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  1. We have used the Bonnies' vits along with diet changes in our son with good results. After a couple weeks off school, I thought a few tics would surfice but there was not really anything. He did have some minor vocals one night due to what I believe was a reaction to chocolate. I honestly believe there is a direct reaction to chocolate, not sure what is in it, but he always reacts with tics after he has some. I am still skeptical on the NAET. We have had about 10 appointments at a cost of over $1100 and I keep thinking they are working, but he still gets the dark circles under his eyes. His last major explosion was just prior to him going into grade 3 this September. Since then, they have been very minor. My biggest issue is probably with myself! I keep bracing myself for another explosion instead of taking that one day at a time approach. I understand that no one can really tell me if he will get worse. He is 9 and the tics started when he was 7. I hope and pray that he will, or is growing out of them, but I need to somehow accept the fact they could get worse when he reaches 11 or 12. Like I said, I still need to take one day at a time!
  2. Our boy showed off the chart for Soy also, but I did read that soy lecithin is made from a different part of the bean, and those that show allergic to soy should be fine with the lecithin
  3. He has been treated for eggs (whites and yolks) dairy as well as the initial clearing. We have not challenged the treatments per say, since all his allergies were delayed, I am not totally sure how we would know unless we gave him more IgG tests next year or his tics got worse. As to the previous question on Bonnies, I find them so much easier to use and feel safer with them. I still give him some calm and some pro biotic.
  4. This has been over a year and a half for us on this "journey" to help our son. He has had a couple set backs, both major ones due to stress, one was over some bullying plus a terrible move for us, the last one was starting school in Gr 3. He had to deal with a new private school and a bus ride. We have done IgG, standard prick tests as well for allergy, changing his diet to reduce the problem foods, taking away all artificial colors, flavours etc. We also have him on Bonnies Vitamins and have had about 5 visits to a NAET Dr. I don't know what the real reason is for his progress, he is doing very well right now. My biggest problem is having faith that all the prayers and tears I have shed for him are not in vain. I want so bad to believe that we have been led down the right path on our journey, but I still have way too much anxiety thinking the tics will come back. I know they probably will, but I am hoping to a much lesser extent. For today, I will just hug the little guy and tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him and pray for myself first, to be a good father and caregiver, then pray for him. If I didn't find this board, and spend time and money researching all these leads on what can help him, I feel I would not be doing my job as a parent. Just don't get too obsessed, my biggest mistake/challenge. Let your child be a child. I now let him have a few pieces of "junk food" now and then. We let him watch TV and play his Nintendo on a limited basis, if he tics, so what, they go away and probably no one else knows but me anyways. By the way, where to you live in Canada Ann? We are in Vancouver area.
  5. We are doing the Bonnies vitamin as well as a bit of Kids Calm. We have had 4 sessions of NAET and are still skeptical. Time will tell if the expensive procedure works. The IgG test certainly showed up some interesting things, the prick test showed nothing. I will probably get him tested next year again with IgG and see if it the results are different. For now, he is doing great. Lenny
  6. IgG is the one that tests for delayed responses to foods. We decided to do it on our own. Mostly because our GP as well as the Optomotrist noticed black rings below his eyes and said he had allergies. $400 later we had the results that showed what was bothering him. The black rings went away, he stopped sweating to point of soaking his pillow every night and he slept and ate so much better.
  7. Our son showed no alergies on the prick test method either. But on the IgG he was off the charts on soy, eggs as well as some others. Our initial response from his Pediatric Neurologist was to be careful with diets and supplements, that they will not help. We are doing it anyway, he is doing better now and I am not going to stop trying anything as long as it is safe and may help.
  8. He had a major setback at the start of the new school year. I just felt it was more convenient using a proven system like Bonnie. It is so much easier to give him the Bonnie vits too. I don't have to go to different stores looking for different supplements. I still give him Kids Calm along with a Pro Biotic in the morning too.
