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  1. I'm sorry I haven't replied to your pm - been a hectic week Only have great things to say about the therapist we saw at Rothman - that was 3 years ago. We mainly worked on a specific phobia. We went for 3 weeks daily intensive therapy.
  2. Thanks phillypa - So good to hear from you - Hope all is well! I was shocked to learn that they take them out when there is no pain, but looking into it more I see it is the best move.
  3. Resurrecting an old post. We are faced with the decision of having our daughter's wisdom teeth removed - all 4 at the same time. Her dentist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon feel they should be removed, even though they are not causing any pain. They feel not removing them can reverse what the braces and retainer have done. Thoughts? Has anyone gone unscathed (flare) in having them removed in their children? My daughter is not thrilled of the idea, and of course I worry about a major flare. Thanks
  4. Clindamycin is sometimes prescribed for persistent strep. But one would need to take a good probiotic, as it is known to cause c-diff.
  5. Its so hard to figure out at times what the underlying cause may be - you have to play medical detective. I would suggest a full blood work up, including strep, mycoplasma, lyme & co-infections, thyroid, and inflammatory markers (sed rate, c-reactive, gad -65,etc). Are you treating the yeast? Regarding the intrusive thought- one thing I make clear to my teen daughter (who is currently dealing with one nagging intrusive thought) is that all ocd thoughts are equal on the playing field. Like the above person said, they are just thoughts and there should be no shock value to them, however bad or intrusive they are. Any good therapist should make you aware of that. If you feel uncomfortable seeing someone, maybe try writing down your thoughts and progressing to paragraphs around situations of your thought. Don't write it differently. Try doing this numerous times throughout the day. People with ocd don't act on their thoughts - its the anxiety around the thought that keeps it strong and persistent, and quite the opposite of their character. Example - if you had ocd thoughts you are gay (or straight - works both ways), you could write down situations of you acting out on gay thoughts. Its the same for all ocd thoughts, whether you have a fear of germs, vomiting, fear of sexuality, fear of harming someone. They are just absurd thoughts. By repeating exposures over and over, it brings down the fear level/shock value. Hang in there - and trust me you are not alone
  6. Is Malarone easier on the stomach? What is the difference, in regards to treating babesia?
  7. Hi llm! For the most part things are going well - something recently brewing. Doctor prescribed dd Celebrex for a few really elevated autoantibodies markers. I will send you a pm so not to derail this thread. Thanks for the info, and call a handyman with the lottery winnings. lol
  8. Sorry to hijack, but also wondering if anyone had success with Celebrex. Getting ready to try this - concerned about side effects.
  9. We also saw Dr. Rahman 2 years ago and felt he was amazing.
  10. Congrats on the 3 month post graduation w/zero symptoms!!!
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