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  1. Your story is very very close to ours. You can see it on other posts. Our son started off with the eye blinking, but after a few weeks of that, he stopped, then had a shoulder tic, leg tic and abdominal tics. I am not sugesting your son is going down the same path, but even if he does progress to other tics, there is hope. We are going on close to 5 months with very minor tics. His eyes are blinking a little now, but I do think the allergies are bothering him. He has the classic dark circles under his eyes and minor sniffles. Currenlty we are waiting on tests from his Igc blood work to see if that shows up anything. The standard prick test revealed nothing. I believe the best thing we did was to cut way back on TV and video games. Even though he just turned 8, he seems to know they are a problem and maybe plays 1/2 hour a week in short intervals and watches about 2 hours of TV on a large (50in) DLP TV. We also put him on Natural Calm magnesium and B-12 complex. We also try very hard to eliminate artificial flavours and colors and just trying to eat healthy. This forum is very helpful and has been the source of most of my findings. Lenny
  2. I can't find any information on this natural leaf extract product for allergies. Has anyone heard or used it and had any success? Lenny
  3. I believe Kids Calm has worked for us. We have had our eight year old on it for about six months and he does not tic that much now. We give him about half a teaspoon at night, he is only fifty lbs. He does get a little loose, but it is not a big deal. They say to start with a little less until their stool firms up and then give a little more. This site has helped me get my sons life as well as mine back to almost normal. Of course I believe I didn't just stumble on it either. Now I feel strong enough to try and help others. We also have our son on b12 as well as L carnitine and taurine. I am not sure if they are all necessary, but he is doing so good now, putting on weight, happy etc. Lenny
  4. His blinking is in both eyes, he allways does a little more then usual eye blinking but this morning it was a little heavier. He had a some asian sauce on noodles that had MSG as well as some soy sauce that may have helped. I also have had him on L-carnitine (sp) the last couple days since he saw the naturalpath Dr. From all that I have read, this is a good supp. to be on, with little adverse side effects. I am wandering if his dark circles at times just bugs his eyes. I am going to try a good eye drop or allegy product to see if it helps out with the circles and the blinking. I just don't want to use any product that will make it worse. Lenny
  5. I took our son to the Naturalpath Dr this week and she noticed the dark areas under his eyes is usually from allergies. He is doing some heavy blinking now followed by the occasional eye rolling and was hoping to find someone with a similar condition and if there had been success with a certain brand or type of eye drops or allergy medicine. The Icg tests should be back next week which will hopefully tell us a bit more regarding any suspect food allergies.
  6. Update: I finally have an appointment with a Naturapath Dr today. When I first called the Dr I am taking my son too asked some good questions. She also wants me to bring in the current supp. he is taking. I am going to ask for a in depth alergy test as well as heavy metal. Any other tests that I should ask for? Thanks in advance
  7. How is he doing in spite of the abnormalities in his test results? I would sugest 1/2 tsp of Kids Calm. I honestly believe it works. Thanks for the update Lenny
  8. Our twins were both on Soy, our daughter can take milk now, but our son still complains of abdominal pain when he has milk. He does have soy, mostly just with his breakfast cereal. When breast milk was not an option, regular formula made the kids cry in pain, we were glad there was soy as an option. Not sure what we could have done differently, but if soy is the focul point of any problems with regards to ticcing, how can the damage be controlled or reversed? It seems to be that journey thing again, right now, with the supps he is on, he is eating better and sleeping better and finally putting on some weight. He is doing well in school and is very bright. Lenny
  9. Don't forget about us "fix it dads too"! It seems C.P. that I could have written your post in some paragraphs word for word. My wife is the strong one that tells me to stop obsessing about him. I was away this last week and she told me I was not allowed to ask her if he was twitching. Of course I had to ask! Our son seems to know I am upset when he tics and that bothers him and perhaps does make them worse. He is doing good now, I wish I could just accept that and relax, and perhaps it is a little better now, but I keep looking at him and expecting and preparing myself for a tic and he does nothing right now. I have even rationalized that perhaps this is how God is trying to tell me to rely on him more, because I pray about my children and that I have strength and wisdom to be a good parent more then I ever have. But I am not sure God works that way, I have to keep telling myself that I am doing everything I can to help my son and the rest is not up to me. Thanks for you inspirational comments. Lenny
  10. My pain ends up turning to anxiety. I actually talked to a tharapist friend and told me what I was feeling was normal. Doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. I just try to be strong for him and not to let him see me look anxious. I keep searching and praying, we are doing pretty good for awhile now, I am trying to focus on that part and not the part that wonders if it will come back as bad as it was before. I feel the Calm, Super B, the limiting of X-box has helped. Time will tell. I plan on taking our son to a naturapath for some tests and see what comes of that. Keep your head up and remeber God will never give us more then we can handle. Lenny
  11. Hi, We use 1/2 tsp of Kids Calm for our 52lb 8yr old. It has Vit C where the adult product does not. He likes it, I add the boiling water to it, drop in an icecube and he sucks it down. I believe it has worked in his case. Lenny
  12. Nice to see the Natural Calm works with your child as well. I firmly believe in the product. We have had our 8 yr old on it since December, and although we still notice the odd shoulder shrug or abdominal twitch, it is very rare. I have recently added Taurine, he does not like many veggies and he is mostly vegitarian. He is also gaining weight, at only 52lbs and slightly tall, he could afford a little bulk. Lenny
  13. Update: We went away for Easter to our inlaws. He started the eye rolling as well as the shoulder shrugging. I am (almost) convinced it is eggs. He seems to have increased tics on the weekend, and he only gets eggs on the weekends. I got him some Taurine tabs Friday, I am curious as to if they will help. Otherwise, I am going to try no eggs for a week. I am also going to make an appointment for a Naturalist Dr. I want some more in depth test done for food/enviroment alergies. Here in BC Canada, we have to pay for that kind of DR! Lenny
  14. It would also be nice to know when the ticcing started? If it peaked at 13, what age did the tics start. Lenny
  15. My mantra is claiming Gods promise that "He will never give us more then we are individualy allowed to bare"
  16. I see her site, but can you get her products at any local Vitamin stores? I did email the site on the weekend and have not had a response yet.