  9. Lenny, did you find out thru the NAET what he came up sensitive to? (can't remember if you posted that) And also, any reactions to the Bonnie vits, or so far so good? Please let us know what effects you feel are from NAET treatments. Thanks Faith We had a heads up from an IgG test done ealier this summer. I did give the NAET Dr the test results, but her testing did show eggs as a problem. She did the egg whites this week ($78.00 just for that) and now we have to do a second treatment for yolks. I probably should have not given her his results prior to the testing, mainly because I am still skeptical, but I was trying to get her to treat his main alergies instead of starting from scratch. After she did his egg whites his eyes got very dark circles below them the following day. They are better today, so I am hoping that was a good sign. I am not sure how far I will take this NAET, it is so weird that I do question the procedure. I plan on spending about $1000.00 on it and then see. With the initial treatment/visit and one actual egg white procedure, we are already at $230! As far as Bonnie vits, so far so good. He has no body or voice tics at all, just a few eye blinking now and then. Lenny
  10. our son's tics are doing pretty good right now. We have started Bonnies Vits and he has had two NAET treatments. My mom is extreme Celiac. The NEAT Dr is starting on egg whites first, which we know he is alergic to. We will have to wait on the rest
  11. How is he now? We have many of the same problems. We have started NAET treatments this week, we will see how that goes.
  12. Good question, I would be interested as well. I just got my first shipment of Bontech and have wandered about the effects of long term usage.
  13. Our son still is having some minor facial tics as well as a few neck and some very minor vocals. I have been using this site for basing most of my supps and diet, along with getting him IgG tested. I would like to know if anyone has had experience with a clinic and or Dr that has experience with tics and does NOT use prescription drugs. I am willing to travel to find the right place, but was hoping some members may have had a good experience in the Seattle WA Portland OR or Vancouver BC area. We live in Vancouver, and I do have a appointment with a Ped Neurologist sometime this year (hopefully) but would like to use a program that involves diet and supplements that would be tailored more for him. I can appreciate the success so many people have had with these types of programs, but also appreciate it is not a one size fits all program.
  14. How old is your son? I know our son starting a new school in Gr 3 was the trigger. He has calmed way down now, with only the nose twitch and some strange eye movements. His shoulder tics are gone now. Do you give you son any fish oil?
  15. I'm going to end my short story here Lenny, but I hope I this was helpful in pointing out, that our kids are not alone with their differences, that tics at home, may be much less in school (I used to get the same thing from friends parents and teachers...they had never seen him tic when it was SO noticable to me at home) that the alternative methods, that many here are usiing, have been remarkably helpful for my sons, and so far puberty has not been a nightmare! . I thank you so much for your reply. Yesterday evening I could tell his tics were getting less. I think if I can even get use to a pattern I would feel less anxious. I am going to try Bontech, it sounds like many people have had success with them.
  16. Yes, we have noticed that with our son. Some days, I don't see any eye blinks at all until a couple hours away from bedtime. Same here, last two mornings, he his tics have been very minor, after school it gets worse and then he seems to calm down by bedtime.
  17. Thanks for the positive note, we all seem to take turns with encouragment and now it seems as if it is my time to need some! On your comment about "outgrowing". I am curious as to how some people have observed their childs tics from the onset of around 7-8 and if they progressed through the 10-12 years. Did the tics get worse, better, the same leading up to that time and continuing perhaps past. I know there are so many variables, but there must be a few constants. I am probably more curious as to what to expect if you even can know what to expect. Lenny
  18. I have many of the same thoughts as you, mblack. We have followed a fairly strict diet, give him the supps, and now with school starting he has kind of exploded with tics. He has a neck jerk, a nose twitch, and a slight gasping sound. I have asked myself too if all the supps and the diet has been useless. He has not really had any tics since November last year. He has had a few eyeblinking episodes but nothing more. The only two things that have happened is he was on Pennicilen for a staph infection and was done those on August 26, allmost immediately he had a slight humming tic and when we were coming back from the long weekend (Sept 3rd) he started shoulder and stomach jerking along with some other tics we had never seen. The fact that he was going to a new school for gr 3, has caused him great stress. I am just not sure what to do to help him now? Perhaps Chemar has some good advice, he has not been dx with Tourettes at this time. I am just not sure if the stress induced the tics to that extent, or what? He has no other problems (ADD OCD) except some food allergies we are aware of.
