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  1. I did not write this my friend, wrote this for me as a way to use your mind to help heal your body, and rid the infection. Just wanted to share. This should not be a subsitiute for the regime your doctor and you are doing, but something that could speed up the process nd has helped me personally. With Lyme disease it is important to understand the cause of the illness is a bacteria infection. If you are going to use mind power to kill it, you must visualize the bacteria at the site of the infection and will it away. Now keep this in mind, I am not telling you not to continue seeing a doctor about this, but it seems like it is not getting you anywhere. I can't get anywhere with the medical system, either. They are just a bunch of drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies. Now on to the real deal. The bacteria in question is not dieing from "normal" methods so you will use your subconscious mind to take care of it. The problem so many people have, though, is they want the end result too much. This causes a wall to go up within the subconscious mind. A brief explanation of this, if you will: The mind is split into two entities 1)the conscious mind and the unconscious (subconscious) 2) the subconsious mind directs everything in your body, from digestion to hair growth to nerve impulses, basically, whatever your body does withought thinking about it, thats your subconscious. It deals completely with the here and now (present...you have lyme disease), and in no way will conform to what the conscious mind wants(future...you want to be free of it). Your mind right now "thinks" this bacteria in your body is there to stay. The bacteria HAS manifested itself, you have the symptoms and physical manifestations of it. You see it every day. You feel it every day. If you are going to use your mind to kill it, you must visualize the bacteria at the source of the infection, and then visualize your body killing it. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but this is the method I use to remove things like this. I have never had lyme disease, but I have had many other things happen to me physically and here is how I deal with it: 1) You must lower your brainwave state to one that is conducive to higher thought reception. What I mean is, a meditative state of mind, where your body is completely relaxed, and you are not bothered by outside noise or other distractions. The goal here is to fade away from the physical 3d world for a moment, into the relaxed, low brainwave state associated with the 4th dimension and higher. Ideally this is Theta brainwaves, but most people get there then fall asleep. Conscious theta state is difficult to achieve, and most people never achieve it. For your purposes, Alpha state is the best. If you don't know already (and I am in no way trying to insult your intelligence, just providing all the info I can to you) the best way to get to Alpha state is to get in a dark, quiet place, with no air blowing on your face or dogs barking or w/e, and just sit or lay down quietly, with eyes closed, and not think about anything in particular, but look at the inside of your eyelids and try to make out the colors you see. Concentrate on that, for a few minutes, until you are aware that your body is in an extremely relaxed state. Once your body has slipped into total relaxation, your brain is at the optimal Alpha state. 2) Once your are relaxed, I want you to visualize or see in your mind's eye (your imagination) the point on your body where the infection is. See it with your mind. Look at the little bacteria swimming around in there. If you need to, find a picture of the actual bacteria that is affecting you, and lock the image of it into your brain. You have to see it clearly. Don't hate it. It is just another life form doing the same thing we are, trying to live and reproduce. 3) After you have visualized the bacteria, then I want you to imagine fire inside of you, emanating from your solar-plexus area, or the mid torso, and radiating from there through your body to the point at which the infection has manifested itself. See the heat inside yourself, imagine the fire burning away the little organisms with radiant light/heat. You must visualize this until you actually feel the part of your body that is infected start to physically heat up. Once you really start to feel your body heat up, then imagine yourself walking up to a crystal clear pond or lake, and as you enter the water, imagine the disease and sickness melting away off your body and into the water, until the water is clouded and dirty with the toxins of these organisms. Then walk out of the water and thank God or the energies or w/e you believe in, or yourself for that matter, for the healing which you have just received. It is ok if you do not actually feel the heat right from the start. It may take a little while for you to be able to visualize what is happening, even a few sessions of this before it starts to feel like it. But rest assured, once you have practiced this enough, you WILL begin to feel the healing fire. It may take a week, or just a few days, or you may feel it right away. Just be patient with yourself. I know you want this to go away, but do not let your desire for health hold you back. You must act in your mind and belive in your heart that what you are visualizing is happening in the present, in the here and NOW. Remember what I said about the 2 entities of your mind? Your conscious mind desires the health, your subconscious has "dealt" with the fact that you have the disease. You must believe and act like it has already happened for your subconscious to accept the fact that you are changing reality. 4) Once you have completed the "ritual", go back to your everyday life, and live your life normally, with the full expectation that what you are doing is manifesting itself and changing your reality. You may or may not see results right away, in all reality you probably will not. It will take a little time for your subconscious mind to accept the order of healing from you. But if you do all this and fully expect and believe it is happening and working, IT WILL WORK. Do not get discouraged, even in times of great pain and discomfort. The race is won by those who persevere. Do this as many times a day as your heart sees fit. Three times a day is the bare minimum to be able to start visualizing clearly on a regular basis.
