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  1. I will try the charcoal...I have never heard of that one,...what is a DAN? Are you finding more help with one?
  2. Thank you...Did they tell you that she was allergic to serotonin? That one has not cleared after 3 times.
  3. Has anyone done NAET or Bactrol C for allergies and yeast? My sons tics and behavior have been worse. Thank you, Lisa
  4. Does anyone have any exp. with abilify? We are still thinking about meds for the first time, and I want to try guanfacine, but a dr. office we spoke to says they prefer abilify. Thank you, Lisa
  5. Thank you...I just read about Ginko biloba possibly creating brain hemmoraging. do you know anything about that
  6. Wooo how come you are here ?

  7. Cheri, Thank you. I will research the ginko biloba, isn't the benadryl dangerous to take all the time? and does it work for lowering histamine long term..or just that day? I bought quercitin today. Thank you, Lisa
  8. He is on methionine to lower high histamine, inositol and cal mag and GLA, and zinc...we have tried several aminos...the results did not seem good...on his nuero test all of his transmitters are high..except PEA.. So scared to use anymore aminos...he is tired of all the supplements...etc. If there is something that has worked I would love to know
  9. Hi my 16 yr old son takes intnuv(tenex) 2 mg in the am I think it helps not totally but helps. Thank you
  10. Hi, I also want to know if anyone has tried Native Remedies Bright Spark or Tic Tamer This may be our last try at something natural. Beyond hhis dailynutritional supplements Thank you, Lisa
  11. Hello, I have always taken a natural approach to my sons tics, ADHD type symptoms and some obsessive thoughts. But, he is 12 now, puberty is setting in and I see the stress and uncomfortableness he has in social situations....he is extremely social...just not relaxed. I would like to change that for him, especially the impulse control, and at times obsessive thoughts, I don't want them to cause him problems in other areas. So i was reading Dr Amens book and he use a combination of anti obsessive, stimulant,and blood pressure medicine when people exp. all three.....Guanfacine is the th
  12. yes, it is nueroscience labs, you can call them and they will give you the name of a physician in your area that uses them. Some doctors that use them are mainstream physicians that can bill insurance, but many are DO's or Naturopaths that do not bill insurance..they require going through a doctor that uses them. Also, Dr Sahley at Pain and Stress Center does. ..she uses her own lab I believe. She will cost about $400, plus whatever supplements you get. painstresscenter.org Also, Las Colinas Pharmacy, in Irving, Tx will run the tests (they use Neuroscience labs...all they charge is
  13. Hello, I would like to know what experience anyone has had with Taurine. All of my sons Nuerotransmitters are high except PEA and Serotonin. I was asked if we checked his Taurine levels...that was not part of the test...taurine is suppose to help to bring those down and reduce tics. But, I also know Taurine is a enegizer....so the doctor at the pharmacy we worked with said higher doses are needed for the calming affect of Taurine...but even though I saw a little more confidence in my son the couple days he got taurine, I also saw an increased anxiety when sitting down to watch tv...so I
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