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  1. We waited over a month to get into an ID doc and she basically laughed in our faces. She said our daughter will "probably just be a sick kid who gets everything" and insinuated that we've done her a disservice by not putting her in daycare (I'm a SAHM). She said that her symptoms were caused by recurrent viral infections and refused to run any testing (of any kind - to rule out tickborne illness or anything else). She said there was no way a tick bite could have had anything to do with any of what our daughter has been going through. So that was a waste of time. :/
  2. We're in Nebraska. She was tested for Lyme a few weeks after the bite and was negative. She's had two rounds of antibiotics - 24 days total - with a couple weeks between courses.
  3. Is there someone who can PM me names of LLMDs in my area. I can't find that there are any in my state.
  4. When combing my daughter's hair tonight, I noticed a large bump on the top of her head. It's at least 2" in diameter and as hard as her skull. It's right in the vicinity of the tick we found attached two months ago. She's had multiple swollen lymph nodes and currently the most prominent is behind her ear. Her doctor looked at it a week and a half ago and put her on antibiotics. She finished the 10 day course yesterday. She has an appointment with an infectious disease specialist at the end of the month. It was the soonest they could get her in. With the lump on her scalp, I'm more co
  5. No, she wasn't tested for co-infections. Her pedi is convinced none of her symptoms are related to the tick bite.
  6. I posted before, but here's the background again: DD, age 3, started having bone pain and low grade fevers in December/January. She's had X-rays that were negative and her bloodwork has been normal. At the beginning of May she had a tick bite on her scalp. We don't know how long it was there. A week or so later she started getting more sick - extremely fatigued, clingy, overly emotional, didn't want to play, just laid around, hardly ate, asked to take breaks from playing, had random rashes, had sores in her mouth, complained constantly of aches and pains, had notably swollen lymph nod
  7. rowingmom - could you explain a bit more what you mean about her having the infections prior to the bite? I don't really understand how Lyme/tickborne illness and coinfections work. Like, could she have had a different infection that was then exacerbated by the tick bite? I took her to the pedi today to have the lumps behind her ear looked at. She thinks they're just lymph nodes, but doesn't know what is causing them to be enlarged. She put her back on antibiotics to see if they seem to make a different again and we'll reassess Monday. She thinks we should probably see an ENT as our next
  8. Thank you for the responses. I'm hesitant to believe it's all related to the tick bite. The symptoms have been going on since January and she didn't get the tick bite until the beginning of May. The tick bite certainly seems to have possibly exacerbated her issues, though. Unfortunately there are no LLMDs in our area (Midwest). Would our next step be an immunologist in the meantime? There is a local doc on the PANS/PANDAS database. I looked up the bartonella rash and hers didn't look like that. It was red and non-raised, but not in a linear pattern. How would I go about getting igene
  9. Thank you for adding me to the group. This will be long, so bear with me. My daughter has been exhibiting a whole host of strange and troublesome symptoms for many months now. It started with intermittent pain (mostly in one of her legs, but also in her back, buttocks and arms). Around the same time she started insisting on smelling everything she'd come into contact with and licking inanimate objects and having a low-grade fever (99.3 - 100). Her pediatrician ordered bloodwork and x-rays of her leg and everything came back normal. The issues persisted and she was referred to a pediatric
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