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  1. Bonnie, I'm glad you are going to try. This is some info I found on the krill oil you all may find interesting as well. Krill oil contains phosphatidyl choline which is VERY important for the brain development, memory retention, and learning. Astaxanthin is 100 times more powerful then vita A and E to mop up free raticals. It crosses the BBB to help protect the eye, brain, and central nevours system. The DHA and EPA in fish oil comes from triglycerides and comes from phospholipids in krill, making krill easier to absorb. Some research shows positive effects on the brain with in two hours of being taken. I would have to say that may have been the case for my son. I just did not know to watch for that, but do remember it was soon after he took the krill he was doing good. compared to fish oil krill is more bioavailable and has bigger benefits on depression, OCD, and other brain disorders. CP
  2. I just can't believe how well son is doing these days since starting the krill oil. This morning not a peep! This is not like my son who vocal tics almost every few seconds. I really hope someone else will try the krill oil to compare. I just don't know if this is a fluke and the waning has anything to do with him turning 17yo in 3 weeks. I will let you all know if he starts to wax during thr full moon this month. Faith, what were some of the idea's about the EPA being higher that was better for our kids? Do you think the high DHA was too much of a stimulant for the brain? CP
  3. Hi Faith, Yes, the EPA is higher. I'm looking into understanding the supplement facts to this krill oil. This is what it says. Pure krill oil 2000mg EPA 280mg DHA 130mg Total omega 3 480mg Total omega 6 60mg Total Phospholipids 860mg Astaxanthin 200mcg This is for 2 capsules a day. Son is still doing well, very well today. He had a very good day pitching looked like he was in control of the game. CP
  4. Hi everyone, So far the krill oil has not caused DS to wax, in fact I feel he has been much better. When we tried the fish oil he waxed in about 30 min after taking it. We only gave on capsule yesterday and today he has been real good. I'll keep you posted. What I thought was interesting about the krill oil was the high amounts of (astaxanthin) an antioxident and anti-inflammatory. Fish oil has tocopherol (vit E) added and I always wondered if that was the problem. Also the Omega 3 is from the phospholipid form. (Better and faster absorbed) Cp
  5. I see that Vital Choice seafoods now sell a krill oil. I don't know if anyone has used it for the omega 3 in place of fish oil and had any results they could share. I'm going to give it a try just to see if maybe my son can tolerate krill oil. cp
  6. I have tried for a month and can't get her either.
  7. Kamkoop01, Have you seen the thread for the empower(treatment with supps.) that one family here has had good results with. You may want to look into that or Bonnie's. CP
  8. Hi tantrums, My son aslo had very slight tics before age 12 that we did not even notice as a problem. They would come and go and were so light I just thought it was part of him being a boy since I have 2 girls too. But at 12yo he got 2 shots and BAM he exploded with screaming tics. I also have gone and looked into PANDAS and he always seems to be helped with abx, but not for a long time. My son also has no other issues with behavior, he just tics all the time. I stopped using vitamins because they seem to not help either and I just used a clean diet to get him healthy. I can tell he is ticcer this week because school started, football season is here and he is OCDish about his Steelers, and his braces were worked on yesterday. So I just up mom therapy and wait it out until he calms down. This is just how his pattern always goes. Sorry I'm nohelp on what else you could try we feel like we tried everything and got no results good enough for very long. Natural calm, B6 and B12 were the best results that lasted about a year and then they did not seem to work anymore. I wish you the best and continue to keep all of you in my prayers, hoping the Divine Physician will heal us all. CP
  9. We also use raw honey with no tic increase. It is the sweetner for his oatmeal and I bake with it. My understanding is raw honey will never spoil. CP
  10. santi, So glad you have found something that has helped. Is your child TS or do you think he has tics more from ADHD. I mean was the others issues he had worse then the tics? Just trying to see which area you believe your child suffered most. Could you discribe the vocal and motor tics your child had and how bad they were? Chemar, did you say your son did try truehope's empower plus? If so what was the reason given not to stay on it for long? CP
  11. Yes, medication was just to get us through the hard times. After he stopped screaming we felt the loud vocals were hard but had to remember what it was like with the screaming. He will be 17yo next month and the vocals are there but much much quieter. He stopped the motor tics the first 24 hours on the patch. It is so hard to decide to medicate, but if the health of mom and dad are being affected and we are the ones who need to be strong and there for our kids then do what you need to do to heal the family. Everything else will be taken care of, I promise, God knows your suffering. If medication is worse for your child you will be convicted that no medication is right for your child. The one thing I did was to make sure I kept him on a very healthy diet while on the medication, I guess that just made me feel better and I hoped and prayed keeping him healthy would help keep any bad side effects away. Keeptrying, keep praying... He's listening. God Bless, CP
  12. Hi keeptrying, I understand the desperation, and plaese do not feel bad if medication is the route you all must do at this point. I believe God works through medication too. I too was at the point of medication for my son when he was 12yo. He exploded with screaming every second of the day. We started out with the patch and notice it really helped with the motor tics, but did not do anything for the vocal tics. He was on it for a month and we took him off because he was so out-of-it and his eyes looked sad. Since our main issue was the vocals it did not seem to be the right thing for him. We waited about a year trying diet and testing allergies...ect. When he was 13yo we had to try something else I could not function after a year of the screaming, so the neuro said risperdal would help about 50% of the vocals. It worked more like 75% for him and he did not have side effects while on it other then being tired. I think the weight gain is the one that effects girls more on risperdal. He did however have bad withdrawls with it when we weaned him off. Dizzy spells for about 5 weeks. Medication for us was more to settle things down so we could refocus and see what else we wanted to try, or keep me motivated to keep up with the natural stuff. It was too hard to think when I could not pick myself up off the bathroom floor every morning. Good luck, cp
  13. Welcome BikeWP, You could try a Holistic Dr. in your area and they could do an OAT test. It is a urine test that would help you see the nutrient markers in you children. It also tells you what intervention options you could do (supplements) to help. Example: My son had shown B-complex vit. marker that he put out in his urine to much Xanthurenate so he needed more B6 and that related to the deficience in tryptophan and that influenced his serotonin and could be the cause of some of his OCDish tics. So we used supps and diet to increase the B6. You could also have a tissue Mineral analysis done. This could help you understand their metabolic patterns. IGG allergy testing. All these an intergrative dr. could help you with. I found for my son triggers were hard to find. They could have been a tooth, the TV, a growth increase, stress at school, cold/hot weather. ECT... Read as much as you can here and remember it taks time to heal. Keep a good diet and you will see over time things do get better. Time are hard and people can't afford some of these tests but diet alone can help, esp. if your child has behavior issues. Good luck, CP
  14. I meant to put the topic on TS and messed up, so if anyone wants to add a post check out the PANDAS under new school year.
