! Pat
  10. Homeopathy

    just want to put in my opinion about homeopathy why it works for some & not for others. I have tried it for myself for 2 yrs w/2 different classical homeopaths from my school where i studied w/o much success. In fact it made my symptoms worse and i had aggravation that last months at a time. I have also tried almost 10 remedies, one after another to antidote the previous trying to stop the aggravation, and have not found my exact remedy. I have tried it on my son on several occassions using a combination remedy prescribed by 2 different NP and it made his symptoms worse. Because i was intriqued by the philosophy of homeopathy and at one point thought that it would help my kids, myself or others, i decided to go to school to learn more and i was disappointed in my findings. It is very hard to find the exact remedy because we all have had past suppressions from using allopathic drugs, like steriod, antibiotic... or other alterative modalities such as acupuncture, TCM ... which can distort the disease picture. And when you are on a remedy, depend upon ones sensitivities, the remedy can easily be antidoted. It could be something simple like coffee, minty toothpaste, any strong scents .... or something strong like menthol, tea tree, antibiotic, chinese herbs .... These are all very common items that we come in contact with. I was so paranoid when i was on a remedy, always concern that i may antidote it by accident. And then, there is the aggravation. Although it doesn't happen to everyone, aggravation should be short & brief, but it is not always the case. If someone has a chronic illness that have changed over time, it is not always comfortable for the patient to reexperience it, esp the aggravation didn't go away quickly and stayed instead, like it happened to me. Who would want some painful illness returned?! Chronic institution remedy is powerful & goes deep, it can cause new symptoms to come up that you have not had in the past if your homeopath is not careful. Another problem in finding the correct remedy is that over time, our miasms have become complicated and often time it is hard to narrow it down. I am not saying homeopath does not work. i just think that it is difficult to find the correct remedy due to our miasms and past suppressions. And it can be easily antidoted for some. With homeopathy, things or symptoms are not clear cut and it depends alot on your homeopath for interpretation. IMO, homepathic medicine works well on acute situations because it does not go deep. It could be fast & effective. Also, it would work well in 3rd world countries where people don't have access to allopathic drugs and don't have a high chance of coming into contact with antidote things.
  11. it must be frustrating to have soo many issues at once and not knowing the exact cause. you may want to try NAET for tics & OCD. it has helped my kids tremendously and it is noninvasive. NAET works well for tics if it is allergy induced. As for OCD, NAET can also treat emotions. i think it is worth a try. good luck! Pat
  12. i also want to add homeopathy may be a miracle cure for some it can also be destrcutive for some as well. if a remedy is powerful enouch to cure it is also powerful enough to harm. there is a misconception that these remedies are harmless. it is absolutely not true! i was so intrique by it, i became a patient and started studying homeopathy. what i have learned is that if you are interest in this modality, find a good classical homeopath. don't be fooled that if he/she is a MD, NP, it really doesn't mean that they know homeopathy because it is a completely different school of thought & practice. My son & I both had terrible aggravations from using homeopathic remedies, from different doctors. I would use it for acute situations if i have to, but not for anything chronic for me & my family. Chronic remedies go deep, so be extra careful. Pat
  13. Supplements for OCD?

    When taking inositol, take it along w/b6. Try NAET for OCD. It has worked really well for one of my kids. Pat
  14. Chemar, Can u elaborate on the problems that chia seeds are causing? Anyone with neurological problems? Thx! Pat