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  1. my daughter, 6, has been on bonnie's ts-plus since september. she has been doing pretty good, but has never been really bad either, if that makes sense. however, she is really starting to complain about all the pills...10 a day is alot for her...she has been such a trooper though!! she just finished up a bottle of ts-plus and i promised we could try a new vitamin. so, any suggestions. i have read about kirkman's spectrum complete and kirkman's nu-thera??? is one better for tics? that is our main "thing"...tics! i am scared to try something new, but i just hate seeing her so upset and s
  2. things are ok right now. i am still trying to find some peace and trying very hard to get my hopes back up! my daughter still tics. she has an arm stretching thing going on and throat clearing. these seem to be the main ones right now and they have been the main/only ones for about 5-6 weeks now, although they really are not noticeable to anyone but me!! she is still on 6 TS-plus a day, along with quercetin at night( i feel the quercetin took her sniffing away- may have been coincidence, but hey sniffing is gone, at least for now!!) i thank God that the eye blinking went away, as well as
  3. thanks! i will be sending an e-mail to bontech!
  4. any advice? i am wanting to try antibiotics, but don't know if i should continue TS-Plus while i give antibiotic???
  5. thanks for the input! the cunnigham test, do you have an idea about how much that costs and is it a blood test or urine or both??? again, thanks! also, she was swabbed for strep again in august after all this started in may b/c she got a yeast infection out of nowhere...her ped. said it could be strep, so she swabbed her throat, did 24 hour culture and it came back negative...so i was left confused again on the PANDAS idea???? does she need to have active strep infection for PANDAS????
  6. ok. so i am looking for advice please. i normally post on the TS forum, but thought someone over here might be able to offer up their opinion. just a quick bit about my daughter with tics! she is 6 years old. had some eye blinking last summer when she was 5, went away after a few weeks. really didn't think much of it, we thought it was becuase she just started swimming and it was the chlorine. well, 1 year later, again after the swimming started she had eye blinks again. thought must be that darn chlorine. but then came the neck stretching, the nose scrunching, the head shaking, the mo
  7. i am wondering about your child's diet. did you just cut all 'junk' colors, msg, etc.. or did you do allergy testing for foods? you said your son was 95% better, so i am curious to know more about the diet. thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

  8. my youngest daughter, no tics, has ear infections and possible strep. her throat swab came back neg. she has antibiotics for infections in ears. also doc thought she still may have/turn into strep, so since we are leaving for vacation tonight, the doctor went ahead and gave my 6 year old daughter a prescription for zithromax too...this is my daughter with tics. i told the doc that she has been running a low grade fever and feared her getting sick while out of town. IT IS ONLY A 5 DAY PRESCRIPTION, but i have been wondering if antibiotics might help her tics....so my questions are 1. will
  9. just wanting thoughts on sierra mist natural...i am still trying to figure out all of the artificial stuff...my daughter loves soft drinks. however, i hardly ever buy them. but on the weekends, pizza nights, movie nights, etc. we have always let our children have a soda with their snacks...so now i am looking into alternative "sodas". saw sierra mist natural in the store the other day, and it looked better than most. no artificial dyes, no high fructose corn syrup, no caffeine...so, what do you all think??
  10. Megan, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I think sometimes, if i just had my husband to talk to i might just be able to handle things a little better! Oh, i spend hours every day praying and reading and praying and reading and of course worrying ,and then telling myself not to worry! if i could only just figure out what we are dealing with then i could maybe take a step in an actual directions instead of just letting my mind spin and race! i hear alot on here about answered prayers, and i just hope i can hear what God is trying to tell me when He is ready for me to he
  11. looking for some advice/guidance! ok. i am just going to start typing here....my 6 year old daughter started heavy eye blinks last year around May. My husband and i thought it to be the chlorine in the pool since she just started swimming. we did eye drops to help. we would simply ask her to stop or to try and stop...no big deal. i really don't remember it being bad. i know i was not worried or anything. it went away after a few weeks maybe. well, around the same time this year the eye blinks came back. again, it was soon after she started swimming again. so, we thought it must be th
  12. oh, to be able to wake up and not immediately think of TS, to be able to go to sleep not praying that the tics will go away, rather just praising my God for His answered prayers, to be able to sleep an entire night without waking up and thinking about TS, to be able to watch my daughter play without waiting for her tics to show, to be able to hold her in my arms without feeling her little body tense and jerk...i feel as though a time will never come! i am so ready to fall on my knees and thank God for allowing these hard days to pass. I am so ready to stop being so angry at Him! I am sooo r
  13. thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words. bonnie, i know exactly what you mean...my mom all the time says, i did not notice anything today, and i think how could you not notice...yes, i am constantly waiting and watching, while at the same time trying not to let my daughter see me 'observing' her. the last thing i want is for her to feel self conscious or like something is wrong with her. i just literally hurt so bad. i know what you all mean about praying for healing. i too have prayed for "healing", not necessarily a cure. I want nothing more than to just love her
  14. I am asking for prayers please. My 6 year old daughter started tics in May of this year. I spend most of my spare time on here reading, reading, and reading. I can also say that i became much closer to God with all of this happening. Reading my bible and praying for guidance, answers, strength and patience to get through this horrible time...most of all for the healing of my daughter. The tics started becoming fewer and less noticeable with bonnie's supplements. i never reached 10 a day. my daughter will do no more than 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. i am able to give her kids
  15. Did you do testing to find out about gluten/wheat, or did you just decide to try it out?
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