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  1. my daughter, 6, has been on bonnie's ts-plus since september. she has been doing pretty good, but has never been really bad either, if that makes sense. however, she is really starting to complain about all the pills...10 a day is alot for her...she has been such a trooper though!! she just finished up a bottle of ts-plus and i promised we could try a new vitamin. so, any suggestions. i have read about kirkman's spectrum complete and kirkman's nu-thera??? is one better for tics? that is our main "thing"...tics! i am scared to try something new, but i just hate seeing her so upset and saying she hates taking so many pills! so, i figure if her tics come back bad, then i at least know ts-plus was working well, and i can get her started on that again! thanks for any advice on vitamins!
  2. things are ok right now. i am still trying to find some peace and trying very hard to get my hopes back up! my daughter still tics. she has an arm stretching thing going on and throat clearing. these seem to be the main ones right now and they have been the main/only ones for about 5-6 weeks now, although they really are not noticeable to anyone but me!! she is still on 6 TS-plus a day, along with quercetin at night( i feel the quercetin took her sniffing away- may have been coincidence, but hey sniffing is gone, at least for now!!) i thank God that the eye blinking went away, as well as the neck jerking!! i continue to read and pray everyday, searching for the perfect 'thing' to have her tic-free...may not ever happen, but i believe that with God all things are possible! i would love to do delayed food sensitivity testing, but i just hate to have her go through bloodwork right now, plus i don't even know if all allergists can order these types of tests??? she is already ready to stop taking her vitamins. i hate making her take them. i think when we finish this bottle, we have about a week left, i may let her take a break form the TS-Plus, since i don't know if they are working, or if we are in a waning mode??? at least if the tics come back strong, i will know that TS-Plus was helping and then i won't feel so bad for making her take so many vitamins---i will know if they are really helping her tics!! SO, FOR NOW I CONTINUE TO PRAY! I JUST WANT TO GET BACK TO WHERE I SEE MY BEAUTIFUL, SMART, KIND, AND LOVING DAUGHTER AND NOT HER TICS!!!! i know that sounds so easy to do, but i am struggling...when i look at her i keep wwaiting to see her tic, and i truly hate myself for that!! i miss my care-free and fun relationship with her the most!!! always, wondering if what she is eating will make her tic more, or arguing with my husband about no TV for her because she tics way more when watching TV....uuughhh!!! just praying for the light at the end of the tunnel, some peace, lots of happiness....i miss feeling really happy!! so, i probably wasn't much help to you, but that's how things are going right now! hopefully very soon, i will be able to have a better update!!
  3. thanks! i will be sending an e-mail to bontech!
  4. any advice? i am wanting to try antibiotics, but don't know if i should continue TS-Plus while i give antibiotic???
  5. thanks for the input! the cunnigham test, do you have an idea about how much that costs and is it a blood test or urine or both??? again, thanks! also, she was swabbed for strep again in august after all this started in may b/c she got a yeast infection out of nowhere...her ped. said it could be strep, so she swabbed her throat, did 24 hour culture and it came back negative...so i was left confused again on the PANDAS idea???? does she need to have active strep infection for PANDAS????
