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  1. What does it mean" circulating immune complexes"? There is no much Lyme problems in my area, do you know if people from Los Angeles does this test? I'm going to ask the Dr anyways. I'll look into the other tests that you mentioned. Thank you Wendy!
  2. The ASO tests came up high (139), so WBC,RBC came high. MCV,MCh came low. Lymp low and EOS high. BUN H and Crentinie low. So definitely he has some infection, something is going on. They don't have the results for the other tests. So is it enough for PANDAS that ASO is high? My pediatritian gave my son AMOX to start 1600mg. We started on Sunday. I've noticed that the motor tics are better but the vocal tics are worse. How long it takes to see some results? I'm in the search for a good PANDAS doctor, I made a couple of phone calls, now I need to decide which doctor to chose. Should the whole family start with antibiotics?
  3. I am going to the allergist for the first time. What tests should I ask for him to check for PANDAS? I know I should ask Igg subclasses to test for immune deficiencies, anything else? I've tested last Friday for CBC, Mycoplasma, ASO Titers, Anti-DNase-B titers for Strep, Rapid and Culture for Strep. (Don't have the results yet)
  4. My son had a serious neck injury 4 months ago, we took him to the emergency room, they did X-rays but there was no fracture. Then 1 month ago he started having tics, I found this link that says it could be related to the neck injury. http://www.erinelster.com/CaseStudies.aspx?ConditionID=24 http://www.erinelster.com/ConditionsDetail...?ConditionID=24 Does anybody know about any case where tics came as result of a head/neck injury? Does anybody know a good NUCCA Chiropractor in L.A? Thanks!
  5. Thank you Cheri, I bought the Natural calm (only Mag) and i'm trying to find good chewable kids vitamins. all of them have the "natural flavors" ingredients. Do you know any good brand? Thanks again! Deby
  6. Hi Kevin, I was wondering which NC ar you giving , is the regular or the one with all the vitamins http://www.iherb.com/Peter-Gillham-s-Natur...7-ml/22855?at=0 Thank you! Deby
  7. So actually when do you know that it is actually tourret ? is just a matter of time? after 1 year with tics and no more than 3 months free of tics in ayear? I 'm very confused, I thought that Bonnies supp are beneficial for most people with tics, regardless if it is TS or other tic disorder. I guess I'm wrong, maybe i shouldn't give him anything until I have the results of the blood test.
  8. Thank you, thank you to everybody, hopefully I'll find some answer to my son sudden tics. I am so happy that I found this forum which such amazing people. I was so depressed in the beginning (and actually I still am) but at least I have hope, and I know what things to try. Thank you again!
  9. My dog got some inmunizations , and if I'm not mistaken it was couple of weeks before that my son started the tics. So does your son had the same symptoms that my son has? Did he had tics? Could you tell me what your neurologist told your vet? We also got our dog from rescue.
  10. I took today my son to do the tests that you recommended, the ped didn't gave me the lyme test though. The rapid test was negative, the rest I'll need to wait.
  11. Hi Deby, I can give you the name of our pediatrician who is taking care of my son who has PANDAS. Dr. Goldberg, his office is in Tarzana 818-343-1010. since we started in Jan he is doing much better. Good luck Dear Jakio, I live very close to Tarzana, so thank you very much for the information. Did you son started with tics like my son? How Dr Goldberg discovered that it is PANDAS and what is the treatment that he gave your son? Thanks! Deby
  12. Thank you CP! He was never tested for allergy since he didn't show any symptoms. I am taking him next week to an allergist maybe he'll discover something. Thanks! Deby
  13. Dear Wendy, I'm taking my son to do all the tests that you recommended today. I hope that they will find something. What do you recommend should be my next step? If he tests positive, he should start with antibiotics. If he test negative, what should I do? I am going to give my dog to a friend for 1 week, and see if anything improves. Thanks, Deby
  14. I'm starting to think that my son sudden tics might be PANDAS, Does any one know a ped in LA?
  15. My son started with sudden tics 1 moth ago, in the beginning I didn't know there were tics (open jaw and short scream). Then 3 weeks ago, during the weekend he started doing the tics non stop, a sudden burst.That was just before the state tests. We immediately took him to a neurologist recommended by his pediatrician, she said that the tics might go away, but you never know. That we should take all the stress from his life and maybe start doing therapy. Luckily she didn't recommend to start medication, since at that point I wasn't aware of all the problems the medications bring. I have an appointment with an allergist next week, I bought Bonnies supp, and Epson salts. I am buying organic foods, get rid of all the candy, starting to look at the labels to avoid food coloring and MSG. We stop all the pressure that we applied on his studies. One thing that I have to mention is that we brought a dog in January. He is not doing better, some days are better than the others. I wasn't aware about the connection between allergies and tics. Do you think the dog or other allergens could cause this sudden reaction? He didn't get any vaccine for the last years nor had a strep infection. Thank you.