  19. Well, today was my daughter's first day of grade 1. She had a wonderful time seeing all her friends again Prior to dropping her at school this morning she had some tics, but fewer and less pronounced than the day before, which was pretty bad. Still doing her eye rolls/head jerk and finger twitch. Anyway, when we picked her up from school I spoke with her teacher and told her that she had developed some tics in the past couple of weeks and asked if she noticed anything during the day. She said she didn't, so that was a good sign I thought. On the drive home she was ticcing like crazy! Very bad. They seem to have reduced a bit as the evening has worn on, but she's very tired so I'm not sure how much that is contributing to things. Does darkness under the eyes indicate allergies? She sleeps through the night with no problems, but she does grind her teeth a lot. She seems well rested in the morning, so I don't think it's fatigue causing the blackness under her eyes. Any ideas? When our son got home yesterday after school he seemed not to bad. Then he watched some TV and started the neck twitch. He was very tired and fell asleep in fairly short time. He had the dark circles as well, we had him tested with the IgG method and he was very alergic to Soy and Eggs. After 3 months with barely any of these products, we have noticed the circles are gone, and he doesn't sweat at nights anymore. Today I am going to keep him away from the TV and computer and see how he does. This morning he was very good, hardly anything. I know now that stress is a main trigger with the tics, we were hoping that diet would eliminate them, but that has not yet happened. However, he is a little healthier, which is good.
  20. I have contacted a Naet Dr in our area, there is a 2 month waiting list. How was the first day of school?
  21. See my post, sounds familiar, what grade is she going in to? Our son seems to have a hard time dealing with stress, I am afraid this is how he lets it out.
  22. Hi, an update on our son. He has had a great summer, practically tic free save a couple eye blinks once in awhile. About a week ago he started a little humming, then we were away the long weekend and he was great, until we were heading back yesterday. He had a little louder vocal humming, a new nose twitch, some body tics and his eye blinks. It all happened in ONE day! He started a new school today and is going into grade 3. I know he is worried about it, but he seems to have a hard time talking about it. I hope he calms down and doesn't have his tics in class, but we are going to talk to the teacher anyway. Here is my question: The diet, the supps. all seemed to work well, was it all in vain? These tics seem very "stress induced" and I am wandering still if he has TS or just transient tics that get worse with stress. Once again, I will reiterate, he is very bright with no OCD or AD and no history of TS in our family. The only other thing that seems to have happened lately is that he was on Penecillin for a staff infection and was done his treatment the day before he started the humming. Any thoughts from members on this board?
  23. Our son is 8.5 yrs old as well, this time last year his tics were much worse. We have virtually taken away Xbox and DS close to a year ago, as well as put him on Kids Calm as well as a few other supps. I can say that is tics are so minor that most would never notice. He still does the eye blink sometimes, and lately he has been doing a little humming, but somtimes I think I am a little to blame since I probably stare at him too much and ask him how he feels etc. We just moved this week, and he starts a new school this year, so if that doesn't increase his tics then I think I can perhaps settle down and realize it might just be Transient Tics and he will grow out of them. He has been on Penicillen for staph infection and that ends this week. We have no history of TS in our family and he is very bright with no AD or OC problems. Among other things, we did get the IGG testing done and found Soy and Eggs were off the charts. Now that we have practically taken those away he seems to be sleeping better and does not sweat at night like he use to?? Sorry to ramble on, it is nice to here other people with similar stories and what has worked and what didn't. Lenny
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