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  1. Thank you , Cheri. I owe it all to this board and all of you who helped me thru' the rough times .
  2. Hi Char, We found out in May of this year that her most severe allergies were to egg and wheat (in that order). It was harder for us to go wheat free than egg free. We saw improvement in her tics in 2-3 days and 90% reduction 3 weeks later and a couple of months later, she was completely tic free and has been so since that time. We then gradually added wheat back. The tics have not returned, but I do find that her nasal allergies have been worse since we added wheat back and her focus is not as good either. She seems to be a little bit spacey (but nothing really bad or something that has us concerned yet). I do find it interesting to see how food sensitivities can affect so many other things. She has had cake made with eggs at a couple of parties, we have not seen the tics return. I try and give her enzymes when she takes any food item with egg in it. We have not given her egg in itself (like egg omelet etc) to her yet. Hope this answers your questions. No need to apologize for asking me questions. I have been in your shoes before and have turned to this board and it's wonderfully giving members who have shared their knowledge and experience with me. I would love to give back in any way I can. In fact, only from this board did I come to know that food sensitivities might be causing her tics and decided to do allergy testing on her. If she is tic-free today, I owe it entirely to this board and the members . Let me know if I can answer any more questions. -Nan
  3. Myrose, Thank you so much for your good wishes. How is your daughter doing ? Sorry, I haven't caught up on the posts yet. -Nan
  4. Hi, We had both the IGE as well as the IGG done on her.
  5. Hi all, It has been a while since I posted . Hope you are all doing well. My daughter has been tic free for the past 4 or 5 months. A quick recap: Back in May, we found out that she has food sensitivities to egg, wheat and went on a restrictive diet. Now, she eats wheat ; we still avoid eggs and she has been doing great. This was the time of the year when she developed tics last year, so I will still need to watch out but so far she has been doing good. -Nan
  6. My daughter's tics (at that time I didn't know they were tics) started soon after she turned 5. It started as a throat clearing tic which we thought was due to seasonal allergies and kept treating her for it. The tics did not improve at all and we were really confused as to why none of the allergy meds are helping her. A year went by with her throat clearing tics still present. A few months ago, her throat clearing tics stopped completely and were replaced by eye blinking tics. That is when I stumbled upon this website and realized that what she has been having all along were tics. Then we tried magnesium for a while with minimal improvements. I discontinued magnesium when I didn't see any value in giving it to her. We did allergy testing and found she was allergic to quite a few common food allergens, egg being the main one. After we eliminated the food allergens from her diet, she is now completely tic free and has been like this for a couple of months . I will continue to monitor her and update the boards if anything changes. Hope everyone here finds the path to recovery from tics soon. -Nan
  7. Hi Pamela, I just had to post in this thread as I have also found wonderful results after cutting back on my daughter's allergy causing foods. I am so glad to read that your son's tics are better as well after doing the dietary changes. I tried the Natural calm on her for a while and had minimal improvements; these minor improvements were only visible to me - others still noticed how much she ticced. I was really unhappy with the Magnesium supplementation; finally the dietary modifications helped . -Nan
  8. {{{{Myrose}}}}, I am so sorry about everything you and your family are dealing with; atleast the one good thing, like so many people pointed out is that, you get all these tests done and hopefully an answer will be born for all your daughter's problems. We are all here to help; lean on us whenever you feel like it. I will keep your daughter and your family in my prayers tonight. Hoping that tomorrow is a different day and a much brighter one bringing you closer to the answer to all the issues. -Nan
  9. Hi Faith, It was the blood test like RAST. The gluten free bread that I get is made from brown rice; not sure if this answers your question. I also do flourless spruted wheat bread and she seems to tolerate this fine too. Seems like she is able to tolerate sprouted wheat and not wheat. Not sure why though. -Nan
  10. Myrose, Thank you . I have been out of touch with the boards for some time and trying to catch up. I am not sure if you are planning to meet an environmental specialist , but hope that you and your daughter find the path to recovery from tics and her other symptoms pretty soon. Best of luck to you and your family !!!! -Nan
  11. Hi Faith, I made an appt with an enviromental specialist who did a blood test for detection of IGe antibodies (immediate reaction to allergens) and IGg antibodies (delayed reactions ). IGe test showed sensitivities to egg,wheat, corn and dairy ; these were the major offenders. IGg test showed sensitivies to egg,wheat and dairy (no corn). I did not eliminate any food until I got the results 3 weeks ago. After the results showed the above sensitivies, I have eliminated egg,wheat and dairy from her diet. I do buy the gluten free bread for her. We are not 100 % corn free . My daughter has major pollen/tree/ragweed allergies; apart from this and the tics she does not show any other symptoms. I am sorry to hear about your son's eye tics. Is this new ? Let me know if I can answer any more questions. -Nan
  12. Hi There, Our experience with Natural calm was that when I initially gave it her, it seemed like there was some improvement in her tics ; but later I wasn't sure anymore as I could not make out any more improvements. It seemed like the effects/improvements had plateaued off.. What seems to work for us so far (but it has been only a few weeks though) is removing the foods that she is allergic too. I think it would be a good idea to get your son re-tested as he may have developed new sensitivities to some foods. Good luck and hope your son feels better soon ! -Nan
  13. HI everyone ! It has been a while since I posted. I just wanted to update all of you on what's been happenning with us. As some of you may know, my daughter's tics were mostly manifesting as eye blinking sometimes replaced by throat clearing. I had an allergy test done on her; turns out that she has several allergies . The most severe of them being egg, wheat, corn and dairy in that order. The results came 2-3 weeks ago and ever since I have been following an egg/wheat/dairy free recipe. Her corn allergy was not present on Igg testing ; just Ige. For the first phase,the doctor wanted us to concentrate more on the foods that she was allergic to in both the IGE as well as the IGG testing. I am very happy to report that the results I am seeing are phenomenal. Her eye blinking has now stopped ; she does have some minimal throat clearing . I would say the improvement is atleast 80 % on that. Currently, she is not on any supplements, We are just doing the diet. Since the diet is so new to me, she is just eating limited foods. I have not tried any egg replacer or anything like that though I would like to in the next few weeks. I can see that she will soon get bored of these limited foods that I am giving her now ! Caryn and others who said that diet is the major, consistent remedy for the tics - I completely believe you now . From my personal experience, I definitely believe that supplements can only go so far and then it seems to hit a plateau; it is the diet change that brought miraculous relief. I am hoping this upward trend will continue for us . This is just my opinion from my personal experience and not to contradict anyone else who has had very good results with supplements. And another thing that I noticed after doing the diet is that her seasonal allergies are much better too ! I asked the environmental doctor about this and he said that he believed that wheat and pollen allergies go hand in hand and many of his patients have found they could handle the seasonal allergies much better when they cut off wheat or gluten from their diet. I am looking forward to posting again and have definitely missed you all ! -Nan
  14. Hi Cheri, Thank you for your response. As a first step, I will get the hepa filter today and put it in her room. Thanks, Nan
  15. Hi Tracey, Thanks for your response. Not much change in diet. I am awaiting the allergy test results this week. Hopefully that will give me some answers and foods to avoid. -Nan
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