  16. My son started on TS-plus 2 days ago, and it seems that his tics are much worse. Did anyone experience a bad reaction on TS-plus. I tried to think about other triggers, but nothing comes to my mind. I don't know if I should continue or stop.
  17. It is a roller-coaster, it is so tough. I'm trying to be strong for my family, but I feel things are falling apart. Yesterday even my husband, that never cries, he cried. My other boy , (older boy-11-no tics) cried for everything. There were some days, that things look much better, and now the last 2 days were really bad. He does constantly the motor jaw open tic, constantly, non stop, all day. Poor boy. I started Bonnie supplements 2 days ago, maybe those made the things worse? I can not think about any other thing, we cut on sweets/artificial stuff, he barely see and TV/computer, eating only organic. What it can be? Are we going downhill to a really bad end that we will not have a choice, and we'll have to give him medicine? I'm really desperate... sorry...
  18. Thank you Patty! I started yesterday with Bonnies supplements, so I hope that together with the Epsom salts will help him. Last night was a good night, he woke up a couple of times, but continue to sleep. I'm crossing my fingers! Thank you all!
  19. Tics,Pandas,OCD lots of stuff but yes it helps alot.. Thank you.I have a friend that will let me borrow the metronome for 2 days. I'll give it a try. I am afraid that it will do bad for the tics, like introducing some stress with those pulses.
  20. I was wondering, my son started 3 weeks ago having tics, he has 1 motor (opening his mouth) and one vocal (short scream). Since we don't have history of TS, the neurologist said that the tics will disappear. I know that it may or may not happen. -Does anyone knows cases of a vocal tic that is transient? -Does people with TS that started with vocal tics, remained having vocal tics for the whole time? -What can I do if the vocal tics get worse? Thanks!
  21. She knows of what she speaks, LOL! Seriously, CP has been at this for years and she's seen the worst and seen her son still succeed and get through school and be successful at sports, etc. I know, I've met them! Don't let this rob you of your calm. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will feel more confident in dealing with the tics. I have to admit that when I see new ones I get upset but it's temporary and I start looking at my supplements, analyzing his diet and any changes, and I start thinking about what has happened in his environment that may contribute to new tics. My son tics more from stress but I also know that allergies can trigger some nasty tics for him. He's more of an OCD type tic kid, LOL! He will do stuff like vocal noises or repeated hand movement and when I ask him if he 'has to do it' he tells me 'no, it just feels good' so then I know it's more of a repetitive habit than it actually being a tic. He can actually stop doing these if I ask him to but he can't control the actual tics. I've never heard of kids' tics waking them at night. Maybe he's actually waking at night and then the tics start up again? Research melatonin for sleep issues and see if you find anything. I've never tried the supplement myself or for ds but I know some on here have tried it and had success. Anyway, praying the rest of your week calms down. Feel free to ask lots of questions, sounds like you're on the right path and like you're taking control as only we mothers can do, right? Bonnie Thank you Bonnie, I hope that I'm in the right way since there are no "good"medicines in this field, so guess this is the only way! I hope that he'll be better this night, I gave him an Epson salt bath, and I started today with Bonnies supplements, so I hope the Magnesium will calm him and he'll be able to sleep. I think my son tics are very similar like your son, the tics actually really increased/showed up for the first when he had the state tests this year. Before that I saw the tics rarely but at that point I didn't know there are tics..
  22. Thank you Cheri! Actually the things that I'm doing are base on your report, thank you very much for posting that and giving such useful information and hope! I started today with Bonnie's supp., next week I'm going to the allergist and started having only organic food. Hopefully his health will improve fast. Regarding the rest of the things in your report, I'm still not very familiar with all those things. I'm not sure if I should start with taurine,GrapeSeed,L-carnitine. Regarding detoxification with chlorella and controlling yeast overgrowth, did you do tests that showed that your son had those problems? or you just decided that the chlorella is ok to give anyways? Thank you!
  23. Thank you! I'll try the Epsom salts.
  24. Hi Melanie, Does your son has tics? or ADHD? Does the metronome helped him? Thanks.
  25. My son started with the motor and vocal tics 3 weeks ago, everything is new for us, and everything is very frighting. In the last 2 days my son woke up at the middle of the night because the tics woke him up. Yesterday the tics were so bad that he couldn't sleep at all. I don't know how he will able to continue going to school/ me going to work if this pattern continues. I am very worried.
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