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  1. i know I am in the minority on this board, but chose to medicate my son after his tics were interfering with his school work, peers, and other things. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for him and it has been great for us. Ryan started ticcing when he was 3 and TS runs in my exhusband's family. I tried the natural route, but alone nothing changed. By first grade his tics were affecting his abilitly to get his school work done and he was having a hard time with his peers because honestly his tics were so annoying. Ryan started on clonidine when he was almost 7. He started
  2. I watched it today and felt that it showed different ways families are trying to deal with it and actually all families said that medication did not help at all. One family is going the all natural route, one did deep brain stimulation, and the other two were not on meds for tourettes but for the comorbid issues. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but it was interesting to see how other children cope with it.
  3. My son is 8 and has been on clonidine for a year and a half. it has been such a great medication for us b/c he is pretty much tic free since I've figured out his dosing/ timing of it. it does make him tired, so he takes the larger dose at night and a small dose in the morning. He's gained 20 pounds and grown 5 inches this year and I think that has made a huge difference of him not being tired anymore in the morning. We just started Straterra a week ago b/c his ADHD is pretty severe. He takes his Straterra at night along with his clonidine. I haven't seen any really change with the adhd ye
  4. There's both. I get Kid's Calm by Peter Gillingham and I order it off vitacost.com
  5. Ryan gets 1 tsp at night with his clonidine and it has worked well for us. He is still pretty much tic free (I see the small ones b/c I look for them) since I started the clonidine/kid's calm. Maybe I'll try breaking up the dose for morning and night. Ryan has adhd along with his tics and I'm thinking the kids calm in the morning would help him focus. I'll have to try it next weekend. If it's not one thing, it's another
  6. Wow....I recall noticing an improvement the first day already.....and about the full effect by day 2-3. Maybe rye started on a low dose and had to work up, so it took a few weeks??? My son started on 0.1 mg am and pm , as I recall, by day 2 tics were mostly all gone, and by day three he was more drowsy, and so started backing off on am doses. Ryan did start a on a very low dose and we worked up from there.
  7. With my son it took about 3 weeks to notice a difference. From there, it too almost 6 mos. for me to figure out what dose, time etc.. worked best for Ryan. Like I said in my previous post, we've been 99 percent tic free since the beginning of Aug. Up until then, Ryan had a tic in some form or another since he was 3.
  8. clonidine is extremely sedating. My son takes the majority of his dose at night and he is asleep within an hour of taking it. After about 5 mos. on it I broke up his dose and he takes 1/4 of a pill about an hour before school (and he's fine) and the rest of his dose at night. I know that when my son takes his 2 pills at night, he is out and does not wake up for much of anything. This is the only side effect we have experienced. He is not sleepy at all with his 1/4 pill in the morning, but he's been on clonidine for a year and its used to it. as for his tics, he hasn't had any for at leas
  9. Absolutely! I agree it's not always the case, it's just what is working for my son right now. If he didn't need medication to be successful in school and with his peers I wouldn't do it. Of course it affects everyone differently. We are lucky that Ry has done so well with it. I know many people feel it's too sedating for them to function well. However, for Ry, the routine of having his 2 pills at night and the 1/4 in the a.m. is good for him. FYI, we started slow and worked up slow too.
  10. Hi, I just wanted to give you all an update on my son b/c a few have been asking and we are at the year mark since he started his medication. Just a little background. Ry is 71/2, 78 pounds, and almost 5 ft tall. Ryan has had tics since about the time he was three and tourettes runs in the family on his dad's side. He's had all kinds of tics and of course they waxed and waned. Last year (at this time), his tics started to interfere with his shool work both academically and socially. He ticced a lot and I finally decided to bring him to a neuro. I brought him up to children's in bosto
  11. yes, he did. Honestly that is what prompted me to seek out a neuro b/c they were interrupting his class and it was starting to affect him socially. He would make a constant raspberry sound and say the word "oregano" over and over again. Odd tic... His vocals are gone. On occasion one will slip out here or there (it's a gulping sound). But, it's only once in awhile now.
  12. my son has been on clonidine for about a year now and it's been great for us. He started on the smallest dose and it worked up from there. He takes his largest dose before bed and a very small dose in the morning before school. Whe he takes his evening dose he is ready to pass out an hour later. This works for us though b/c it's bedtime. He takes a small dose about an hour and a half before his school day begins and he is FINE. It took him about a month to get over feeling tired after his morning does, but his body has adjusted and he's doing great. I do keep the a.m. and p.m dose 12 ho
  13. Hi, Each tablet is 0.1 mg. He has been on it since last Jan. and it took me a while to figure out the doses/ times etc.. He would do great for a month or two and that his tics would come back (not as much before the pills). It was a process. I also waited to give him the 1/2 tablet in the morning until the summer b/c I was worried about his being tired in school. It did take him a couple of weeks for his body to adjust to this. Ryan was very emotional at first and a bit spacey about an hour after taking the pill. However, he now does not experience that at all. I hope things work out
  14. I don't know his blood pressur off the top of my head, but the last time he was at the ped. it was fine. As for it being " a lot" it's what his nuero at Boston Children's hospital perscribed and we worked up to it. He's been doing more than great. The next time we go to a cvs I'll check his blood pressure and post it here. Sorry I can't give you more specifics.
  15. Ryan (who's 7 ;65 or so pounds) takes 1/4 a tablet around 7:15 a.m. and 2 and 1/4 tablets at 7:15 p.m. He also takes Kids Calm at night (1tsp) along with a flinstone's vitamin and a gummyvites echinachia/ vitamin c. When I say he's been tic freee since August, he's been almost totally tic free. It's actually improved even more since I last posted. It is very rare that I notice him ticcing at all. I was worried that his tics would get a bit crazy with school starting (they have for the past 2 years), but nothing. I am almost scared to type this b/c I don't want to jinx this. It did ta
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