  17. I am thinking the same thing! He has had them on and off for about 9 months and they have not been bad compared to others on this forum. I do not think he has TS, we have no history in our family and he has never had any vocal tics. As of this morning, he was still doing the shoulder shrugs and some eye rolling. What really had me sick inside is not knowing if it will turn into TS, or more importantly, if it will get worse! Somtimes reading too much on the web can be a bad thing. I keep hearing that the tics can peak at 11 or 12. I am not too sure how to prepare. They do go away for months at a time, and the last time he had them before this weekend was first of March and they were very mild and only lasted for a couple days. Please send a personal PM if you would like, I am thinking about trying "Bontech" supps, just need to find out where to get them??
  18. Well yesterday he started a bit with the shoulder shrugs, this has to be transient. He was playing on some grass, not sure if it was the fertilizer, he had Pizza as well, then he has a jacket that has been bugging him, it seems to keep falling off his shoulders. Once again, I wish I knew. They are mild, hopefully they will not get worse. It just makes me feel sick inside, tomorrow is another day!
  19. Hi, Our son is 8 and only 50+ pounds and we have him Kids Calm. It only comes in one flavor, lemon and he likes it. It also has some C in it. I give him a large 1/2 teaspoon in hot water with a ice cube in it. He actually asks for it every night! I believe in the product, I take the lemon rasberry regular calm and find it helps me sleep a little better. Lenny
  20. Lenny, What type of supp's are you giving your child? And how long has he been on them, if you don't mind me asking. Loren Sure, I had (and have) him on Natural Factors Hi Potency B 50mg dose. When we switched to Kirkland (Costco) B Complex he seemed to increas tics mildly. The main difference is dosage I.E B1 in Costco was 15mg and NF was 50mg. The Costco B1 used was from Mononitrate and the NF was Hydrochloride. Otherwise, thinking about it now, I should have increased the amount of the Costco, but they are quite large and the NF is the same size. We also give him chidrens Natural Calm in the evening, and along with his B-complex in the morning I give him 1 Attentive child by Source Naturals and 1 Learning Factors by Natural Factors. Maybe it is the right combination for now, but like I mentioned in a previous response, was it the Almonds or Cheezies he was on?? He seems to be tic free this weekend, and sleeping much better.
  21. We had a very similar onset with my son, which you can see on my posts. I am stil sure he does not have TS, no vocal tics as well as no history in our family. I did find that suplementing a mag supp called Natural Calm seemed to help out. Lenny
  22. I have noticed when I have changed our sons supps the tics start again. Although I am tempted to experiment with taking him off, I probably am too scared to try. He is doing so good right now with the combination we are giving him Lenny
  23. Our son is about 50lbs and tall. Not sure his exact height, but he is slight. He has been on the Calm since the middle of December 06. I am sure it has helped, he had loose stools at first, now he takes about 1.5 tsp at night and still seems to be fine. I am just trying to make a decision on the Calcium now, he is doing very good with our current setup, I don't have him on a calcium supp. and didn't want to jinx anything! I am just a little concerned about the long term effects of not making sure he is on a proper ratio. Lenny
  24. That is good to hear. I have increased our son Lawson, to one heaping 1/2 teaspoon in the evening. His bowels seem to be fine and I will probably increase it to two teaspoons over the next couple months. I don't know if this is what is causing his tics to practically go away, and I am hesitant to experiment and stop the Calm, but do I wish I could figure this out! As I mentioned earlier, we took him to the alergy specialist and nothing they pricked him with showed any reaction. I was thinking wheat, since my mother is an extreme Celiac, but wheat was tested, and showed neg. I was still curious to my question about calcium, do you think I should be giving some in tablet form? He doesn't drink milk, some soy and cheese, not sure if he is getting enough Lenny
  25. Hi Patty, any update? I was curious since my son is on Kids Calm as well.
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