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  1. Our is definitely not the typically bartonella rash. Our is not purple streaks, it is red scaling bumps that start as clear raised bumps and eventually get a small scaly surface before as they start to go away. The skin underneath is often left with a light scar (no pigment) for a few weeks and then gone. They come in crops.
  2. Hello, I haven't been on this forum for quite some time as we were in a pretty good place for quite some time, but we are back in the trenches and I am still actually trying to figure out if my daughter's anxiety (and mild to moderate OCD) is connected with PANS. We have been experiencing a flare since August, with no end in sight. The anxiety and rages are high, emotional regulation is at an all time low and while I don't see many OCD symptoms, at 8 she is wise and tends to hide any behaviour that she knows aren't "normal" (her words, not mine). It's been 3 years since things were th
  3. HI Everyone, It's been a while since I have been on here. I originally joined when my psychologist suggested we consider Pandas/Pans regarding our daughter who has had anxiety and OCD symptoms come and go for a few years. We were seen by Sick Kids Hopsital in Toronto and the dr suggested he didn't think it was Pandas as our daughter had never really returned to baseline (the anxiety has remained) but the OCD and a few minor tics come and go. I guess I just accepted the OCD diagnosis but I keep coming back to Pans as a result of my daughter's history. She is almost 6 now...but I wanted to s
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your input. I did call the dr and they said it is okay, but not to exceed 48 hours. No blood today and dia seems to have come to an end. Scary but I think just a virus. Thanks for your concern. T
  5. Hi everyone May not be anything PANS/PANDAS related, but I'm new here and thought I would ask you for your input... Sounds like many of you have been thru just about everything. We are on day 3 of diahrea (never spell that right) but last night was alarming. The dia hasn't been too bad, more just frequent soft stool than watery but still not normal stool by any means. In the afternoon dd5 said she had an accident in her underwear but it was like a wet spot if mucous and blood and small traces of stool. Definitely came from her bum. It was also blood tinged to wipe her. The next bathroom
  6. Airial95 - thanks so much for your advice. I think the number chart is a good idea. I have been journaling since February and you are right, my words don't always indicate severity. On top of that, the journal is at 22 pages already and is too cumbersome to expect doctors to read. Is it common for PANS/PANDAS kids to be asymptomatic? DD has never complained once of a sore throat - despite her multiple times having strep. It makes it so hard. Her tonsils were enlarged but the dr at the clinic said that can be normal for her age. So despite taking a wild guess, it is going to be hard f
  7. Hi, Thanks so much for the detailed response LLM. I have been on a research kick all day and I cannot believe how many things are lining up. I went to the drugstore and got print outs for all the antibiotics she has had. She has either had a chest infection or strep 11 times since Nov 2011. That's a lot of antibiotics! I also find an interesting link. In early April she developed a minor facial tic. It only lasted about 2 weeks but it was pretty evident when it was happening. I have videos of it. Long story short..the video I took was April 3rd. I linked it back to her antibiotic
  8. Hi Everyone, New to this forum and so glad I found it. I was really hoping you give me your "in the trenches" opinion of whether we are dealing with PANDAS/PANS and what a reoccurrence might look like. DD5 has always been a bit of a challenge in terms of characteristics she displayed (inflexibility, ridged, OCD tendencies, sensory issues, etc) but we always assumed it was just her personality. Last May we hit our breaking point in terms of being able to cope with her behaviours and routines and we sought the help of a child psychologist. Within the first session she said it sounds l
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