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  1. Did anyone heard about the interactive metronome? Do you think it can help with tics? http://successfulstudentnow.com/rising-star/
  2. Thank you all for your kind words of hope, I really need them right now. We had a terrible night yesterday, his tics woke him up all night, poor little guy. My heart got broken. I'm hoping that Bonnie supplements will work.
  3. Thank you SF mom, for your reply. My son was not vaccinated for long time nor had strep, but in the other hand, he has some of the symptoms described in the links that you send me. I'm going to the allergist next week and I'll ask to be tested also for strep. Thank you!
  4. Hi Lynn, I've read your post, and it was like myself talking. I am going through the same as you, for us it is also very new, and it is very scary and sad. I wish your son to get healthy soon . I am trying also Bonnies supplements, Epson salt, avoid MSG, food coloring etc. I'll let you know if anything works for us. Good luck! Deby
  5. Hi to everybody, My son (8 1/2) started having tics around 1 month ago, in the beginning I didn't notice there were tics, he barely did them. He had one motor tic (he opens his mouth and kind of breath into it) and he has one vocal tic ( he screams). Around one month ago he started doing those screams from time to time, and I was angry at him and asking him why he was doing that. An then 2 weeks ago, the weekend before the state tests (that we put a lot of pressure on him to get prepared, we were doing practice tests every day), he started having a non stop mouth tic. We couldn't believe what we were seeing in front of our eyes. Then I realize he had tics and also the screams were tics. I think at that same moment my world turned upside down. Of course I started reading in the internet about TS, and watching the worst diagnosis. I start thinking what's going to happen with my boy, how he can grow like that. I've cried the whole week, I was desperate. We immediately took him to a neurologist recommended by his pediatrician, she said that the tics might go away, but you never know. That we should take all the stress from his life and maybe start doing therapy. Luckily she didn't recommend to start medication, since at that point I wasn't aware of all the problems the medications bring. So we did exactly what she recommended. He is better, still tics a lot but much less than before. Then I discovered this web site. I think this web site helped me "restored " myself, stop looking of what could happen, or how he is going to end, and I started looking of solutions, what I can do to helped him and try to restore his health. As recommended I have an appointment with an allergist in 2 weeks, I bought Bonnies supp, and Epson salts. I am buying organic foods, get rid of all the candy, starting to look at the labels to avoid food coloring and MSG. I have some questions: 1. Is there any other specific test that I should ask the allergist? 2.Yesterday night , was pretty bad, he woke up at the middle of the night with the scream tics, I couldn't find anything about having tics during sleep, any idea? 3.any other recommendation? Thank you !!!
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