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  1. I think it's always like that when they try to rest, the tics are the worst. Been tired is also a trigger for tics. It is hard to see them suffering, I'm going through the same thing. The challenge is to find what are the triggers for your son. Start keeping a log, write what he ate, what he did, if he was mostly indoors/outdoors, screen time, stress etc. And keep reading. For my son we discovered that chlorine (pools) was a big trigger as well as dopamine increased foods like bananas and corn. Hopefully it helps, good luck!
  2. Hi SoCalMom, Did you find any good doctor in L.A? My son started again with serious tics after a long period of non-noticeable tics. I'm starting to panic... Did you go to Dr. Deborah lehman? Thanks
  3. I don't have experience but my friend has a lot. Check : http://www.ktla.com/videogallery/69184359/Technology/tech-report---adhd-tech
  4. My son was sick last year and he had extremely high titers.He had various tics (motor and vocals). We treated him with abs as well as changing his diet (no artificial,no MSG, + fish oil, + probiotic , +Epsom salts). After a couple of months and also the discovery that some food was causing his vocal tics, we eliminate that food, and slowly he began to heal. From all the things we did, I'm not sure what really helped. Two months ago, he started having some minor tics, and then he started having this cough, that it turned out that it is a tic too. Last week we did again the blood tests, and again his DNASE is ~800. So, probably, he had a strep 2 months ago , that was unnoticeable. He didn't show any sign of sickness. So I'm back , to the long road, trying to discover what will make him feel better. Can anyone remind me, which abs it is recommended to start? My pediatrician is willing to help but he doesn't know anything about Pandas. thanks!
  5. After a couple of months with no tics, my DS8 started coughing in a weird way. He coughs around 4 times in a row, then stops, after a couple of minutes again. Any experience with cough tic?
  6. Welcome Troy! Try to think about what is the thing that your son crave the most.Sometimes that is exactly the food that we are allergic to. Look at http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/t041800.asp In our case we discover that bananas were the trigger for our son's vocal tics. Good luck!
  7. Hi to everybody, I don't want to open my mouth, but my son is doing really good, with barely any noticeable motor tics and no vocal tics. We did many things to try to improve his condition so I really don't know, if it is a combination of those things or one in particular. It started around April (allergy season) mys on is allergic to all pollen trees. Together with stress from state test. He was having terrible motor tics (jaw open,twisting neck) every 3 seconds, all day. He also had vocal tics (screams). Things that we did in time order: -No msg,food coloring, move to organic diet. -No tuna (he was eating tuna almost every day, yes, very bad mistake) At this point not much improvement, we test titers, it came very high. He took Augmentin (2 weeks), then Zytromach (4 weeks), then Omnisef (2 weeks and 6 weeks preventive half dose) -Probiotic (high dose) -omega 3, vitamin B6, some magnesium (as epson salts). But to make this story short, things were better but never saw a real improvement, till we discovered what was causing the screaming tics, and it was "bananas". I couldn't believe it, since very few people are sensitive to bananas. He loved bananas, he was eating a least once a day and in tests times ,twice a day. He stopped eating bananas for more than 2 months, no more vocal tics, and the motor tics gradually reduced too. Today he barely has any motor tic, from time to time I see one or two, but I'm the only one who is able to see those. I hope that this is the end of this nightmare for us, and I wish the very best for all of you, this forum is unbelievable. I know that this forum saved our lives, it gave me hope, and I learned everything to help my son from here. Don't give up, sooner or later you'll discover what is causing your child problems. My recommendation, try to take out from their diet the thing that they eat like the most. I read a lot about developing food allergies/sensitivities from the food that we carved the most. Good luck to all of you and thank you for everything!
  8. If you look at the link http://www.latitudes.org/articles/finding_triggers.htm New carpeting is one of the tic triggers.
  9. Faith, I am sorry but I'm trying to figure it out also, I read that some people with pollen allergy can develop OAS (oral allergy syndrome) to specific foods. We are trying to find the triggers for my DS8 tics, and looks like the foods that he was craving the most (bananas and cucumbers in his case) became a food allergy for him. Right now we are avoiding those foods as well as all the artificial foods and colors and his vocals appear to be better.
  10. I am going through the same phase as you.I've tried the elimination diet, with no much success. There is something very interesting, my son used to eat lots of bananas and cucumbers (those were his favorite fruit/vegetable), we run out of those and I didn't buy those for a week, the interesting thing is that his vocal tics went away. Then I bought some and the tics came back. We tried it again (eliminating those two for a week and bringing them back) same result. Then I read that there are a lot of people who develop food allergy, specially for the food they eat the most. So my recommendation for you, start thye elimination with the food that he eats every day. Also take out all the artificial food since there are lots of researches that those increase ADHD and tics.
  11. I've noticed this post is old, but didn't followed Giselle's posts to check if she's still in the forum. I was searching people who wrote that bananas was affecting their kids vocal tics, since I'm suspecting that for my DS8. What I still couldn't find what is triggering the motor tics, could it be completely different things? or it might be related to other food sensitivity in the same banana family?
  12. Did you find the answer to your question? I'm starting to suspect the same thing for my son. Looks like his vocal tics also get triggered by bananas. He is also allergic to trees pollen and mold.
  13. Hi Giselle, I am starting to suspect that my son is allergic to bananas, (he is already allergic to pollen and there is a connection between food allergy like bananas an pollen). I am going to a new allergist this weekend and I was wondering which test did your DAN doctor did to your son. thanks!
  14. My son started yesterday with Omnisef too, in the bottle it says that he can take it with or without food. Also shouldn't be refrigerated. But I don't have experience if it is better for their stomach one way or the other.
  15. Hi Phasmid, What do you mean by aggressive? do you know if he did steroid treatment/IVIGs? Are you happy with him, does he answers to phone calls/ emails? Thank you.
  16. Do you know if Dr Lin can do steroid burst/IVIG? do you know if he helps with insurance? Is he responsive? Does he answers phone calls? We had a bad experience with one Dr. that took a lot of money for the consultation, and after couple of weeks, stopped answering phone calls/emails.
  17. Hi Tapiash, I am also interested to know about Dr Mullan, did you got any information? did you have a chance to meet her?
  18. Thank you mama2alex! We tested too and actually looks like it is also Pandas, but since we never had a dog, and his tics started around 1 month after we brought the dog, I suspect it could be also that. We are going to another allergist in 10 days, I'll ask her about that.Thank you!
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