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  1. Those weak of stomach, sorry. My son has had loose BM for a week now. He is going 5 to 7 times a day, and it is starting to bother him. I took him to the DR last Tuesday to find out if the amount of supplements seem OK for his little system. (DR is still researching it!) On Wednesday night he got up and went to the RR four times. It has been constant since then. Today is Wednesday again and he has not had his supplements since Friday.....except for some flax oil, acetyl L carnitine, and NAC today....he is OFF the wall and totally unable to focus without the supplements, so I added those few back this AM. The doctor said (two days ago) that it is probably the magnesium, but he has been on these supplements since at least January. How do I know if it is a bacteria, or if it is too much supplement intake? I am going to call the DR again tomorrow, but thought maybe you guys have some educated info for me! Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Interesting topic Faith.....I am here tonight looking for information to give to my DR. I am returning to the primary DR tomorrow for the first time since my son's tics appeared last August/September. After several months of frustration, I gave up on the traditional doctors and did not have the funds for "all natural" doctors. You all helped me get his tics under control!!!!!! I spent many hours reading these posts! His tics returned right before vacation two weeks ago, but with a diet cleanup and more consistent supplements last week, they appear to be subsiding again! Today was a good day and that warmed my heart!!! I am going to ask for IgG testing for food sensitivities....it looks like it may be expensive, so I have to figure out if insurance will cover it! I also want to have blood work done to make sure that his little system is handling all of these supplements that I am pumping into him....that has always worried me! Thank you to all of you for always sharing!!!
  3. Clara, I am near St. Petersburg. I have been looking at USF/All Children's Hospital. There is a Dr. by the name of Tanya Murphy. She specializes in TS and OCD. You can google her name and you will find the USF page. Here is her email address. tmurphy@health.usf.edu I emailed her and they contacted me right away. I have not yet made an appointment, but liked what I read on her. God Bless and I hope you find the answers you need!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I purchased the Wii in August for my children. I did not see any increase in tics with the use of the Wii. TV/lights/video games have never been a trigger for my son though. Actually, his tics returned last week and he did not play the Wii at all that week.....maybe I need to have him try it again
  5. WOW, how ironic that this post from May came to the top of the list on this forum. I just read through all of the posts again. My son's tics returned this week. We noticed them when we left for vacation....pretty hard nose wrinkle and the eye blink for the first time in a long time. I chalked it up to the excitement of being on our way to a big vacation. They subsided slightly during the week. We returned home yesterday and they came on full again today. He ate hot dogs for lunch at least 3 days this week....but the tics were there before he ate them. I will try the potassium bicarbonate, if they continue. Thanks for all the info on hot dogs too!!!!
  6. My son got a booster last year, but I never checked to see if it was his first or second dose. I just listened to the DR, as she said "it will EVENTUALLY be required by the school". His tics started a couple of weeks later!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just posted on another thread about questions I had regarding a similar topic. My son developed tics after his last vaccine. He was fully vaccinated. I knew the ADHD was there at a young age. Now we suspect a specific learning disability in reading....since age 3 he has had trouble learning letters/sounds. I think that he was possibly deprived oxygen during delivery. My blood pressure went really low and his heart rate was cut in half. I found links to this happening and the child later having learning disabalities. I also started reading about the effects of epidurals on learning disabilities. I have not yet researched to see if there is link to tics and labor/delivery issues. LD/ADHD/and tics are very related according to my nuerologist....so they must be created by issues in a similar portion of the brain......was it some damage to this part of the brain that caused these symtoms to come out??? Did anyone else have delivery issues like this/emergency C section/etc?????
  8. Can it be that vaccines and labor medication caused damage to a part of the brain and this in fact resulted in the symptoms coming to the surface? I have asked myself again and again what I did differently with my second son. I have come down to slightly less intense prenatal care, and labor/delivery problems. The anesthesiologist (?) was very young and it was midnight....he numbed by upper body and had to start again....I recall seeing three and a half syringes during the epidural process! My blood pressure dropped very low and my son's heart rate cut in half towards the end of the delivery. They were going to take him C section, but his heart rate recovered and he was delivered soon after. He is now classified ADHD, tics, and is having trouble reading (LD, I think....but the school system tests him for 2 hours and makes the decision that he is not!!). I have started researching the link between learning disabilities and reduced blood pressure/heart rate during delivery. I found a couple of articles. I looked at anesthesia and LD too, but didn't find too much. Now, the tics started after the most recent vaccine, and I also think that at one point in his younger shots they did a "makeup shot" with his normal scheduled shots. SO, is there a link to some type of damage done to a specific portion of the brain? The nuerologist told me that LD/ADHD/and tics are all very related.....I recall some late night reading on basal ganglia damage and tics???? Are they all related to a certain portion of the brain....and if so, is it pure genetics that creates the symtoms.....or a combo of genetics and damage to brain cells????? Has anyone else looked at this before?
