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  1. I've noticed this happening over the winter and it's happening now too. DS seems to flare after he is sick, but not during. For example, this past Monday he seemed to have some slight improvements which continued on through the week, but on Wednesday he developed a stuffy nose/cough in the evening. The worst of it was Thursday and Friday, but his tics were still improving. However, by Saturday he had gotten over the worst of it (and passed it to me and DH), but his tics really flared up that night. And Sunday, and until now. I find it curious and wonder what is happening with his immune system - when he is sick, is his immune system "busy" with the virus? then he gets better, and his immune system can go back to attacking himself? Also, he kicked a hole in the drywall while ticcing this morning - anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Like Janice, we are using Dr. Wilson in B.C. We also have an LLND here in Ottawa.
  3. Yes. DS was asymptomatic for strep in the fall; just by chance and luck our doctor tested him and he was positive. He's also asymptomatic for Lyme - none of the usual Lyme symptoms - but he's positive by both Igenex and CDC criteria. But because he's asymptomatic, it's hard to convince doctors to test him when he has a flare up, and also that he actually has Lyme (despite having the test results in front of them). I've tried to come up with reasons why his symptoms flare up - b/c others in the house were sick? probably. B/c a new tooth was coming in? possibly. B/c kids at school were sick? possibly. B/c of a die-off reaction - probably. I think whatever affects his immune system will cause some kind of reaction. Good luck. I hope Sick Kids gives you some help.
  4. When she had strep in December, was she put on antibiotics? and for how long? Did you notice that the rages started after the antibiotics were finished, or during?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer me, LLM. I needed to get more Mg for DS and he currently takes glycinate, but at the store I saw some Mg and taurine and thought maybe that would help since I have read about taurine and how it helps tics (in some people). He's already on Zn, and since going dairy free he hasn't had much other sources of Ca so I'm worried he won't have enough. The probiotic that our ND recommended has some L-glutamine in it (250mg). I have no idea if that is considered a lot or a little.
  6. I noticed they don't provide the health analysis anymore - so how do you make sense of the raw data? (sorry for hijacking, just curious about that)
  7. I'm trying to find info on the min and max dosages of supplements like Ca, Mg, Zn, L-glutamine and taurine and I can't really find anything concrete. I'd just like an idea so I don't give DS too much, but enough to be able to possibly see some effect? If you are giving your child any of these, would you find posting how much? And maybe the weight of your child? Thanks!
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but did you test for coinfections? DD's ticcing was caused by bartonella infection. rowingmom, we tested negative for babesia. And according to my NDs, if we tested for bartonella and it came back negative, it doesn't mean anything. We will treat as if he has it - he will start Biaxin probably in a few weeks, but starting slow on the Augmentin, don't want to hit him with everything at once.
  9. This is good to know. DS is back on abx after being off them for 3 months and worsening greatly. He's been back on for 1 week today after testing positive for Lyme (before we thought it was just strep and he was on amox). This is really wearing me down. I know it will take time for the abx to start working again and even more time to recover from Lyme but some days feel like an eternity. I'm looking forward to the day where he is (mostly) symptom free. I'm sure he is too.
  10. Since we started augmentin 2 days ago, I totally stopped all the herbal antimicrobials. Our ND recommended going slow on the abx as well; we're ramping up very slowly. The prescription is for 1250 mg a day, and we've started at 375 mg (125mg 3x a day) and I'm increasing by 125mg per day. I hope I'm doing the right thing.
  11. Yes, I have him on herbal antimicrobials and he seems to be very sensitive. Herxed at the end of May, I believe. I backed off on them but I was increasing drop by drop again. Guess we hit the threshold so he is off them completely while we start abx again. It's such a fine balance to maintain.
  12. Stephen Buhner recommends 1000mg of astralagus for new tick bites. http://www.buhnerhealinglyme.com You can find astralagus anywhere - health food store, drug store...
  13. Ugh. Need to vent. DS' new tic these past three days is screaming at the top of his lungs. Makes driving with him a rather harrowing experience. I'm hoping this doesn't last long. I thought the loud whistling was bad but I'll take whistling any day over this.
  14. Acidophilus is a bacteria; sacc. B is a yeast - both are probiotics. My ND has put DS on both bacterial probiotics and the sacc. B. But I'm not sure what other probiotics would be called 'acidophilus' except the actual lactobacillus acidophilus. Sorry, that wasn't much help, was it?
  15. karam, and rowingmom, I am so happy for both of you. And so glad that you share your stories. It really gives me hope that one day we will be free of this.
  16. I know hot baths and saunas are good for getting the little buggers out into the bloodstream to kill them, but what about hot weather? I ask b/c lately it's been hot here (30 to 33C) and humid, and whenever DS goes out for a bit in the heat, he gets WAAAAAY worse in terms of tics and mood. Today we were out for a bit for Canada Day, and it was about 32C, and he just kind of exploded tic-wise. Now that we are back home in the A/C, he has totally calmed down.
  17. You mention that she was tested for Lyme, and EBV and CMV - what about other co-infections associated with Lyme?
  18. Interesting. My son's positive results for IgM are: 28 kDa + 31 kDa IND 39 kDa + 41 kDa ++ 83-93 kDa + everything else is -. Now from these results, can you tell if there are any co-infections present, that we should test for? We also tested for B.duncani which came out negative.
  19. And how does he do on it, nicklemama? Does it cause a great deal of herxing?
  20. Thanks for the info. I should mention that I don't try anything without consulting my ND first, I wouldn't dare to try it on my own. So when I say 'should I give him' something, I don't mean I'm actually going to give it to him myself.
  21. We are on a combination of essential oils but no biofilm dissolvers as far as I can read up on what's in the stuff we're taking (Biocidin and Bab-1). Wondering if I should give him something for the biofilm since I've been reading that the Lyme and other bacteria will protect itself in the presence of abx, natural or not. I know grapefruit seed extract is used but there are conflicting reports about whether that works or if it's just the preservatives. Has anyone tried lumbrokinase, nattokinase or serrapeptase? If so, did you have success? a big herx? Thanks!
  22. Our naturopath had recommended DS go gluten free, so he has been for almost a month (except yesterday when he had an ice cream sandwich after soccer - my bad!). I haven't seen much difference in him - he was not tested for allergies, but as she explained it, all these GMO wheat is super bad for him, and the sugars are feeding the bacteria. She also wants him dairy free and sugar free now. So I'm using xylitol and stevia more now, gradually working our way there. Being GF is not so hard since DH has been for 1.5 years. The dairy free will be tougher since he likes pizza and cheeseburgers and ice cream.
  23. We did the Lyme Western blot. The IgM was positive on 4 bands. The IgG was negative. From what I'm reading, IgG would be positive if the person had Lyme for a while. Since DS started his ticcing in late September, it's been 8 months, does that not qualify as 'a while'? Also read that if IgM is + and IgG is -, then it could be a false positive. My LLND is convinced he has Lyme. I have to wait for the appt with the LLMD in NY, but we will go. thanks, SSS.
  24. Now, after the initial elation of finding out - are the Igenex lab results accurate/trustworthy?
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