  6. ok. so i am looking for advice please. i normally post on the TS forum, but thought someone over here might be able to offer up their opinion. just a quick bit about my daughter with tics! she is 6 years old. had some eye blinking last summer when she was 5, went away after a few weeks. really didn't think much of it, we thought it was becuase she just started swimming and it was the chlorine. well, 1 year later, again after the swimming started she had eye blinks again. thought must be that darn chlorine. but then came the neck stretching, the nose scrunching, the head shaking, the mouth sretching, sniffing, and now we have throat clearing and an arm flapping thing. Now, these are not all together, she will have a couple and then replace them with new ones, and for the most part htey are all unnoticeable. well, of course, i notice them all!!! i have had a few tics as long as i can remember...mine really haven't changed too much over the years. and to be honest they really do go unnoticed, if anything, someone may think i have allergies if i am clearing my throat alot. but most of the time i am tic free. so, i have been reading and researching and CRYING thinking i have TS and i never even knew it and know i passed it on to my children. but after reading and trying to find something to stop my daughter's tics, i came across PANDAS a few months ago. well, i can't help but want to explore this b/c right before the tics, the many tics that started in late May, my dd had tested positive for strep. she had antibiotics and then steroid shot after that to help get rid of it. strep was in april in think. so, my ped. brushed off PANDAS b/c i myself had tics here and there growing up. NOW, my youngest duaghter, 4 years old-no tics- had ear infections last week and bad sore, red throat. she tested negative for strep. but we were going out of town that same day, so the LPN at the clinic(could not get in with reg. ped.) gave her a 5 day azithromax prescipiton to clear up ears and any possible strep. she went ahead and gave me a prescription for my 6 year daughter with tics just in case she started any sore throat symptoms while out of town. SOOOO, i have been wanting to give my daughter with tics the antibiotics, but i am scared to. she is not "sick" right now. her tics are very mild...few throat clears a day, and some arm stretches throughout the day(unless she watches TV, then facial grimacing and neck stretching come back)....so should i just give her the antibiotics???? it is only a 5 day presrciption. could it help it if this is PANDAS, or would 5 days not really do any help anyways????? thnaks for any advice!! Julie
  7. i am wondering about your child's diet. did you just cut all 'junk' colors, msg, etc.. or did you do allergy testing for foods? you said your son was 95% better, so i am curious to know more about the diet. thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

  8. my youngest daughter, no tics, has ear infections and possible strep. her throat swab came back neg. she has antibiotics for infections in ears. also doc thought she still may have/turn into strep, so since we are leaving for vacation tonight, the doctor went ahead and gave my 6 year old daughter a prescription for zithromax too...this is my daughter with tics. i told the doc that she has been running a low grade fever and feared her getting sick while out of town. IT IS ONLY A 5 DAY PRESCRIPTION, but i have been wondering if antibiotics might help her tics....so my questions are 1. will i be able to see any results after just 5 days, or would she need more time on antibiotics??? 2) also, can i continue to give her bonnie's supplements, or should i stop these while taking the zithro?? thanks!
  9. just wanting thoughts on sierra mist natural...i am still trying to figure out all of the artificial stuff...my daughter loves soft drinks. however, i hardly ever buy them. but on the weekends, pizza nights, movie nights, etc. we have always let our children have a soda with their snacks...so now i am looking into alternative "sodas". saw sierra mist natural in the store the other day, and it looked better than most. no artificial dyes, no high fructose corn syrup, no caffeine...so, what do you all think??
  10. Megan, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I think sometimes, if i just had my husband to talk to i might just be able to handle things a little better! Oh, i spend hours every day praying and reading and praying and reading and of course worrying ,and then telling myself not to worry! if i could only just figure out what we are dealing with then i could maybe take a step in an actual directions instead of just letting my mind spin and race! i hear alot on here about answered prayers, and i just hope i can hear what God is trying to tell me when He is ready for me to hear! anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to respond...it's nice just to have someone share their thoughts!