  9. [ Tracy~ How much Aceytl L carnitine do you give your son? Is it a capsule, tablet or powder. I'm hoping to use something that he can drink. He does ok swalllowing a small pill but I'm trying to avoid him thinking he taking too much. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! I was giving him one capsule of 250mg. I buy it at CVS and it is a green bottle with a picture of a man/brain on it. No matter what brand I purchase, I find that I need to "dig out" the powder. It usually clumps some. All of my supplements go into Breyer's vanilla ice cream and he eats them easily. I increased it to 375 last week, and 500 this week. I increased it to see if his school work improves....I found links to memory. His teacher said that last week was REALLY good. I need to look at the amounts again, to make sure it will not be too hard on his little system. The 250 is what I have used long term. I am only at about 200mg of the NAC and 250 of the GABA. I hope it helps!
  10. Sorry it took so long to respond! I took out MSG all together. If you read up on it, you will see that it acts like a spark to the brain. This one was tough b/c it is in all salty snacks!! Google it and there should be a site that has all the different names for MSG. Doritos are HUGE in MSG. I went to the organic aisle for his snacks. "Natural" Cheetos, Smart Puffs and Pirate's Booty are goo too. He eats cashews, apples, crackers, lots of salad (with artificial salad dressing ), veggies, meatballs, Boars Head has a sweet turkey but he won't eat it on bread.....the snacks are the toughest. TLC by Kashi is hit or miss with him. Skippy makes an all natural peanut butter and Nature's Own makes a preservative free bread. I have added some of the artificials back in, but avoid the preservatives and the MSG. Today he had a red gatorade after school and he was like a ping pong ball for about 4 hours after that!!! I use Capri Suns b/c they are all natural, but huge in high fructose corn syrup. I tried the all natural organic juice boxes, but he hated them. OH.....oatmeal choc chip cookies made with giardelli choc chips (no artificials) and brownies made with cocoa...they have a great recipe on the Netle's cocoa box.....he loves those and they are so easy. I buy dough at the grocery store bakery and make some homemade pizza...that is easy too.... Also, have you looked up GABA. I give him several amino acids because he had a lot of tics last year....but I originally looked at the GABA for the focus factor. I think that formula I told you about has GABA in it and that is why I started looking at it. I hope this helps.
  11. My son's eye tics went away at the end of last school year. It was once I added Aceytl L Carnitine , NAC, and GABA. I had used the GABA before, but not regularly. The first two amino acids were added due to someone's post about NAC and Apple Cider Vinegar. I researched both of them and liked what I saw. I was desperate at that point. We are now relatively tic free. He has a nose wrinkle sometimes, more so the last month...but it is much better than what we were dealing with last year. My 7 year old told me for the first time that he can "hold" his tics in so that no one sees him do it. He said that the little nose tic is much better than when he was jerking his head and getting headaches. He said kids always asked him why he was blinking and he is happy that they don't ask that anymore. BREAKS my heart at how mean kids can be and I started the talk of "don't care what anyone thinks" and started preping him with some appropriate "comebacks". I honestly think that these three amino acids are a key to what helped his tics subside. I don't give him B's anymore b/c it was a fight to get him to take the supplements if I had the B's in there. I think I have to add them back somehow for his focus though. Hope this info helps.
  12. Hi, I have not used this formula. I have used Nature's Sunshine Focus Attention Plus, when my son was 6. The teacher noticed a difference, BUT I also added Magnesium and fish oil at that time. We also eliminated artifical colors and flavors at that time...and preservatives. He did much better in class. I notice that the artificials cause a lot of focus issues for him!
