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  1. Hey Jen, I got your message today and tried to reply but could not. Your messages were full. I'll try again later. jeannie
  2. Hi Jen, My DS 14 is a patient of Dr B's too. He has been on a maintenance dose for almost a year and it took us about a year to work up to that dose. His reactions to the shots only a happened a couple of times and it was just a tender area or swollen area where the shots were given. Mostly he reacted to the mold injections...His worst allergy is pet danger then dust and mold. It has definitely worked for us, but keep in mind this a commitment. Especially in the beginning but now he receives 3 shots once a month. I don't have another appt with Dr B until this summer, but at that time we will discuss how long we need to continue with the shots. I'm assuming a couple more years. He hasn't had a sinus infection for a least a year and half. Sorry I can't answer your other questions, but we are really pleased with the results of the injections. Hope this helps.
  3. Just found out they ran out of supply. It will be available again in a few weeks.
  4. If you take Pharma Nac are you having trouble finding it in stock? I can't seem to locate it anywhere on line. If you have any info to share I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. Oh my I'm sorry to hear that. I'm going to speak with our Doctor. I was a bit worried about that myself. I hope all works out. I tried to PM you before but your account was not accepting PM's. Thanks for the input.
  6. Jenniferg, How is the helminth therapy going? We have just started. I'm curious to see if you are still seeing progress.
  7. I had allergy shots as child and they helped me tremendously. My DS(with PANS) is currently getting allergy shots and he is doing much better. The shots have not increased his PANS symptoms at all. He would develop sinus infections from allergens. So far since the shots have kicked in he hasn't had any sinus issues... I also tried the air purifier, washed linens each week. Vacuumed more often. Nothing worked as well as these shots. But he's on his second year and it takes a while to kick in. Everyone is unique so you may not have the same results as us. But we are happy with the outcome.
  8. Just curious did you ask if you can have a phone appt with his assistant to get the results? Sometimes you can get in quicker especially since you're an established patient... Also what about driving there for an appt...We used to have troubles getting an appt but lately it has been a lot better. From what I understand they opened up another day for appointments. But we haven't been there since July. We have not tried to get into Mass General but I would assume there would be a wait there as well. Hope you get your results as soon as possible.
  9. Oh that is awesome!! Thanks for updating, I'm really interested in this. Feel free to PM me too. Jeannie
  10. My DS takes this only 1 pill 2x a day for a few months now. Not for speech issues just because the Doc said it's a good quality fish oil. We may increase down it down the road, but dealing with infection at the moment so this is on the back burner. We haven't had any good or bad reactions using this.
  11. jenniferg, Yes I have heard of this, and as a matter of fact, DS's Integrative Physician has suggested we check into this. She said most people can't get over the ick factor, but has seen some positive benefits...I was one of those parents that can't get over the ick factor and decided not to try it. If you do try this, please let me know.
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