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  1. Hey,

    Have you heard anything about the white pages that were supposed to come out in Nov.? My Dr. friend Robert is supposed to call you to get more info about the immune reaction and IVIG. He has done it 3 times at Cleve Clinic and symptoms are back again. They still don't believe PANDAS at CC in immunology and sent him on his way saying it was just viral induced tics. He's seeing ...

  2. Hi Michelle.

    Here is my email for the IEP info.

    Thank you so much for the help.


  3. Hey. I live in N Canton. How about you? Is your child TS or PANDAS or both? Id love to talk. 3303050503 05 3309336859

  4. Tried to PM you but it didn't work. I noticed that you live in NE ohio and just wanted to introduce myself.

  5. My son has tics and ADHD and compulsions.

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