  13. I am glad that the tics are going better....I recall our mutual worry!! I give him about 250mg of Gaba, 200 mg of NAC, and 250mg of Acetyl L Carnitine. He is about 55 LBS and is 7. OK, the Focus stuff drive me nuts. I gave that Focus Attention Plus when I first started this, but don't know if it is something that I need to add...I recall it had GABA in it. The teacher said it made a difference, but I changed a LOT of things at that point. Look up the Nature's Sunshine Focus Attention Plus and see what the ingredients are! I want to try ginko, but am nervous about it. I am going to seek the help of a professional soon. I started DMAE for memory. I got nervous about what I read on it, so he only gets a tiny bit! I am still trying the 1/2 supplements on the weekend and by Sunday I see minor tics. Mon, Tues, and today I gave him 1/2 supplements and tonight while I was reading to him, I saw the tics. It is like I am trying to PROVE to myself that he will have tics. I have this subconcious thought that maybe they were transient......I want to be able to tell the DOCTORS (who say nutrition have nothing to do with it) that he has tics without the supplements! Let me know if you find anything that works. Tracey
  14. Sarah, I spent many hours on this forum listening and looking. I pulled up Bonnies Vitamins too, and looked at the ingredients. I googled each item that I found. I tried to spend as much time as possible looking at "what" the supplement helped with. I started him on Magnesium before I ever found this forum...as it was the first thing that I read about on google. From there I think I went to B vitamins (which I no longer give him). I can tell you that I made a list of all items found on this website and from Bonnie's. After researching them on google, I spent time trying to find out the amount to give children. I probably could have done this by going to a natural doctor, but didn't have the money. The food that I found to irritate him the most was salycilates...this was after eliminating artificials and preservatives. I thought I was being a good mom by giving him fruits and veggies all the time....turns out most of the ones I gave him were high salycilate and they sent him into a head bobbing motion. I found that list on google too! The final thing that I added, which I swear eliminated the eye tics, was NAC and Acetyl L Carnitine....there was a post several months ago about NAC and apple cider vinegar! I can tell you that on the weekend I have been testing to see if he does "worse" without his vitamins. My husband and I are starting to notice that by Monday he is having minor tics....if we slack on the supplements Friday - Sunday. I think that they are helping him A LOT! It took time and patience. Good Luck. I see you are new to the forum, so keep on reading. PS - His started a few weeks after a vaccine! It is the long term/short term memory and focus that I need help with!...That and he can not read well.....no tics = great, but I want his brain to function at the highest potential!!! He is hard worker, and I don't want him to get frustrated with learning!!!!
  15. The nuerologist...whom I was not impressed , told me that it was my child's ADHD that made him get so dramatic. I did not realize how dramatic he had been until the DR asked me if little bumps turned into HUGE deals. I then started to notice that if he got injured it was a massive melt down!! This did subside with the tics.......BUT now we have an explosive temper tantrum sometimes when his brother irritates him enough.....crying, saying mean things, and getting a super red face! How will that one play out when he is 35??????? I worry a lot about that and ALWAYS remind them that when they get married they have to treat their wives like queens!!!!! Now as far as a needy husband......hmmm.......my husband asked me to show him how to grill a sandwich in a frying pan the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to fall over....he thought it was a nice gesture....like he was attempting to help me out by learning to cook HIS own food in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think moms become creatures of wanting to please and care for all our babies and we then start to see this as a form of showing love???????
  16. The Chicken Pox Vaccine at age 6 was my trigger. It was a few weeks after he had the shot. When I first researched, I saw a lot on Religious Exemptions. Good luck!!!
  17. Magnesium Taurate, Calcium Citrate with Mag/D, Ester C, Flax Oil, Acetyl L Carnitine, GABA, NAC, Multi, and now I have added DMAE for memory issues. I dropped the B a couple of months ago b/c it tasted so bad for him and he can't swallow a pill....it had no adverse effect. All things that I found on this website and researched....the Acetyl, NAC, and Gaba were added last and that was the end of his eye tics! So, I am thinking that I am "controlling" the tics....but how will I know if they would have gone away at the one year mark and classified as transient? I don't want to shock his system and he gets really frustrated when he has the tics.
  18. Michelle, Keep in mind that you (I THINK) you can get an IEP with TS....or maybe you have one already? It falls under the OHI category, which is other health impared. If your child starts struggling in school....go after this so that you can get accommodations for whatever learning needs he has. Be the squeaky wheel when it comes to this, as the school should listen when you start to bother them!! You can google TS and accommodations and you will find a list of stuff to ask for.
  19. I am happy to report that if you met my son, you would never know he had tics. His new teacher has reported that she has not seen anything, even during reading...which was his big trigger last year. I see a mild nose wrinkle when I look real hard! I give him full supplements Mon-Fri. If I miss one or two, I give him those over the weekend. Two weeks ago I missed a few doses and even went 36 hours (Sat) without any. He had a couple of temper trantrums on Sunday (which has not been the norm AT ALL lately) and I saw the nose wrinkle a few times. There is some "package" food that has returned to his diet....but not too many preservatives...no MSG.....minor artificials...and I have tried to stay low salycilates (as those were a head jerk trigger for him). Now, where do I go from here? I know that tics may disappear in one year. I am right around the one year mark. Will my doctor dismiss them as transient? How do I know if I need to continue all of these supplements? Has anyone been at this one year mark, thinking that they were transient.....and then they returned? THANKS!
