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  1. Matt, Our son was a very good boy, and never had any behavior problems. His diet was what most kids eat, but maybe a bit better because I am a stay at home mom. Our son had no signs of tics at all before the age 8 or 9. He had no vocal tics except for a kissing sound. Now the vocals are the tics we can not get rid of, and are the most bothersome. Those exploded after he had shots shortly after his 12th b-day. Just a little side note that might keep your hopes up. When my son was 9 a little boy down the street (about 5yo) had this eye rolling tic at the same time my son had it. This boy (now 9yo) has no tics at all. I'm glad to hear your Dr visit went well. God Bless C.P.
  2. Hi Matt, My son now 14, started out with the eye rolling tic. He was around 8 or 9, it did come and go so I didn't know they were tics. When he turned 12 every thing went haywire, and the eye tics were bad. However, when we changed his diet the eye tics were the first tics to go away. (I think it took about 4 months) The only eye tic we see now is he will look up, but that hardly ever happends anymore. We also noticed an arm tic went away with the diet. That one only comes back if he watches TV, and that too does not happen very much. I do feel the diet has helped so much that he is able to enjoy the TV now with few tics. Good luck with the diet I believe in it. CP
  3. OK, to make a really long story short, we had computer trouble, and I lost my user name. Have a new internet, and I have no clue how to use the darn thing. We have put up so many blocks, I blocked myself out of the 21st century I am using CSP because it was close to C.P. and it just so happends to be my son's initials. Update; Son is 14 now and is still doing ok off the risperdal. That is the biggest blessing. Still seeing some waxing, but he keeps his vocal tics low. Right now he has 4 teeth coming in, Christmas around the corner, and his beloved Steelers are in the play-offs, so.... he is waxing right now. He finished up his baseball season with 15 wins and 1 loss. His coach said he was the heart and soul of the team. That was such a big deal for him, because we had 3 boy's on our team that played on the 13 yo world series. My son was not one of them, but felt so happy for the compliment. We have had a rather normal household with 2 teenagers, and been very busy with homecoming, my 16 yo has a boy friend and I have been still homeschooling the 10 yo. I have asked about my youngest starting school next year without shots. Right now I am waiting for an answer about religous exemption. I have not forgotten you all, and pray often for you and your childern. Thanks Faith for making me get the lead out. God Bless C.P.
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