  11. looking for some advice/guidance! ok. i am just going to start typing here....my 6 year old daughter started heavy eye blinks last year around May. My husband and i thought it to be the chlorine in the pool since she just started swimming. we did eye drops to help. we would simply ask her to stop or to try and stop...no big deal. i really don't remember it being bad. i know i was not worried or anything. it went away after a few weeks maybe. well, around the same time this year the eye blinks came back. again, it was soon after she started swimming again. so, we thought it must be the chlorine! however, this time the eye blinks were worse...harder, more frequent. and then came the neck stretches, and nose scrunches. all much worse when she watched TV. i started researching. through researching, i realized i myself have tics. had them as long as i can remember. i thought of them a nervous habits, and i can pretty much control them so basically they went and are unnoticeable to others! so, i read and read and read, and then came the crying and depression. i didn't sleep or eat for days. my husband and i were constantly arguing because he thought i was just acting 'crazy' and doing more harm than good b/c the children could see something was wrong...i knew he was right about that part at least. so i tried my best to hide my worry! so, it led me to thinking this... Pandas- well, she did have strep about a month before her tics started this summer. it was a bad case, she had antibiotics, and then a steroid shot. so, i am thinking this is a possibility! cried my eyes out to ped., and she just brushed off the idea of PANDAS b/c i myself have tics. Yeast- well, she did have a pretty bad yeast infection out of nowhere about a month or two after tics started...so, could she have yeast problem??? i did do spit test, and she had stuff float to bottom, again, is this maybe a big part of problem???? Artificial stuff- ok, so during the summer i cut out artificial colorings, flavorings msg alot...i know i didn't cut out entirely b/c my husband was not going along with this. he said we should just let her be a kid...that he barely saw half the stuff i saw. however, even after halloween candy and more junk there was not an increase in tics...so i really don't think the junk has a big difference. although, i still do not let her have much of the 'junk'. Bonnie's- ordered and started around september. i was up to about 6 a day. i do think they were helping. but after about 6 or 8 weeks a new tic started. she stretches her arm and kind of hits her side with it. it really isn't that noticeable but she does it alot, still does!! my husband found out how many pills she was taking and just freaked, saying that was too much for a little girl and she needed to stop...he even told me i was the one who needed pills!!! well, i have to agree on that one a little i really do know that right now the tics are 90% my problem...they really don't bother her! oh, i just don't want in a year or two for the tics to be out of control and think to myself, i just sat back and let this happen! if i can help now, why not??? so i backed down to 3 a day and started natural calm, along with B5(she grinds her teeth horrible during sleep), and added B6. right now we still have arm flapping thing, and throat clearing, but when she watches TV, her facial grimaces come back, along with neck stretching and some eye blinks....TV always makes it worse!!!! so, i have in the back of my head, to just up bonnies supplements again until i reach 10 and see if there are any results???? some other things...her eyes always seem so glassy to me, and the inner corners of her eyes get real pink/red. she has a nightmare about once a week. she cries at the drop of a hat....oh, this one drives me crazy!! oh, she a bad sniffing tics, this one really drove me nuts- i actually yelled at her to stop! yes, i cried after wards for being such a horrible mother! anyways, i was praying for the hundredth time one day asking God for an answer...i actually was talking to Him out loud, and during my talk i used the phrase 'an apple a day', i know sounds crazy but i was just rambling away to Him. However, withing minutes after my prayer, i started searching on the computer, and came across a supplement i never heard of- quercetin, and it used the phrase an apple a day! well, i chose to take this as answer. well, her sniffing went away after 2 days of starting quercetin. sniffing came back a couple weeks later, so i added quercetin again...about 2/3 days later, sniffing went away again...but none of the other tics left, hmm! so, could she have allergy problems...maybe food sensitivities??? so, i have many possibilities, but no money to go to naturopathic doc, especially without my hubby's agreeing. which i am sure by reading you see he is not on board with any of this...he wants me to let her alone! but, he did however agree to let her go to allergy doc... so, after reading this book, i would love suggestions on where to start!! should i take her to allergist since i have hubby's 'permission' on this one? i just hate to make her go through blood tests, but hey if it leads me triggers, then i am all aboard the allergy testing...but what tests do i ask for??? just really want to get on the right path, and not go down a hundred wrong ones...if that's possible!! hope my rambling wasn't too confusing, but i really needed to 'talk' to someone since my husband will not even listen to me once i mention tics...thanks for any help/advice/encouragement....would love to hear what worked for you!!! Julie
  12. oh, to be able to wake up and not immediately think of TS, to be able to go to sleep not praying that the tics will go away, rather just praising my God for His answered prayers, to be able to sleep an entire night without waking up and thinking about TS, to be able to watch my daughter play without waiting for her tics to show, to be able to hold her in my arms without feeling her little body tense and jerk...i feel as though a time will never come! i am so ready to fall on my knees and thank God for allowing these hard days to pass. I am so ready to stop being so angry at Him! I am sooo ready to feel just happy again! I am starting to think most days now, that I am the one with the real problem...
