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  1. hi chemar- thanks for the response- what about yhe ionic fizz product's saying the magnesium is ionic, as opposed to natural calms' magnesium being citrate. what does ionic mean? thanks
  2. Hi all- this product sounds very good. I couldnt find it in the health food store- is it only available online? I did find a product called ionic fizz which has vit. A, c, d , b6 , b12, maybe potassium and of cource magnesium in a large dose of 200 or 300, which they call ionic., but no calcium.the jar says good for sleep , energy . I wonder if that is similiar to this natural calmproduct Re natural calm, I read that it can be gotten with no other vitamins added, just mag, or with calcium and zinc. I know that my son and husband can use help falling asleep and these products may all be
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