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  1. It is taking EVERY effort for me Not to contact my son's teacher! His tics have been totally under control and I am waiting for an outburst due to stress/school. Today was our second day. I have not seen anything at home.....I am afraid to ask him to try and read to me because I don't want to see any tics....if the stress is bringing them back. I can say though that so far so good "at home".
  2. Hi, You should look at what Bonnie's vitamins have listed. That gave me an idea of where to start. I then researched each one individually. I read this site for hours and picked the supplements that I thought would be good. I recently added GABA, NAC, and aceytlL Carnitine (sp?).....that was what took his final tic away. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi!!!! Your post is like MANY that I have seen here in the last eight months, and very similar to my first post! I agree with Bonnie that what works for some does not work for all. I have had much success with what I have learned on this board!!! My son started with eye blinks, then face twitches, minor vocal tics, and then hard head jerks......so hard that I could not understand how he could see anything while reading!! I took out most of the junk (but had trouble!), added some supplements, and that is when the head jerks started. People here told me that his diet appeared high in saylicilates (and I was so proud of him for eating bowls of canteloupe and tomatoes!!). I reduced those greatly and the head jerk went away. The eye blink disappeared once I added amino acids. Recently I cut his supplements in 1/2 and his nose twitch came back. So, we added all supplements back and he is tic free again. (FAITH....it took a week of full supplements and we saw the results again! oh, and no hot dogs!) So, my recipe is VERY limited preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and the following supplements: B Complex Ester C Flax Seed Oil Calcium Citrate Magnesium Taurate Gaba Aceytl L Carntine NAC Multi vitamin The nuerologist wanted to put him on blood pressure medicine at age SEVEN, but I have found tic control through this site. I have not had to do the food allergy testing yet because what I found here helped for his case. (His tics came on a few weeks after a chicken pox vaccine last August. ) I hope this helps!!!! I spent MANY hours researching the information that I found on this site....I hope it works for you!!!!! Oh, and my junk food solution for a long time was homemade brownies from Nestle cocoa, organic sugar, and unbleached flour. Giardelli Chocolate chips don't appear to have any artificial flavors in them???? So, I make oatmeal choc chip cookies for him. They are both REALLY easy to make!! Tracey
  4. Bonnie, This is something that I SWORE I would research this summer.......and I have nothing yet! My son has ADD and it is driving me nuts this summer. He seemed more focused when he was in school! That and I have taught him to say "I don't get it" when he does not understand what someone is asking of him/explaining to him. In a 30 minute workbook session he says it 10 times to me! UGHHH! I used "attention focus plus" from Nature's sunshine vitamins at the beginning of his tic issues. I recall that the teachers said his attention was MUCH better, but I also added magnesium at that time and changed his diet a little bit. I was going to research each ingredient in the blend to see what I could find on each one. I have read a lot about grapeseed extract. I think Bonnie's supplements also have an ADHD blend. I would have blamed the donuts! Glad to hear that you have resolved this!!!!!
  5. Donna, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I found it very familiar!! I just read your first post today. I would have told you that I found it to be a waste of time . They did an EEG to check for epilepsy, and then told me that there is nothing to do at this point. They told me to wait it out for one year to see if it was really TS, or just transient tics. When I asked about food/supplements they said don't bother tracking it....but if I THINK something is helping go ahead and try it! Oh and they told me that there is no way that a recent vaccine would cause these tics. They said they could offer my SIX YEAR OLD some blood pressure type (?) medicine that helps to control tics. I said no thanks! So, go with their advice and research it on the net!!!!!! It has worked for most of us here. I wish you much luck...I did not read your background story, but you are in the right place! Tracey
  6. Rebecca, Welcome! My son has had tics for almost a year. I started with the magnesium, fish oil,B's. At about this point I took out artificials, preservatives, and MSG. My son is a great eater. Well, his tics got worse when I thought I was doing everything right! He started a really bad head jerk, to a point where he could not even focus to read. People on this forum informed me that his diet appeared high in salycilates. When I reduced these, the head jerk went away. I think it took about two weeks????? He was back to just eye tics/nose wrinkles. The amino acids were then added and helped to eliminate the eye tics. I have cheated a lot this summer on my recipe and I have seen a slight increase in his tics. So, whatever you find....keep with it!! Good luck. This is the BEST PLACE...it has saved my sanity!!! Tracey
