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  1. I need help again. My sons tics have returned the last few days! I went to an Oriental Medicine Dr on Tuesday. She told me to go gluten and dairy free plus start her (MARKET AMERICA) supplements. She told me to stop my supplements b/c she did not have blood work and I did not bring in the bottles. She did cupping on Tuesday and the marks are still on his back as of Saturday PM. His eye tics returned Thursday and then today he is scrunching his whole face. He did not realize it was tics, but later said "Mommy is it my wanting to smile like this that is a tic?". My recipe of supplements has been working for some time now, for the tics....but he has focus problems. I went to her for the focus problems. She said his diet would make her whole family sick (Life cereal, pancakes, sausage, turkey, apples, chicken, meatballs, salad, carrots, green beans, fiber one granola bars, yogurt?????...the glycemic index was high she said.....I felt like a horrible mom, but at the same time thought I had him on a good diet....no real junk) I think she really knows her stuff....but I spent HUNDREDS of hours researching the supplements that I give him and he was tic free....now the tics are back after four days...... Was it the cupping that draws out the tics? Is it the diet change.....I gave him soda and pizza for lunch b/c I feel like the other stuff is not working and he is such a champ about it...and there were four boys there and could not tell him no once again! IS it the lack of having my recipe of supplements? Is it the new supplements? OH, and I am VERY frustrated by the fact that the $140 of supplements are from Market America, which is a networking thing .......I want to trust the DR, but is this a marketing thing?? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I have been waiting for a year to see a "natural" Dr. who could answer my questions...and now I don't trust what is happening! Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. We have been on them for three days. His tics are coming back.....but I stopped all other supplements and gone gluten and dairy free.....this results in more fruit and veggies, so I think he is high is salycilates again..... I am going to give it two weeks....and if the tics stay, I will stop the supplements. Thanks for the input!!!!!!
  3. The doctor has told me to use Isotonix OPC3 and multivitamins for my son. I am going to stop the other supplements, which makes me nervous! But apparently he was not absorbing very much because I was giving them in ice cream....she said it is a horrible way to give supplements b/c it is cold, oily, very creamy and hard to digest......and the body won't absorb the supplements with all this going on. I am wondering if anyone has tried these, and how they are working.....
  4. Thank you for the input....and I hope your pregnancy is going well....I remember reading a post when you first said you were pregnant...seems like it was yesterday! He had the cupping tonight. His little back turned purple in some spots.....and it was worse on his left side.....it didn't bother him. It was just so purple.....he will have to go once a week and then it will be monthly. He only has minor tics....I am really looking for help with the focus. We will see.......my pockets are a couple hundred lighter, thanks to the supplements that I had to buy.....I hope he improves!!!! Thanks again!
  5. I went to see an Oriental Medicine Dr. today. I was very impressed....they actually cared about what supplements he was taking and asked me to track his food intake....both of which my nuerologist and ped told me not to worry about!!!! She mentioned acupuncture and cupping to my son. He, of course, dimissed both of them......but she said we should start with cupping for his attention/tic problems. Has anyone tried this?
  6. Hi, I have read a lot on this forum about seasonal allergies causing tic explosions. I have not seen this in my house, but have read about it here. My son had a head jerk tic and a minor vocal tic when we went all natural. I was told we had a high salycilate diet (by the forum members) and when I reduced his high saylcilate foods the head jerks went away. I never realized that cantelope, tomatoes, leafy greens, OJ, nuts, etc could be bad for his tics b/c they seem so healthy....but that was all he was eating! We were left with an eye tic. I added NAC, Gaba, and Aceytl L Carnitine to his supplements and the eye tics finally disappeared. We are still using Ester C, Cardio Vascular Magnesium Taurate, Flax Seed Oil (instead of fish oil), and Calcium Citrate. It works for him and when we reduce the supplements too much, his tics reappear. We try and keep the artificials and preservatives out of his diet....and nitrates make his tics worse. Good luck with finding the right recipe.
  7. Thanks for responding. We have been almost artificial/preservative free for about a year. Some sneaks in, but he eats pretty healthy for a kid (turkey, nuts, fruit, popcorn, all natural juice for lunch). He gets minor corn syrup, but I really try to make sure that junk doesn't sneak in too often. The only appointment for psychiatrists (?) are late March....so late, when he is looking at being held back....he needs to be able to focus now. I hear that Concerta is decent...my sister's boys use it and one of them has TS plus ADHD. I don't like the possibility of side effects!!! I made an appointment with an "Oriental Medicine" Dr. for this Friday......I don't know what I will do b/c if I start something with her and then try meds, we are really messing with his system. I want a quick fix and I want it now....his focus is so horrible and I have these visions of him not moving on in school ....(with all of his buddies, who have been best friends since pre-K!!!) Ginko Bilboa was added starting last night and he fought me over taking his supplements, which he rarely does....then I had to leave work early to pick him up b/c he had a stomach ache at school. My frustration is worse than his b/c I am against these meds that mess with his brain chemistry, but something has got to happen because he is like a ping pong ball at home too......