  13. thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words. bonnie, i know exactly what you mean...my mom all the time says, i did not notice anything today, and i think how could you not notice...yes, i am constantly waiting and watching, while at the same time trying not to let my daughter see me 'observing' her. the last thing i want is for her to feel self conscious or like something is wrong with her. i just literally hurt so bad. i know what you all mean about praying for healing. i too have prayed for "healing", not necessarily a cure. I want nothing more than to just love her and be happy, and i just get so darn angry when i feel the opposite...sad, worried, angry! my relationship with my husband is just crazy too! he doesn't understand at all what i am feeling, and won't even try to. he just tells me he is not not talking about this b/c it is nothing...that i need to leave it all alone....he informed me last night that he wants me to stop the bonnies vitamins. he thinks a 6 year old girl should not be taking all those pills!! part of me feels the same way, but i am scared to death if i stop them, her tics will only get worse and more frequent...again, i am praying for guidance...a right path! so yes, i do pray for a cure, not just for my daughter, but for tourettes/tic disorders. in fact, last night i thought about a sermon my pastor gave a couple months ago...he wanted everyone to pray for our government everyday before 8am, for the next like 6 months(don't remember the time line)...so i thought last night, you know, there is power in prayer, so i will be saying a pray every morning before i leave for work...a prayer for a cure for TS, tic disorders. hopefully others will join me...with God all things are possible. there may not be a cure now, but i have to have hope in the idea of a cure. and if God is willing, a cure will be found!!! i know so many of you pray already, but i just thought if i set a time aside every single morning, at the same time, that maybe....well, you know! all i know is it can't hurt to add more prayer!!!! lately i have been asking the Holy Spirit to make intercession for me because i no longer no what to pray for...a cure, healing for me or for my daughter, for me to just have understanding and live with the tics, to test her for allergies, to test for metals, etc. a hundred different possibilities.....but i have no idea which path to take!!! again, thank you all so, so much for your kind words and thoughtfulness...will keep you updated if anything should change!
  14. I am asking for prayers please. My 6 year old daughter started tics in May of this year. I spend most of my spare time on here reading, reading, and reading. I can also say that i became much closer to God with all of this happening. Reading my bible and praying for guidance, answers, strength and patience to get through this horrible time...most of all for the healing of my daughter. The tics started becoming fewer and less noticeable with bonnie's supplements. i never reached 10 a day. my daughter will do no more than 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. i am able to give her kids calm at night too. we do epsom salt baths maybe twice a week. However, the tics are increasing again and getting more noticeable...still don"t think others notice them but, it scares me! I find myself getting so angry with God because i am just so confused and lost and feel so helpless!! I read all of the many, many possibilities of tic triggers, but keep praying for the right direction. I know that He is always here and listening, and that He will answer in His own perfect timing, but my depression and anger get the better part of me! I need prayers for patience and guidance. I know God is good all the time, it is just that i feel like my heart is breaking into tiny pieces, and i keep praying for strength and wisdom, and to be honest i feel so alone, and lost, and weak!! My husband gets so angry when i bring up the 'habits', he won't call them tics! he tells me that our daughter is fine and that i worry too much!! I would feel so much better if i knew someone else was praying for me and my daughter......so with tears falling down as i type this, i really do hope that you will find time to pray for us both!! Thank you all and may God Bless you!
  15. Did you do testing to find out about gluten/wheat, or did you just decide to try it out?
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