  7. CP - BallPark is what I buy......have never had organic. I have always heard that they are junk food and something about nitrates....but I love junk food, so I never listened until my son started ticcing!!!! I figured they should go out with the artificial stuff! Faith, I JUST bought the WII today.....oh no!!!! Sam's had only 25 in their first shipment in 3 months and said they would be gone tomorrow! I bought it for my son's birthday in August!!!! They have been WAITING to get one! I will see if the tics clear up over the next 3 weeks. If they do and they come back with the introduction of the WII....I will definitely post!!! I hope you find your recipe soon!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Faith, I started back on full supplements yesterday. I am still seeing the minor tics creep back in, but they were not as bad today. We have had hot dogs (YUKKK>>>>I KNOW!!!) at least once a week, and he has been eating packaged Kielbasa lately. I am wondering if this could be affecting him. We have not done hot dogs since I started this process! We have let him have Sprite a lot lately too.....I know I read a post about something in the Sprite that might increase tics. It is summer and we are in the pool almost every day.....he does not like the epsom salt baths, so he only takes them every so often. So, I think that slacking on all of these recipe items is causing the tics. It is summer and SO HARD on him. I am putting him back on the full diet and will let you know how long it takes to see a change. Did you lower salycilates? Tracey
  9. Hi all, This was one of the posts that led me to the amino acids! I was deserate to find that "final cure". There was a NAC/Apple Cider post that impressed me. I bought NAC, Aceytle L Carnitine, and GABA immediately and added them to DS suppplements. This was the final addition that made the tics disappear for a while.......well, I decreased these the last couple of weeks and have seen the tics come back!!!!! Research them and try them!!!!! NAC, Aceytal, and GABA made a difference for us!!!! I have never had to use the potassium bicarbonate....but he has had SEVERAL stomach issues over the years!!!!! Tracey
  10. Is this a crazy thought????? Can slow growth be related to this whole thing???? I am almost 6 feet tall, my husband is 6 feet 1 inch. My older son is sprouting by leaps and bounds. My DS was born about the same size as my older son, but his growth has SLOWED a lot! I am getting concerned b/c he is so much smaller than my nephews/son and does not appear to be growing very quickly. He is the second shortest in his class (and not a "young" one in his grade), with 6 foot tall parents????? Is anyone else seeing this? A couple of people have mentioned that I should ask the doctor about his not growing? He is a muscular little guy!....oh, and he has a heart of gold!!!!! Thanks for any input you can give me....oh, and if there are any supplements that assist with this I am willing to research them
  11. Deanna, My 7 year old son started ticcing soon after the Chicken Pox Vaccine. He had NO symptoms of tics at ALL before he had the vaccine. Now, I have never researched to see if he had the first vaccine and this was a booster! I am thinking it was, but really need to look at this! His tics started (almost a year ago) as eye blinking, went to mouth/neck stretching, and even progressed to sniffing and whole head jerking. These tics were every minute or more frequent. This summer I thought they were disappearing b/c he was almost completely tic free the last month or so. He had a very minor nose wrinkle every so often. I cut back his vitamin supplements and let him have a little junk.....well, this week we had a few eye tics come back and it is noticed by all of us! I know in my heart that is was linked to the chicken pox vaccine that he received. His little immune system must have been through into overdrive.....I hope and pray that your child is just having an extended reaction to the virus and it will go away on it's own.......as I know the stress you must be going through!!! Good luck and you can find a TON of information here!!!! Tracey
  12. I have not had negative experiences with any of them. I use the Cardiovascular Research brand of Magnesium, Calcium Citrate from Vitamin Shoppe, and Organic Flax Seed oil. (I added NAC, Aceytl L Carnitine (?), and GABA too.) I have had to drop back on the B's a lot b/c my son will not take his vitamins if I put too much in! I think that all of these have done wonders for my child. We were doing REALLY well and cut back to 1/2 supplements and let a little junk slip in this summer..............he has been blinking, rolling, and nose wrinkling this week and I think that this may be after a month and a half of reducing the supplements! I continued to "try them all" until I found what I thought worked......and now I have "messed with it"...ughhhh! I hope to get back on track now that I see what the result is!!
