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Okay...This is a serious forum...but now I have to request..Give a ye

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Family history of tics and Tourette on hubby's side but mostly into the arts, no engineers or mathemeticians that I am aware of. Writers, artists, musicians primarily. Son's dad is pretty good with math but not mechanically minded at all!


Lots of scientists on my side, but more the biological sciences, and quite a few medical doctors & researchers, as well as many in the arts and education fields.

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I have several electrical engineers on my side of the family & dh has at least two civil engineers. DH & I are both pharmacists (strong math & science). I also read that "engineer brains" (but it actually seems to be more like "geek brains", lol!) appear to have more glutamate receptors & they believe that has to do with the higher vulnerability to certain conditions like those on the autistic spectrum. Interesting that my oldest son with lyme & bart triggered Tourette's has his grandfather's gift for math (though frustratingly, the tics make him more prone to careless errors in basic operation problems).


Still "geek brains" are more likely to get on the internet & start researching so we are probably a self-selected group. It would be interesting to see some official research done on this!

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My dad's side is engineers but my mother's side is musicians, and my mom is painter also, my brother and I are musicians and photographers.


In CFS we see a lot of artists.

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