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  1. My 16 year old ds has had tics for many years. Most tics include bending his neck sometimes just a quick bend forward but other times he uses his hand to really push his neck down and when standing he sometimes has to bend over. He also stretches his feet. I believe he has some ADHD, too. He had started driving and has been ticcing. My concern is the safety part. While the tic is brief, he is taking his eyes off the road. Any advice from those out there who have gone through this would be greatly appreciated. I know I can't stop the tics but what can I do? San
  2. A little background...Oldest ds, now 15, has always had tics since he was little. Still has them but not as severe as he used to; tics when stressed, reading, watching tv, and driving in the car. Youngest ds, 8, had a sniffing tic since he was a toddler. Within the last couple of months, though, he has developed more complex tics. He stretches his neck back almost like a swan. This has been for several weeks. Prior to this one, he would hold his hand in front of one eye then the other. He now does both. In school, he has been a little more distracted. Not sure if this is because we are so clos
  3. I have been thinking about what you said and the more I thought, I realize that my youngest ds did show tics earlier. He had this sniffing of everything tic. I'm not quite sure why I never really put it together since my oldest ds showed tics at a very young age, too. I will still post on PANS but why is it that the tics seem to have exploded around 8 for both? I have read that to be the case but what is the connection with that time in development? Also, another question, my oldest ds is 15 and will start driver's ed in the next year or so. I am concerned about driving and ticcing...my ds
  4. It's been awhile since I have posted. Oldest ds, now 15, has always had tics since he was little. Still has them but not as severe as he used to; tics when stressed, reading, watching tv. Youngest ds, 8, never showed signs of tics until the last couple of months. He stretches his neck back almost like a swan. This has been for over a week. Prior to this one, he would hold his hand in front of one eye then the other. In school, he has been a little more distracted. Not sure if this is because we are so close to summer. This ds had his tonsils and adenoids removed a year ago due to reoccurring i
  5. I am looking for a lab in the Baltimore area that will perform the Elisa/act blood test. Any recommendations? Thanks! Sans
  6. No psychiatric symptoms. The strep with Scarlett fever along with an increase in tics led me here. Not sure, though, that's why I'm asking. No family history of Tourette's.
  7. I'm investigating potential pans/pandas with my 5 yo ds. My 12 yo ds has had tics for sometime so I'm familiar with that. 5 yo, though, had strep & Scarlett fever months ago, displaying tics, too, not necessarily at the onset but certainly before but nothing major. We do not have a genetic link as far as I know (maybe a cousin but who knows). Recently, more tics & inflamed tonsils. Neg to rapid strep not sure about the 24 hr one. Put on abx tues. tonsils still inflamed. He often has inflamed tonsils with no other symptoms now that I think about it. From what I've read on this forum, I'
  8. When we started our journey with tics 7 years ago, we started with a ped neuro who, after just 30 min, was ready to medicate my ds at 5 yo with crazy drugs, I was shocked. No real questions about family history, diets, or anything. This left a BAD taste in my mouth & that's when I found this incredible forum with incredible support & knowledge. I had a friend who saw the same neuro for migraines for her dd & he offered up drugs immediately. So, I'm going to get my 12 yo ds & 5 yo ds tested through ELISA/ACT. Should I start with the basic panel of testing? Thanks!
  9. I have 3 DS: 12, 9, and 5. Oldest ds has had tics for as long as I can remember. We have a clean diet, he takes a multi, tried Epsom, and the tics just wax and wane. They've changed throughout the years and lately it's a lot of hand/finger/arm stretching and bending and occasionally bending his back. He stretches his toes, too. I notice an increase when he's nervous, anxious, or excited. Middle ds has displayed some tic-like behaviors, like throat clearing and occasional neck bending, though I'm not sure if I am just hyper sensitive to all of this. Youngest ds is my main concern right now. He
  10. Bonnie, My son is almost 12 and I have seen an increase in his tics. He does not have braces, yet, though I imagine in the next year he will have them. I have seen an increase in his tics. Did your son's tics start to increase around 11 or 12? I'm trying to see if puberty is affecting him. He is physically immature but I know things are changing! Thanks, Sans
  11. Cheri, If it is indeed TS, are you saying that magnesium should make somewhat of a difference? How long does it generally take for the magnesium to make a difference It's been a while since my son had magnesium but I didn't see a difference. Sans
  12. Thanks. I guess I figured that he would have to be symptomatic! For your ds, the only symptom was the increase in tics? It's so hard to judge since some days his tics seem really bad and others just bad. Were your ds's tics of the same intensity all the time when he had the infection? I just keep thinking that it has to somehow be tied to allergies or an infection now that you mention it since we have not had a break with the tics. He would wax and wane. Also, I wonder with him entering adolescence, could this also be a result? He seems so far from that point physically, though. Thank you so m
  13. It has been a while since I have posted. My ds is 11 1/2 and is finishing up the fifth grade. This has been a great year for his tics. They had been practically non existent this school year until the beginning of April. Since then, they have been very severe. He bends his back and his neck, and stretches his arms and his legs. His diet has remained clean, no illnesses, no new carpeting or painting, etc. We live in MD and allergy season is definitely bad this year, though he doesn't really seem terribly bothered by it, just itchy eyes. He is anxious/excited about starting middle school in the
  14. Thanks to everyone for all the replies. Well, based on what you have said, it doesn't appear that my ds has SID because his quirks do not interfere with his functioning. Maybe they are just quirks. So, where does that leave me now? Do I try to approach this with a behavioral psychologist with his anger issues? Just this evening, I said to my dh that I feel so ineffective as a mom because it seems that nothing works. When my ds had a meltdown tonight, and was very angry, he later on told me that he tries to take deep breaths but only after the fact, not during the moment. I guess it's g
  15. I am so sorry to hear about this. How long has your son been doing this? Is this behavior just at home? Have his teachers noticed this? You mentioned his Lyme disease. How long ago did he have it? Did he react similarly when first diagnosed with Lyme's disease? San
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