  8. Dee, SO MANY people here understand what you are going through. Your initial post is like many that I have read over the last year and a half....and very much like mine, only I had questioned the most recent vaccine and tics!!! Keep reading the old posts would be my suggestion....especially the ones that say new here/just diagnosed with tics/etc. There are lots of people on this forum that can offer good advice...you just have to find what works best for your child. It can become overwhelming at first! Supplements, VERY limited artificials, no preservatives, low salycilates have worked for us. The amino acids were a big key for us. Every child is different. I hope that something works for you, as I know it can consume you. Good luck and I hope you find comfort in the answers you get here.
  9. Faith, I wanted to let you know that there is a brand called Nature's Remedy....I have not tried it....but they had several products out there that were very interesting. I have written in lately about the inattention with my son. It is driving me CRAZY!!!! The HW routine you wrote about is identical in my household. It is a good 35 minutes for him to settle in and start HW....and then the minute he starts it is "I don't get it"...I say try harder and he says "I did".....when we go round and round I get the SAME "OKAYYYY"....only I have spent my day with struggling 14-17 year old math students and my patience is GONE....I have not found an answer to his inattention, as I am dragging my feet b/c they found a vision problem that I want to ID first....and I have yet another teacher meeting tomorrow to get him tested for learning disabilities. Sometimes I just walk away from the HW routine and tell him that the sooner he gets done, the faster he gets to be outside playing. I can't read his writing and he refuses to erase because he can read it...so this method sometimes comes back to bite me! It might help on your end of erasing issues....I have no experience with OCD.... Does your child struggle in a particular subject? I was wondering about ESE vs. 504....I think you get a LOT more support with ESE.
  10. Hi San70, Here is a post that I started in September regarding my son's tics and the recipe that worked for him. http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...amp;#entry26322 We are still pretty much tic free with some minor face stuff once in a while, or lots of face stuff when we eat hot dogs.....now focus is an issue for us! I looked up each supplement seperately and if something didn't make sense to me, I didn't add it. I asked his doctor to review all of his doses and she never responded. When I saw her last week, she said that it would take her hours upon hours to research all of the supplements and how they interact with each other/the body! Well, I put in hundreds of hours, so for now I am comfortable with everything I am giving him. Good luck....
  11. My pediatritian told me (after I took the day off to go there) that she could not help me because of the tics AND ADHD....needed me to see a specialist. I am going to go to a psychriatrist, but am having trouble finding one that is covered and SPECIALIZES in this. I didn't like the nuerologist, so I will try this route. I have not tried any meds yet.....sorry, I can't help more.
  12. HILARIOUS Myrose....I started "Goodbellies" today and you have just solved my mystery! Thanks for posting, as I know now not to drink this before I ago to teach for 7 hours
  13. Hi Kathy, I don't have experience with antibiotics. I did go all natural to try and control my son's tics. My son developed a head jerk tic that was horrible. Out of frustration, I wrote in like you did. I listed all of his foods and someone told me to check salycilates. He was eating a ton of tomatoes, cantaloupe, OJ, nuts, green leafy salad....this was all high in salycilates and once I took these out, he improved. Almost tic free these days....except when he gets hot dogs....which he had last night and he started ticcing after school today!!! GABA, NAC, and Acetyl L Carnitine were the last supplements that I added, and they seem to take away the eye tics. Hope this helps.
  14. Myrose and Mommyof2, Do either of your children have focus/ADHD issues? I am looking for meds for ADHD that don't bother the tics, which are for the most part controlled at this point. He is failing school and they had two pages of notes on his inability to focus on any task. Thanks...
  15. RysMom, Thank you for the information. My DR had suggested that my son go on Chlonidine when I asked her to let me know if any of the supplements could be "too much" for his system.....she suggested this even though his tics were under control. It was good to hear the focus comment b/c this Friday I have to go back to her and ask about ADHD medicine. I don't like ANYTHING I read about ADHD medicine and most of them make the tics worse. I thought I read that Chlonidine works on the hyperactivity but not the inattention/focus issue. This will probably be the medication that she suggests for him...... Now, my question is......how does the liver/kidneys/internal organs react to lots of supplements plus medication???? I am so worried about overdoing it. The medical doctors don't seem to know much about supplements!!!! Does anyone out there use lots of supplements PLUS medication?
  16. When I first read about fish/flax oil, I saw benefit in the Omega 3s. I THINK I RECALL reading something about Americans taking in too much of the other omegas???? Is there a specific balance that I need to keep for my son? He gets a lot of flax oil. I am actually writing b/c his ADHD is acting up more than ever before...but tics remain under control. Does anyone know if there is a delicate balance I need to keep with these Omegas? Thanks.
