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  1. Hi Everyone. It's been a couple of years since I've been on here as we had our son's Tourette's and behavior fairly under control. Well, needless to say, he's hit puberty and at 14 years old, he's taller and stronger than us. He's so very full of anger and swears at us (not allowed, and not a tic). He was also diagnosed with Aspergers, but it seems to be on the brink of it, rather than full fledged. We are at a loss as he is starting to have his rages again and we cannot physically control this, without both of us holding him down. Is there anything any of you can recommend to us to g
  2. Has anyone had any interaction or experience with the Joshua Center in Kansas City Missouri? We are going to their camp this year and was just wondering if anyone knew much about them. The website is www.joshuacenter.com. I've been down there for a conference and have met Becky Ottinger, the director as well as Mike Sumner. They seem very nice and helpful. Thanks!
  3. My kids love the chocolate almond milk too. They're not big fans of the rice milk, either plain or chocolate. The plain almond milk works pretty well in white sauces like for sausage gravy and biscuits. Yummy. There's also hazelnut and oat milk, oh and hemp milk too. We haven't tried the hemp milk. They just look at the carton and say "NO WAY", lol.
  4. Just wanted to add an update. The doctor originally upped his meds (as in the other post) because she 'wanted better impulse control". Well, boy oh boy was that the WRONG thing to do. We ended up in the ER last night because he basically went crazy. Ranting, pacing, eyes dilated, swearing, angry, climing to the very top of the swing set, jumping off (basically dangerous behavior). He knew this wastn' him. He told me he needed to destroy things so I let him bash up a few bricks in the hopes that it would help (joint compression, anger release in a productive way, etc). Fortunately, he
  5. Thanks Chemar. I just posted over there.
  6. My son has TS, OCD and ADHD. He is explosive and we're working on that using Dr. Greene's methods. He was recently put on Vyvance and now all of a sudden he is wanering away from our house because he says he has "an unsatisfyable need to explore". Well, we spent the night in a hotel last night and come to find out he wandered out of the room while we were sleeping and was walking around the hallway. He also snuck out on to the patio and was wandering around. The other night I found him standing in the living room, after he had slipped out of his bedroom window. This is getting pr
  7. That's exactly what happens here too. He seeks out the negative and on some days he pushes so hard for it that I have to get to the negative for the safety of others around him. You hate going there because you know what's driving it at that particular time. Is there a way to get them more motivated? I would love to find a way for him to become interested in so many other things. Although he is, he (and his sister alike) are both very bad on follow through. Sister has anxierty issues and we're not sure if they're school related or Ethan related or both. She seems to havfe an upswing
  8. Thanks for the reply. Actually, he was in public school through 2nd grade, then homeschooled for 3rd and went back for the first part of 4th. We just brought him home at Christmas break and have been homeschooling since. We do let him do keyboarding because writing is an issue for him. He spells phonetically but is getting much better about using the correct spellings. There are day shwen he cooperates completely and does all his work in 3 hours, but then other days it can take 6 hours to do one subject. There's just no telling which way it will go most days. I agree with the dese
  9. Boy oh boy! All of your posts sound like my child. The only thing we don't have is the erasing thing...although we did at one time. Guess I need to be on here more often, lol. The clothing issue is insane here. He never wants to change his underwear or pants and he'll only wear socks when we have to go out. The minute we get home, off go the shoes, followed right behind with the socks. He'll put them on again if he gets cold, but the minute he warms up, they're off again. The homeschool/homework is a huge issue here. Now that I've read these posts, I think I need to rethink, ye
  10. Thank you. He started Sertraline 50 mg about 4 weeks ago. We were told that it takes 6-8 weeks for it to 'kick in'. I chose to make today a better day. We went to the craft store and bought some stuff and made Valentine decorations. We were able to incorporate a little bit of schoolwork too. So overall today was better. But I still need other skills to be able to get through tomorrow and the next day and so on. I appreciate your willingness to help.
  11. Hi all. Some of you may remember me from last year, but it's been quite awhile since I've posted. Sine then, life has become hellish in some ways. My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with TS, OCD and now has the dx of a mood disorder. He picks up the mood of anyone around him and that's how he is for the day, uless an new mood becomes stronger around him. What I need now is not the dietary support but the mental support from other TS moms. I need coping skills. I need to know how to get through the day. I need to know how to deal with and cope with my son and how to teach him how to cope
  12. I'm pretty sure that the pill was .05mg. At first, the dr. prescribed 1 tablet. Then the DR decided that it wasn't enough because apparently my son wasn't comatose enough for his liking so he upped it to 1.5 pills...then decided that he wanted him to go up to 2 full pills, 1.5 at night and .5 in the morning. WE decided that wasn't cool withus because he just laid around complaining about being bored. When E says that, it usually means his brain cant' function or he's tired. So my DH and I decided to wean him down to .5 and it was working fine, but he was still going into a zombie-like sta
  13. We took him off clonodine because it made him too zombie-like. We found out that some kids with sleeping problems like our son were trying melatonin and having success. We would rather he was taking something his body already made than a manufactured chemical cocktail. Basically, we're were trying a more natural and holistic approach and it's doing the job. Plus, we stopped going to the neurologist because he was a jerk (the doctor) and he was the one who prescribed it. We went to another well known neurologist in our area and she said she didn't believe in prescribing medication for the
  14. Thank you for your replies. The stealth dyslexia sounds like it could be a fit. I'm going to do some more reading about it and ask his doctor about it. As for the fear of someone dying, yes, it's possible, however we've been dealing with a lot of tihs for 3 years. He's a sensitive kid, but he hasn't seemed out of the ordinary with any of this. I do agree that the school stressors are probably aggravating things. I just got an email from his other main teacher and she said he's very respectful, actively participates in class and is for the most part a very happy and fun to be with
  15. I haven't posted in quite some time and we're managing so so here. My almost 10 year old son has TS and we homeschooled last year. Due to some other family issues (his grandparents illnesses), we've decided that the structure of school was the best option for this year. He's managing somewhat, however we noticed something that started last year. He spells phonetically. He can pass spelling tests with flying colors yet when it's time for free writing or assignments he reverts back to the phonetic spelling. It started early in our studies last year and we corrected it when it happened, b
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