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  1. I bought a trial size Inositol (pure soluble powder) from Kirkman Labs. It doesn't have a recommended dosage for children. The recommended usage is 1-4 grams two to three times daily. I would like to try it for my daughter's anxiety, but I'm not sure of the measurements. Does anybody use this brand, and how much do you use? I measure using tsp or tbls, not sure how to measure for a gram??? help...Thanks Bcase
  2. At my daughter's five year check up, she received MMR, DTP, and OPV/IPV. It was within a few weeks that her first tic started. I wish I were more informed then. I wish I were more diligent, my daughter should not have received the P part of the DTP due to previous reactions, but they gave it to her anyway. Someone wasn't checking the chart, and I didn't remind them. It makes me so angry. Even if they remove the mercury from all the shots, our children should not be receiving so many different vaccines at one time......Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, and whatever
  3. My daughter (12 yrs) has been using Singulair and Zyrtec for years. I'm going to take her off the Singulair and see if I see a difference in her tics or anxiety. She has asthma (cold and exercise induced) - We're in between sports seasons now, so it's a good time to try to see if she can do without it......I'll let you know..... Bcase
  4. My daughter is 12 years old and has had tics since she was five. About once a year they come, last a few months and then we are tic free til the next one. The one she is going through now is the most intense she has had. The whole trunk of her body jerks and stretches. Her stomach moves so much, you can hear the water moving in it. It has been pretty distressing for her, and is causing her anxiety to worsen. It is also painful at times for her. I keep praying that this will pass like the others have, we are coming up on three months with this one. Anybody with similar waxing/waning tha
  5. I looked at it too, and couldn't find the amount of each vit/min. I just ordered the Everyday multivitamin from Kirkman Labs. I can't believe how hard it is to find a kids multivitamin without all the artificial crap in there.. Bcase
  6. Hello, To those of you who give a Taurine supplement, what dosage do you give? Have you had positive results? Thanks Bcase
  7. During this most recent bout of tics, I notice she does it much more when she is watching television. But much less when she is on the computer playing a computer game.
  8. I'm not sure which lab was used. We had the blood drawn at the local hospital. Not sure if they send them out or do them there. We had them drawn on Thursday and the following Friday my pedi had the lab results. Bcase
  9. Can you attribute the waning of the tic to anything new you have been doing or not doing?
  10. I don't think the kids calm comes unflavored. It has a "natural flavor". I stopped using it b/c my daughter started getting very itchy after she would have it. Don't know if it was a reaction to the flavoring or what. Especially her thumbs would get very itch...? Bcase
  11. It was my regular pedi and she did not do IgE. She did IgG, IgA, and celiac test. In addition to my daughter's tics, she has been getting stomach aches after eating some foods. At first we thought it was lactose, but it seemed to happen with non milk foods also. I requested these tests and she did them. Nope, she said all her counts were zero.... Bcase
  12. Went to pedi yesterday. IgG and IgA show no allergies. No celiac either. That's good news. I told Dr. I still believe her tics started due to the P in her DTP vaccine 8 years ago. She had a reactions at 4 months and was not supposed t get the P part ever again. Somebody in the office gave her DTP instead of DT back in 2000. I blame myself for not being on top of it. Previous appointments I had always reminded them. Now she is 12 and hormones are kicking in, probably setting off the tics, anxiety, and OCD. Turns out my daughter does not need the TD booster b/c she got it last year.
  13. I was wondering how everyone is handling the mandatory vaccinations? My daughter is 12 and is due for her TD booster. I don't want to do it but the school said they will not issue her a schedule if she does not receive it (going into 7th grade). She has tics, but no TS dx. I'm going to see if the Dr. can do the vaccinations separately (T) one day, then (D) another time. As long as they do not contain Thimersol. What are my options if they can't/won't do it? Can you get the vaccines now without the Thimersol? Should I try for a medical exemption for a Neurological condition? Wil
  14. Has he had any shots recently? Any illness, strep throat?
  15. Tami, We just had my daughter's blood drawn for testing and I asked my Dr. to prescribe some EMLA cream. They called in a tube and then I went to CVS and bought the Tegaderm transparent dressing. You put the cream on about one hour before the blood draw in the spot they will draw from, and put the dressing over that. She watched the needle go in and never felt a thing. Bcase
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