  20. Hi, My son does not have PANDAS or OCD. I am on this forum for tics (almost a year now). His tics have been EXTREMELY mild for a couple of months now. I have just been told that his short term and long term memory processing are more than 15 points below his IQ. Long term is really poor! I was wondering the same thing....does it have anything to do with his tics? Poor baby works so hard and just does not get it sometimes....and other times he shocks me with what he can analyze. It must all be the same part of the brain. He has good days and bad days with what he remembers. I have researched Ginko Biloba and DMAE for memory. Both say not to give to children. The Ginko makes me nervous, because it talks about blood flow to the brain........... and there are lots of blogs about not giving it to children. I recently started the DMAE, but very low doses. I also give him Acetyl L Carnitine, which is listed under improving memory. If it works, the results may be tougher to detect. With the tics, you know which supplements made a difference b/c you see the decrease in tics. Memory is a little different! Anyone else have similar stories????
  21. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! I sat through a 1 1/2 hour meeting for my son yesterday. They explained all of the test results FROM LAST MARCH, and at the end told me that he does not qualify for ESE services! YET his short term memory recall is 16 points below his IQ and his long term memory is 28 points below his IQ. This means he can learn it but won't retain it! It took two years to get him tested and they waited until he had EVERY possible intervention in place! I don't know about Ohio, but I can tell you what I see in Florida! They put "tier interventions" into place to make children try to be successful in class before they classify them. My son is on the third tier, which has the most interventions. They then test their academic progress while they are giving them interventions. For example, when they tested my son's academic success he had 3 reading interventions in place plus parents who help a LOT at home. Most of his tests came out only 10 points below his IQ. WELL, to qualify as learning disabled TWO of the academic tests (and one of the cognitive tests) have to be 16 or more off from your IQ. He had ONE academic that was 24 points below his IQ....and they said it didn't make sense because this was the test that tested the most basic concepts. (HMMMMM....does that make sense that he does not qualify when he scored the lowest on the basics???? ) So, my son has two cognitive out of wack and one academic out of wack....but because it is not the other way around, he does not qualify??????? UGHHHHHH!!!! I believe that all of this is so that the federal government does not have to give the school money for the ESE classification?????? So, they have made it a LOT harder for them to qualify for services! Now, someone told me that there are two options: 1) Parental rights say that you can dispute the test as invalid and demand the school system pay for a private testing 2) Try and go for a classification of "OHI" - Other health impared - This would be the tourette's/tics/ADHD/medical issues creating an issue with classroom learning.I don't know which one I am going to go after, but I think that this is ridiculous. My child is in the 2nd grade and now all of a sudden doesn't remember some of his letters and most of the letter sounds. He had it down last year....and he is not learning disabled? UGHHHHHH.....sorry to vent! I have a 504, but I too want the ESE services because they can be the difference between graduation and burn out in high school!!!
  22. Wow, I forgot about my son't shirt sucking! He did the long sleeves more than the neck. It was before kindergarten, so he was 3/4. He outgrew it. I tried to reason with him, but it was a habit he could not break. He has tics now, but I don't think it was a tic. My son was a binky baby and we didn't take the binky until he was 2yrs. 8 mths....maybe it was a replacement. I would reward him for coming home with a clean/non chewed shirt.
  23. Hi Trent, I have not tried this formula. I did use Attention Focus Plus from Nature's Sunshine vitamins. It worked. I also added foods high in magnesium and a magnesium supplement. I took out artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The teacher last year said that he was completely different in the classroom. I have many supplements in his diet for tics....but I have found that it helps the ADHD too. I hope this helps.
  24. Has anyone tried DMAE in their supplements? I am looking at it for the ADHD/Long Term/Short Term memory issues. (Tics are currently under control, but ADHD signs still present.) I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried it. Thanks.
  25. My kids love the Target Brand Gummies. No artificials or preservatives. I actually take them every once in a while. They taste like gummy bears! They are a knock off of another one that has no artificials. They actually ask me for more.....I don't mind the sugar in it...if they don't fight me! Also, I can tell you that they spit out the puritan's pride cocoa ones. I have two full bottles b/c they refuse to eat them!!!! These work for us b/c my son takes tons of supplements over and above the multi. Oh, and my boys are 7 and 9.
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