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  1. Has anyone tested negative for celiac and/or gluten sensitivity but still tried a gluten-free diet and experienced significant withdrawal symptoms? I'm reading "The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook" and it recommends getting celiac testing before eliminating gluten from the diet because there has to be gluten in the body when the test is done. DS's doctor wants to see him before she sends him for tests so she can be sure to get the right ones ordered. His appointment isn't until Aug. 8. I've read that gluten withdrawal can often cause worse behavior for a week or two before the body adjusts. I have no idea if he's got any sensitivities or if he'll have any withdrawal symptoms, and I'm just wondering what to expect. I figure by the time we see his regular dr., get the referral for tests, and then get the test results, it'll be the end of August, or later if we have to see a GI specialist first. My concern is that if any of his tests are positive, he's going to be going through withdrawal during his first week or two of middle school, which will be even worse since he's starting middle school so it'll be a whole new environment. Not an ideal first impression, know what I mean? I'm almost tempted to try him on a gluten-free diet now to see what happens, and so we'd know what to expect, and then introduce it back a couple days before the test, but it seems like that would just be too hard on him. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Thanks! I hadn't heard about a B6 and puberty connection before. I'll add that to his regimine. I also need to find a new magnesium source. I checked the bottle this weekend and realized it's magnesium oxide, and looks like the better option is magnesium taurate from what I've read here. He takes taurine already and doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so I'm assuming the mag/taurate will be tolerated also.
  3. Hello all. I'm so glad I found this board, and I'm hoping to get a little help. Brief intro on us - my now 11 yo. was diagnosed with transient tics when he was about 4. It started with eye blinking, which evolved into throat clearing, occasionally a mouth grimace, and also occasional humming. His pattern used to be that he'd crop up with a new tic every few months, they'd last for a week or two, then disappear. Sometimes they’d appear out of nowhere, sometimes they were triggered and/or worsened by stress. His worst episode was a couple years ago when he started a head-nodding tic, which was so violent at times that it actually interrupted his conversation. Turned out he was being bullied by another child at school. After we dealt with that issue the nodding eventually went away. Now, he's doing the head-nodding thing again, though thankfully it’s not as bad as before, and not enough to interrupt his speech. But instead of disappearing after a couple weeks, it's lasted now a couple months. I've read that tics can increase at the onset of puberty, which he's the right age for, and at his last physical earlier this year the dr. said he could start at any time. Any idea how long the increased tics might last if puberty is truly the cause? I hope it’s not years! I've started him on a calcium/magnesium chewable, and taurine. I've also restarted him on fish oil - MorEPA brand – which I’d gotten based on research regarding ADHD, which he also has, although it's not severe and he is not on medication for it. Because of the ADHD, I thought I'd continue for awhile with the fish oil, at least for a couple weeks, to see if there is any improvement with just the cal/mag and taurine. If not, then I'll try the flax instead. I've already been reducing his intake of high fructose corn syrup after his diagnosis of ADHD, plus MSG and artificial colorings and flavors. If I try a casein/gluten free diet, how long should it take to see any changes if either of those is a trigger? I'm hoping it's just a few days so I don't have to go to the expense of changing everything in case neither of those is a problem for him. There is a family history of Celiac disease on my mom's side of the family, although she herself has tested negative. I have not been tested, although since bread or toast is my most effective remedy when I'm feeling a little queasy, I'm hoping that means I'm probably negative also. Has anyone had any noticeable effects using GlutenEase prior to being tested for Celiac or gluten sensitivity? Last question - can anyone tell me what tests would regular pediatricians be likely to order and/or approve on request by a parent? I can't really afford some of the ones listed here, and would prefer to get them done through insurance. With a family history, are Celiac/gluten tests normally ok’d even if there are no obvious symptoms? I hope that wasn’t too many questions for a first post. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer. Rebecca Edited to add P.S. Thanks for the welcome CP. Just wanted to add re: the allergy testing, he has so far shown no obvious signs of any food allergies. I don't know if physical signs would normally be required before the dr. would order any tests, or if neurological symptoms that are potentially food-related would be enough.
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