  13. Input from a classroom teacher (Florida): If you have an IEP already in place for other learning issues, get an IEP meeting ASAP and make them aware of the medical diagnosis! REQUEST EVERYTHING that your child needs to be successful. If there are ANY issues that your child communicates to you about having trouble learning in the classroom, go after those accommodations during the next IEP meeting. Make sure that the teacher knows your child's needs......communication is key. We read the IEP and go with whatever it says, but we need to KNOW your child from day one! Any information to the teacher is helpful!!!!!!!! You are not pestering a teacher......if you have a good one who cares a lot! We LOVE children and need to know the details....that can not always be written in an IEP! If your child is having a bad day/period with their TS, contact the teacher....don't wait for them to figure it out! We WANT to know your child! The 504, if you don't have an IEP..... I was told that my son's ESE (learning issues) testing process was not yet complete (after the entire school year had ended), so I marched into the office with my medical diagnosis. I told them that my child takes forever to do a standardized test b/c of his tics and focusing issues. I said that waiting for the IEP process will take to long....as I want extra time on his tests at the START of next year! They did a 504 meeting right away! They went through a check list of items that I could request. The teachers and I gave input on which ones he needed. If you don't understand the full meaning of one of the items on the checklist.....ask for an example of how it would be used in the classroom! TS is a big disability in the testing environment! If you blink, you can loose your place in reading, which can lead to frustration/anxiety, all on top of the testing pressure we put on children. If you have head jerks, it has to be incredibly tough to read a passage, so maybe the test needs to be read to you????!!!!! I asked for more than my child will ever need....as you don't know what kind of day he may be having during an important test!!!! IF you have an older child....can they do scantron tests correctly, or do the tics make them mark wrong items???? Consider all of the things that may affect them!!! If your child is not getting what you asked for in the IEP/504, make someone aware of it!!!! If you are wondering if you need a 504 plan, get one anyway. Take in your medical diagnosis and get whatever it is that can make your child's learning in the classroom fit them!!!!! You never know what type of day they may be having on "test day"!!! I am trying to get it all done in Elementary school! Middle school is 7 different teachers with 7 different sets of classroom expectations/teaching styles! I want to have all of HIS needs identified so that he doesn't get frustrated in Middle School. I hope I didn't ramble! I have a passion about this! I see TOO many students who come to me in high school and they are frustrated!!! They don't need to be, if you can cater to their learning needs!!!!!!!!!
  14. Faith, I stopped logging everything and the days run together! I have been through at least 40 of the pills, so it has been about 40 days since I added them. The tics have been gone for a few weeks at least. I don't think it was immediate because it took me a little while to notice how the blinking was gone. I should be logging it so that I can let the nuerologist know that I didn't need the BLOOD PRESSURE medicine...... and that I DID need to log everything and DID NEED TO try food changes!!!! The B vitamin that I have run out of was a B Complex 50 mg from the Vitamin Shoppe....I remember thinking it had everything that I wanted when I researched it. I bought more and will add it maybe tomorrow..........as I told you in our emails, we have started to be lax on the supplements. We forgot them last night and this morning. That may end up causing me some problems, and if it does I will write in and let everyone know!!
  15. Carolyn= I don't know if your post was the one about apple cider vinegar and NAC a couple of months ago, but that was the one that led me to NAC. That night I purchased NAC and Aceytl - L carnitine and a couple of weeks later his tics were almost gone. They are almost non-existent since I have added these last two amino acids. I give 250 of one and only 100 of the other...can't remember which is which...but it is working wonders!!!!!!! I have not tried the bicarbonate (?) but will keep it in mind! I have been out of B vitamins for almost two weeks and have had a small nose wrinkling every once in a while this week. Tracey
  16. http://www.phosphatidylserine.net/ I am trying to research Phosphatidylserine for my son's attention/recall issues. I found this website that shows multiple uses for their product "Flavay", which contains phoshatidylserine. It claims to help with anger outbursts/attention/anxiety/etc. It is a mix of vitamins/GABA/PS/ and some other stuff. Has anyone tried this product, or just the plain Phosphatidylserine??? Our tics are looking better....now I am trying to hit the focus/outburst/learning issues....without upseting the tics!!!!! Thanks again!!!
  17. I am looking for advice on this supplement. I researched it based on a thread where Cheri said she used it. I liked what I read in my research. Well, I forgot how much I was supposed to give....when I asked for advice in the vitamin shoppe today the clerk talked me out of it! He seemed to know his stuff! He said it does not do much for memory, it just increases blood flow to the brain. He had never heard of giving it to young children. I am going to research it again, but was looking for input from you all! My son has ADHD and learning/recall issues....plus the tics (that are under control right now ) Thanks for any help!
  18. I buy the Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate for my son. I think it is useful! I can tell you that my husband started trying it and he noticed an immediate decrease in his stress/hyperness (what I would call OCD/Type A) behavior. Now, I don't know if taurine and tuarate are the same????????