  2. Hey was wondering if diagnosed already with pandas or atleast fit all the criteria and all the tests say it is where can I get a ivig done? I was supposed to talk to dr. k but he is a little exspensive and was wondering is there anyone who can just do an ivig?
  3. Hey was wondering if diagnosed already with pandas or atleast fit all the criteria and all the tests say it is where can I get a ivig done? I was supposed to talk to dr. k but he is a little exspensive and was wondering is there anyone who can just do an ivig?
  4. Interesting. I am actually not to far from petaluma. Like 2 hours. Now how many treatments do you need for this to be succesful? And yes I have been on like antibiotics for over a year until the last couple months my lyme doctor had me switch to natural antibiotics.
  5. So i'm 22 and have postive tests for strept. I also have lyme disease on top of all of this. Biggest symptom is the tics and was wondering is it possible for someone my age to have pandas by getting it earliar? I do remember having mono and a strept infection or three in highschool like 15,16,17ish. If so what would be the next step in curing this problem? The ivig and where could a californian go to find a doc who does this?
  6. what supplement do you use that does not have salicylates? (glycine)
  7. What kind of supplements are you taking all in all for this intolerance and just for tics in general. Also the hard part is where are you finding salicyate free supplements? any help would be great. Thanks.
  8. footballguy monolaurin is a natural antibiotic made from coconuts olive leaf extract is also a natural antibiotic as is garlic, and honey yes but im pretty sure olive leaf extract and coconuts and honey are all high in sacyilates.
  9. Hi Pat, Looking at the label it wouls seem to me that it is high in salicylates...any thoughts on that as a trigger? are his vocals gone? is he completely recovered now, do you have a percentage? thanks and i'm glad things are looking good for you Hey I have figured out that a lot of supplements i was taking that has plant material (high in salicyates) were causing vocal tics in me. Anyone know what to do for high salicyates? i have lyme, bartonella, babesia and high mercury and `wanna reduce tics both motor and vocal. Any help would be great. Also anyone know of a natural antiobiotic that is free of saliicylates?
  10. My recent theory is it's caused by a sacyiliate intolerance. Do you or anyone else have any expireence on this and how to treat?
  11. Hey everyone I haven't posted here in awhile but wanted to ask a quick question. The only tic I seem to have which is often is a violent neck jerk. Now its not to the side or anything the best way to describe it is at a slight, slight down angle almost kinda straight foward like a chicken. Why would this be? Could this be caused by something like histamine or something a long that nature? For some reason iv'e noticed green tea and wine makes it worse? Any connection? Please let me know I also have lyme, and mercury but find it wierd that the neck tic is really my only major tic?
  12. I got the forward neck jerk tic. Was wondering whats supplements can help with this? Thank u
  13. I have a question. I used to take my supps with a non acidic vit c. Then I heard buffered c blocks absorbtion of other vitamins. My question is non acidic vit c the same as buffered and if not what's the difference.
  14. Also what about frying up some garlic in coconut oil. I heard garlic is a good antibotic and good for the immune system but if I cook it and eat it is it going to lose a lot of it's valuable properties. One thing I know is if I cook it I could eat like 10 to 12 pieces or more if I really wanted to where raw maybe just a couple. Cuz I wanted to start making like 15 pieces of garlic with a meal every couple a days to help with the lime and also cuz I love cooked garlic.
  15. Ok first off. I heard that the bacteria of lime feeds off magnesium. Heard mixed results that you should limit mag and others say you should supplement high doses. Not sure what's true so would be Epsom salt baths be a bad idea? Also other baths would be good for lime disease. Also I'm on the antibotic omnicef and was wondering how often u think I Should cycle to A New antibotic if neccessary
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