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  1. Broderick's Mom - yes our cases seem alot alike. Our son was born Dec. 1996 and he to was jaundice. We followed all the vaxination requirements like we thought we were suppose to do. Never once did we ever know about Thermasol or Mercury or Tics or Tourettes. Then, about the 3Rd grade all of this started. Please let us know what we need to do to get this ban wagon going. I am going to post on the Davis Kirby website and I am going to try to get a message to Oprah as well. We need some exposure on this thing and get the word out. If it is anything at all to this our kids deserve to be heard and
  2. Kim, how do I get involved with this. Reading all this on your post has really made a lot of sense to me. Our son was born in Dec. 1996 and he recieved all the vaxinations that he was required to have. I never knew anything about Thermasol, mercury exposure or anything. I just always assumed what he was getting was safe and now that he has developed tics like so many others on this site, and others that have probally never spoken out, it really makes me sick. What can we do? What do you suggest that we do? Who do I need to contact? What needs to be said? Do we need to contact a lawyer? Could
  3. Thank you all so much for your input and words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. The thing about his allergies is that he is allergic to almost everything and we don't know whether it is food, outside, or other things causing the problems. We have only been giving the shots for a short time and in all fairness need to stay the couse on this for a while longer. Along with the foods that he showed absolute allergies too he also had many others that were questionable and some of those may be an issue. It is just so hard, we can not keep him away from everything or we will staarve him to
  4. I just do not understand. We have followed a very strict diet, kept our son away from video games, and basically done everything we know to do and still we have tic issues. One tic will disappear while something else starts. He is now starting the funny eye blinking episodes again and now a sort of head shrugging while he pull his fist up to his chest, and puckering his mouth or lips out. Does nerves, stress, and anxiety play a hugh role in tics. I noticed a real bad episode of tics when I carried my son to the hospital for pre-admitting to get his tonsels taken out. The surgery is not until t
  5. Well, we made our latest Doctor visit and this time Ryan was tested for Formaldehyde and would'nt you know it, he is allergic to this also. I would have thought that all the food and environmental allergies that he has surely he would'nt be allergic to anything else. No wonder this kid has as many tics as he does. Now he is taking 5 shots per week. Our next visit is in 6 weeks and in the meanwhile we will be doing the heavy metal testing as well as nutrient deficiency. We will also be having his tonsels taken out Aug.30th. I don't know what all else we can handle, this is all getting very much
  6. Hi everyone, I have been noticing something about the TV viewing or more so the audio. When my son starts watching TV, mainly in the morning he will have a uh, uh, uh, vocal tic, but as soon as you mute the TV sound the tics stop, unmute the tic comes back, What goes here? Also, if anyone with authority speaks directly to our son and trys to make eye to eye contact then this makes his eye blinking and eye rolling tic get noticibly worse, what goes here? This can be anyone he views that has authority over him, parents, teachers, any he doesn't know (stranger), or any adult mainly. Just
  7. Hi Faith, could you tell me what a DAN doctor is? Is that different from a environmental doctor that was referred by aaem.com? We are seeing a doctor that I found through aaem and we have a visit next Tuesday. My son is not any better with the allergy shots and alot of things are pointing to heavy metals, some type of dificiency or something, he has RLS real bad at night, what test do I ask for?
  8. Hi Chemar, Yes and no on the dx of TS. Yes we were seen by a Pediatric Neurologist and after a 2 second glance at my son he said he has mild TS. But get this all this man was concerned about was asking my son what he wanted to do when he grew up. When my son would reply he would tell him no no no you want to be a DOCTOR like me. He told him that he worked very very little and made lots and lots of money and he could buy all these things with that money. He really made me sick. Now the doctor that did the allergy testing told us no that my child did not have TS, so do I have a dx of TS I
  9. Even though we have had our son tested for environmental as well as food allergies and found out that he is allergic to nearly everything, we are still what seems like miles away from helping him with his tics. We have kept him away from his major allergic things or we have done what I think is the best we can but still, good is not good enough. I really feel as though something else should be addressed, but what? We are giving him his maintainance shots and food allergy shots like advised but still he tics. How long does these shots take to start having any effect on his allergies? He is havi
  10. Hi caryn and chemar, thank you for your comments and information. Caryn to answer your question our son was at the point where he could not stop the very heavy eye blinking and eye rolling and stretching his chin to his chest with his mouth open. He also has very bad sensations in the calves of his legs when he gets ready to go to bed. He discribes these feelings like there is something inside his legs trying to scatch its way out. He say it does it all the time but bothers him the greatest at bed time. He playes alot of baseball and the tics would absolutely run him and us crazy, we did not k
  11. Hi bmom thanks for your reply. The test given were IgE or IgG not RAST but something like that. The thing that is so hard is with an elimination diet is he can't have any of what he showed to be allergic, and for us that doesn't leave anything that he will eat. On the rotation diet then you have to rotate food and not eat the same things over and over, for the more you eat a food in succession the more apt your are to gain a sensitivity for that food. We are suppose to choose from each food group protein, fruit, vegitables, grains, oils, sweetning agents, beverages something different each of
  12. Hello everyone, as I promised here is the result of my sons recent visit to Dr. Brown in Gadsden, AL. We spent 2 whole days with Ryan being tested for environmental as well as food allergies. The results were environmentally he is allergic to CLD - cotton linter's dust, Trees - all kinds, Grass - all kinds, Weeds - all kinds, Histamine, House Dust Mites and PTMS, Mold, Household Insects, Privet, Fescue Grass, Goldenrod, Cat, Dog. His worst being Grass, Fescue Grass, & House Dust Mites & PTMS. He will now take 1 desensitization shot per week for 1 year. Food allergies, he is allerg
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