  17. I have an appointment for vision.....he has some symptoms of having vision issues/needing vision therapy.....interesting stuff....I HATE!!!!!! what I am reading on medicine for ADHD! Especially since he is a child with tics........off to research more info...I think I will start with the Ginko tomorrow and add the oil and grapeseed this week, just to see how it affects him....Dr's to be seen next week.
  18. I use that brand and love it. I found it on line and did a comparison....can't remember where I purchased it last, but I had to order three bottles to get a bargain plus free shipping....whenever you buy ANYthing on line, google "storename coupons" and you will find a coupon code. I hope this helps!
  19. Thanks for the info......but I don't know if I have the energy or time to wait on supplements this time......the school is looking at retaining my son. It is his inattention and lack of focus that are big issues. We have seen them at home for a while now and it is driving us crazy, but we didn't realize how badly it has affected his school work. His testing scores have decreased greatly since the beginning of school and he has one more testing cycle to determine if he moves on next year. I WISH I could test the supplements and find the right recipe for this, but I think the clock is against me this time. When I did the tic research, I was desperate and used up every extra moment I had to myself. I found the right recipe, but it took time and testing the supplements on him. I have 4 months until the end of the school year, and I don't want him retained. HE IS smart enough, but can't focus. FAITH - I know that you have seen me one these boards for the last year (I am looking at only tics/ADHD/LD...no OCD as he has no routine he follows with ANYTHING). I sit here in absolute tears because I am so angry and frustrated over the situation! He is such a sweet boy and works so hard...and gags on his "ice cream supplements", but takes them without complaint because he knows that it takes the tics away.....now he looks at me and says, "I don't do well at reading"........We are starting to argue because he can not focus on ANY task we give him to do......I have spent 8 years in a classroom taking on kids who other teachers don't prefer to teach because they struggle so much.....I do everything I can to make sure that I reach their learning styles and renew their sense of "I can learn"......WHY ME, WHY MY CHILD??? ..ughhhhhh... I have a doctors appointment next Friday....this DR wanted me to medicate for tics "instead of him taking 9 other pills a day", which I know is not the best doctor to stick with, but it is my quickest start....I will arm myself with information for the next week and a half to go in fully informed on my options....maybe this summer I can test the supplements for ADHD. I just pray that whatever we do does not upset the balance we have right now with the tics!!
  20. Hi Maria.....your initial post is one that I see a lot here.....can I ask if your child had a vaccine at about the same time the tics started this summer? I can tell you what worked for me.....supplements and diet changes (very limited artificials/no preservatives/low salycilate). Supplements are a lot to list.....I have them listed in my posts under my name. I researched and researched every supplement.....Bonnie's Supplement list is a good place to start.... My son had a mild vocal tic for a short period and a bad head jerk for a while....once I added all the supplements he got better........when I went all natural foods, I had too many fruits and veggies that were high salycilates so I backed off some of those. He rarely has tics now....unless too many hot dogs sneak in or we get lazy on the supplements. I hope this info helps.....every child is so different and it is tough to find your right recipe....but don't give up, it was worth the hundreds of hours I spent on the internet....just to make him stop jerking!
  21. We use some gummies that the kids LOVE. Target and Sam's have a "no artificials/no preservatives" store brand. They copy the Little Critters recipe, I think. They taste good.....probably the frutose, but they don't irritate his tics at all.
  22. Thanks for the input. I bought the Ginko, but got nervous after all of my reading. It says "do not use for children" all over the internet....something about increasing blood flow to the brain....so, I used it for a little while and I felt great! Where would I find a list of safe dosing amounts? Have you ever used/heard of grapeseed extract for ADHD? The H part is starting to come out in spurts.....he has had the impulses and attention issues since a very young age. I have a meeting with his teachers tomorrow, so we will see what they say about his ability to sit in a classroom.
  23. I have read the few posts here and have not found a lot of recent input. My son is 7 1/2 and unable to focus on/complet any task. All natural has controlled his tics (thank God for the forum here!!!!)....but I have a meeting this week due to low grades, and his inabilitiy to focus, even with his accomodations.....now, I need to determine WHAT/WHEN/AND HOW MUCH I will medicate him with.....can anyone help....anyone who writes in to the Tourette's Syndrome Forum??????? He already has GABA and Magnesium....the two items I have found to help with ADHD.....I hate medicine and am scared to pieces!!!
  24. I have found a DR in Florida who does vision therapy. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who was tried this. My son has a lot of trouble reading....and it appears to me that his main problem is actually seeing the letter on the paper....anyone?????
  25. Hi, I have used magnesium taurate (Cardiovascular Research Brand), calcium citrate, ester C, organic flax see oil, Gaba, NAC, and acetyl L carnitine.....the last three are what I found most effective. (I researched each one to determine the amounts.) When I get lazy on giving him these supplements, I start to see tics. Preservatives and artificials are really bad for my son....hot dogs set him off for some reason! I hope this information helps. Tracey
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