  15. OOPS... I thought I put this on the TS forum. I'll see if anyone over there want to jump over to share.
  16. I know oh so well how stressful a new school year can be, so I thought I would open the pages to a new school year and see if anyone needed to share the good, bad and the ugly. PANDAS welcome to share too. We can give a big group cyber ((((((((((hug)))))))))))))) CP
  17. Wow! I don't know what to follow up with after Bonnie's great sugg. I do agree with Chemar we have not seen sickness in this house after a clean diet. I think a daily dose of kefir really helped too. Hot homemade lemonade really works great on a sore throat. Cup of hot water, juice from a fresh lemon and a spoonful of raw honey. My kids said the apple cider vinegar drink helps with a tummy ache. Glass of water, tsp ACV, and spoonful raw honey. Sip slowly. We too do the soup, but in the winter homemade soup is our dinner twice a week so not sure if that is helping to prevent flu season here, as we also load up on the garlic in our soup. CP
  18. Hi, I'm not sure about the amount to give for the lbs of your child, but I see Chemar is on and she will give good advice on that. I can say don't do too many things at once, take it slow and I would not stop any thing while you are adding things. You may not know what is causing an increase or helping, so keep the bee pollen. My son did not do well on the B complex, but did with the B6 and B12 given by themselves. CP
  19. OH MY GOODNESS, LENNY. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about you and your son. I'm so happy you ALL are doing well. God is good and I know we don't want to wait for our children to get better, we want it NOW. Time has a way of clearing things up, and we see God's plan in all of our lives. I know you and I have shared the same emotions, and when you said darkest days you really meant it and lived it with every breath you took. I don't know if you have been reading here much, but I too have come a long way, and our son has done some things I never in a million years thought he could do 4 1/2 years ago. My son has certificates for completion plastered on the walls of Firefighter 1, Haz Mat, vehicle rescue, Mayday firefighter down, and L.P Gas emergencies. He volunteers one night a week at the fire house and this past week he helped rescue 3 teens after a drunk driving accident. One girl was air lifted after she flew out of the car, he helped put her in the helicopter and told me all about what it felt like to see all of this. As a parent I'm so glad he can see first hand what driving under age can do. He said it was hard to watch the families crying, and he felt fear for the driver as the police took care of the DUI. He has the best job any boy could have working at a country club. He can tic all he wants during the day driving colf carts around. He will be 17 next month and boy can I relate to what a difference 4 years can make. Not only did God hear and answer my prayers, He went far beyond what I ever asked for. Thats how good He is. God Bless and look forward the the next 4 years when your wildest dreams will come true for your son. Thanks for being there for those who are just starting their journey with TS. CP
  20. Welcome troy, Bonnie gave you some good advice. I too did not see any foods help with my son's vocals. He was vocal and loud all the time for about 2 years. I did notice the clean, all whole foods diet help with the motor tics he had at the time of his explosion of tics. You could do the elimitation diet of wheat, eggs, and dairy for 3 weeks, then add them back one week at a time, making sure wheat was the last introduction. Could your son drink soy milk or some other alt. to milk that looks like milk? If you just can't start with the other two and see if that helps at all. You may see some results and will be excited with your discovery. Good luck, CP
  21. Thanks Chemar and Bonnie, Now the lemon balm tea is something I have not found yet. I can't wait for the stores to get it in anymore. I'll order that. CP
  22. Thanks Chemar I found some googling the SSRI, I had no luck last week googling jasmine oil and OCD. CP
  23. Chemar, What is the research you are talking about? Is that something we can read? I finally found some at the Whole Foods. cp
  24. Carolyn, If you have dried everything, and the carpet did not sit long wet you sould be OK and have no mold growing. don't forget to sprinkle the carpet with baking soda after it is all dried to get out any smell.
  25. Hi mythree, My son would get a bad neck jerk and he said he did get some relief with magnesium cream. I have never baught it but made my own. I mixed epsom salt in warm water and added to my own cream I had at home. You don't need much just put it all over the neck and any place she is in pain. I had never heard of mag. cream, but I googled it once to see what it looked like. Good luck I hope it works, CP
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