  19. Today I looked at my son and realized that his tics are so rare that I hardly notice them anymore....thanks to what I have learned here! I want to thank all of you for taking time to post here! We all want answers on our personal situation, but MORE often than not you take time to help the other mothers who need your input! Think about how much time you spend writing information for other's benefit! So, I wanted to say thanks for all that you have done to help my son. THANKS!!!!! Tracey
  20. I have not felt the need for Epsom Salt Baths until now....because of the chlorine in the pool. I wanted to look up info on Epsom Salt Baths and I found this: http://autismone.org/uploads/2006/Tarasuk%...#306,48,Sulfur: Nature’s Key to Treating Autism If you are new here, it may help you too! Tracey
  21. Hi, I think everyone here was in your boat at one time! Whatever you do, don't quit! Read old threads here and you will find a ton of information! My 7 year old has had tics for almost a year now. My time lines are now a blur for how long things took! We started by adding magnesium and eliminating artificial colors/flavors and preservatives. This was tough, as this stuff is even in medicine and vitamins!!!! It made a HUGE improvement in his ADHD in the classroom!!!! We then added Magnesium Taurine, Calcium Citrate, B vitamins, Ester C, Flax Seed Oil, multivitamin, GABA, NAC, and aceytl something. I don't quite recall how I determined which ones to add, but it was this website and research. His tics increased when I improved his diet....I wrote into this site and they all told me it looked high in salycilates....I reduced those and it did the trick!!!! The eye tics were the most recent ones to (almost) disappear and that was once I added the NAC, Aceytl -L (?), and GABA. I tried to start with gluten free, but didn't have enough information to follow through with it...and became overwhelmed by how much food it was in! I then stared with a lot of the Kashi snacks/breakfast foods! It has gotten a lot easier with time...I can spot "all natural" labels from a mile away now...... I hope you find what you are looking for!!!! I know that they say the tic and ADHD medicine can conflict with each other....let alone the side affects!!! Good luck!!!
  22. OK, it is now a week later and things are still good! I am so confused....but SO HAPPY because his tics are so minor now that everyone is noticing the improvement. After our fever and sickness, we went back on our food routine. Saturday and Sunday we went out of town for the weekend and did not take supplements plus have had only 1/2 supplements Friday and the last two days. We cheated a lot over the weekend and even had kraft mac and cheese yesterday! I have not seen any tics in a few days....EXCEPT when he read to me a couple of times! Lurker wrote on time that it sounded like my son stutters with his eyes. I looked up information on this and found lots of links to the basal ganglia......and how damange to this area of the brain is linked to stuttering. Caryn and Faith, he does take multi vitamins.....but the multi was added with the amino acids....he also has Ester C, B, Mag Taurine, Calcium, and Flax Oil. No food sensitivity tests to date. He has been doing much better with what I have done so far....thanks to this site!!!! Faith, I started the amino acids based on what I read on this site and then my research of them. Hmmmmm......any ideas anyone? Is this the waxing and waining(sp?) that I have read about????
  23. I feel like I have been doing this nutrition stuff half "behind". I have not made the step to go to a Natural doctor (because his tics are getting better), but will eventually for his ADHD if it becomes a problem in school. So, I do what I can with supplements THANKS to all of you. Well, last weekend I added GABA (we were out for a while) 250mg, NAC (a small portion, maybe 1/5 of a 600mg capsule), and Acetly L Carnitine 250mg. My son was down to just eye tics, mostly when reading/put on the spot. This week his eye tics are rare. He had the stomach flu the last two days, so he has had no supplements. I did not see any eye tics today (but he has also not eaten in a couple of days). Now, my question is....we are coming up on 8 months of tics.....if they were transient tics, do they just disappear? And....if so, how will I know this if I never stop the supplements? I know that the non-artificial/low salicylate diet works for him....now I add these amino acids and it looks even better....but what if at the same time we are at the end of transient tics? My older son stuttered for a year of so and then it disappeared...could this be the same thing???? Has anyone stopped the supplements cold turkey to see the effect of it, or to see if the tics have gone away.....wishful thinking, I know!!!!???!!! I would wait a while to do this and would keep him on the basic vitamins for his health/ADHD. Can anyone give me input? Thanks!
  24. Cheri, Do you give this enzyme at every meal? I have not started enzymes yet.........don't think I need to at this point, but you never know.
  25. Interesting....I did not read the other post.....but something struck me here. My delivery "seemed normal" to me, but there was one issue. My son't heart rate went WAY down! It was less than half of what it had been during labor. They had to do an internal heart beat monitor. My blood pressure went way down too. I remember the look on my doctor's and husbands face as the YOUNG cocky anesthesiologist (?) said that I was stablizing...and the doctor disagreed....they prepped me for a C section and then rolled me over one last time hoping things would return to normal and with a quick prayer from me they did. It was a few minutes of time. It was scarey and everyone in the room looked so worried....I had been overdrugged during the epildural so I was in a daze (he shot me 2 1/2 times and then make some dumb comment....I was numb from my belly up and then he had to hit me again!!!) Later my blood pressure dropped and his heart rate dropped. Don't have a clue if it is related???????
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