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  1. Faith, Thanks for the detailed message. All I can say is this is driving me carzy. I work for one of the largest Health Care companies in the world and they do not really focus on this area, which is surprising if the statisitics are true. But then again, not really if you consider it would revolve around gene therapy. The diet is fascinating to me, but I'm just not entirely sure that I get it yet. As I said, we tried just about everything. I won't say that we have not see any difference -but they are typically short lived. So, is the diet working and/or he becomes less stressed (which is a trigger for him)? Hard to isolate one thing. Also, we have always eaten organic in our family (so colors and additives were never present). We decided (since he is 8) to eliminate the things he ate the most of - whole wheat bagels, eggs and milk. Over 2 weeks we did not see a real change- with the exception of his attitude. He was becoming extremely vocal and aggitated about not being able to eat things - specifically when it did not change his tics. So, having said that -since a fair amount of this disorder centers around the social / psychological issues -are you ever concerned about adding more stress and making the child even more self conscious about the condition?
  2. Michele, Thanks for the reply. What exactly do you mean when you say "taxes his immune system"? Did you read something related to dietary build up and it affect on the IS? So the thought then is that this build up results in some sort of allergic reaction that affects the brain (a brain allergy)?
  3. Pat Thanks for the note. Can you help me understand what the IGG test is and who would perform such a test? Did you decide to do that on your own, or was it recommended?
  4. Hi - I am new to the site in the past few months. 8 year old son with minor eye tic (had an arm twitch that is gone). We tried just about each diet - elimination, rotation, wheat free, gluten free, yeast free, casein free, feingold, etc. - but have not noticed any changes. Also, we had him tested and he was NOT allergic to anything, nor had any deficiences (like magnesium, etc.) Has this happened to anyone else? Why would you change the diet if no allergies (I get the sugar / additives, but why wheat/gluten if no allergies). Also, we have seen 3 of the leading TS researchers here in Central NJ - most recently Dr. Bennett at Morristown (Childrens Hosp). He was recommended by the TSA and lectures here at Rutgers on the ADHD tie in, etc. He has been treating TS patients for years and have NOT see any improvement with diet, by nature they wax/wane..but will always be there? Has anyone found a Pedi Neuro in NJ that has seen a change diet changes help? Thoughts????
  5. Q's Mom - Thank you for the post. I am new here as well. My son is 8 and has just started with an arm tic - doctor said they could not diagnose because it had to last for one year and had to be combined with other tics, etc. My wife and I went to this site and immediately started on crash diets - has been one week tomorrow. I was hoping you could tell me how you approached the diet. My son has been tested for allergies (none) and does not have any of the other mentioned conditions - such as ADHD or OCD. We have started multiple diets in unison (may be a problem) - we eliminated what he ate the most of (white bread, milk, and artificial add/pres.) - so we are following the Glutin Free / Caesin Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free (I know some of these are the same) and Yeast Free. I think we have gone overboard and have see no change - again only been one week. Can you tell me how you went about choosing what to eliminate, etc. - did you work with a nutritionist? Please help (from your experience) on how to approach..........or anyone else that see's this thread. I don't want to make things worse or aggrevate the condition. I would classify the tics (at this point) as mild - and really on the one in his shoulder (spasm in his upper arm - bicep/tricep). Thank you
  6. Hello itsme, Thank you, the yeast free diet seems very intense for young kids. Also, from a nutrition standpoint - wouldn't there have been a problem with yeast in the past (infection, intolerance, etc.)? Also, what do you feed your kids for breakfast - can't understand if they can have yogurt, potatoes, wheat (says not bread, but does say whole wheat) and what about bacon or red meat? Thanks.
  7. Chemar, Thank you for the reply. The whole concept of change in diet and buildup of toxins does make perfect sense, a brain allergy. However, after that it gets deeply confusing and contradiciting. From everything I have read, it appears that eradicating the yeast and supplements (especially magnesium) are important. Do you know much about the yeast free diets - they seem to be quite intense for a little one? What we have chosen to do (at this point) is eliminate Sugar [that one was easy], espceically all the artifical stuff he was eating (corn syrups and the like), Bread and Dairy (except certain yogurts). What we have not done yet, but I guess need to start are the vitamins. My concern is how to know what amount -did you work with a nutritionist on that? Also, have you taken this "Natural calm" for kids - I think that is for the magnesium, correc? Thank you SO much - my wife and I are really struggling with how aggressive to be with the diet. Todd
  8. Hello Chemar, I have been reading the exchange between you and Emma and was hoping you could help. You sound very knowledgeable about the diet. My son, 8, has been showing signs of TS and we are working through the diagnosis. I have read just about everything on the web around diet. It sounds as though eliminating yeast and adding Magnesium supplements is a good first step. Do you have any thoughts on this diet - if you have heard success stories. I am struggling a bit with what to feed my son, looks like most things are eliminated. For example, meat is good or bad? Not clear, aslo eggs? I understand the yeast, wheat and dairy connection...but can he have yogurt? I know, way to many questions - can you point me somewhere that can help? Thank you....
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