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For those asking "why me?"


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Sometimes we all take time out to wonder "why me?" or "why my child?"

You and your child need to watch this 4 minute video. Aside from the time you spend hugging your loved ones, it will be the best 4 minutes you spend today.


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Thanks for sharing this! I couldn't get it to work very well on my computer, but will try to view it on dh's computer when he's back in town. I saw enough to get the gist though.


I had a moment like this the other day when I met with the orthodontist about Alex's braces. I mentioned Lyme Disease and he told me they had a 17 year old patient who went on a father-son trip with his dad to Costa Rica and got a tick bite. He became extremely ill and died 3 weeks later. It reminded me that at least I still have my son, and have the opportunity to help him get well and live a full life.

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I'm having one of those "I can't do this anymore" days, and then I remembered reading about this post the other day, but never had the chance to view it.


Thank you! The boost I needed. I plan to share with my daughter tomorrow.

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